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22 comments on “Daily review 19/05/2015”

  1. One Anonymous Bloke 1

    Lying fatmouth Nick Smith inadvertantly admits that at least twice as many new houses would have been built under Kiwibuild.

    He’s trash.

  2. Draco T Bastard 2

    FOMO, UH OH & Saying NO. Standing up to planned obsolescence

    Apart from the moral and social problems with planned obsolescence, there’s the cost to the environment that’s already, quite frankly fucked, if we don’t do something about it. The trouble is, product longevity just isn’t profitable. It doesn’t fill pockets, please shareholders or buy crazy ass yachts. So instead, we pile the planet with waste. We’re like holiday goers who use every crevice of their suitcase, sit on it to zip it shut and still have to wear three layers to get everything home.

    Consumerism. The BS that pretty much all political parties subscribe to in their race to produce more, sell more and buy more and all just to have more jobs. They imply that this consumerism is what keeps the economy going, that it’s necessary to keep our economy going.

    But our financial system is not our economy. It’s a layer that’s been placed over the economy to help us understand it but over the centuries it’s done the reverse. Instead of bringing about an economic system that will bring about the best possible outcomes it’s become an uneconomic system that bring about the worst possible outcomes. Outcomes such as rising inequality, increasing poverty, anthropogenic climate change and the depletion of the wealth, the resources, that we need to maintain both ourselves and a healthy world.

  3. Anne 3

    Following on from the apt Emmerson cartoon:

    Banks is as guilty as sin. I suppose the bulk of the voters have forgotten that he claimed not to be able to remember that KDC gave him two cheques for $25,000 each at his request , which enabled him to declare them as anonymous. Had KDC given it to him as one cheque for $50,000 – as was his intention – then Banks would have had to declare the name of the donor.

    He lied about the cheques, and nothing he says and does will change it. He has bought his way out of the conviction. I wonder what the two Americans gained for their ‘testimony’?

    • Anne 3.1

      Ooops… I think the cheques might have been $15,000 not $25.000. Someone will correct me. 🙁

      • Hateatea 3.1.1

        Wasn’t Sky City $15,000 which was the first ‘gotcha’?

        • Anne

          Think you’re right Hateatea. My memory on the amounts are a bit hazy… but the intention to commit electoral fraud is clear. Of course he’s not the first to try it, but he got caught and should have taken his medicine. He would have saved himself a lot of grief had he done so.

    • higherstandard 3.2


      [lprent: Now you’re never going to have anything published here. ]

      • vto 3.2.1

        what a strange question

      • Anne 3.2.2

        I thought you were banned lowstandard!

      • Weepus beard 3.2.3

        Haha, the lulz at this!

        If you are going to call out a commenter here, how about you state your full name and details first.

      • Draco T Bastard 3.2.4

        He tried very hard to make the donations look anonymous while he actually knew the donors. That means that he lied when he signed the form. Here’s the thing: That’s what I get from reading the AG’s comments.

  4. weka 4

    Action Station say a decision from TV3 on Campbell Live is immanent. They’ve put up an urgent action form here, where you can send an email to Mark Jennings and Mark Wheldon.


    • ianmac 4.1

      Wrote my own short email via action stations and sent it.
      Tonight Campbell Live on “Flags” ran a text poll.
      Should we replace our flag? Over 20,000 responded. 88% sent NO

  5. NickS 5


    Words fail me.

    Fuck National, and damn you Labour for not doing the right thing over this.

    Also fuck the media with their continued use of “the man ban”.

    • the pigman 5.1

      “damn you Labour for not doing the right thing over this

      While it may be abundantly clear to you what The Right Thing is, remember it’s not that way for all of the electorate. It would not be The Right Thing for Labour leadership to endorse and embryonic remit from a regional conference as Labour policy.

      And for that matter, fuck it, is it The Right Thing to promise to implement a policy you can’t deliver? If media are to believed, NZ no longer has any surgeons specializing in gender reassignment surgery.

      And, the Right Wing strawman, is it The Right Thing that tax dollars go towards this in preference to treatment for your father’s/mother’s/brother’s/niece’s cancer treatment? Because we’re not delivering that so well right now, either.

      I say fuck the pricks on the Right whose job is clearly to pore over random proposals and present them as Labour policy, but also fuck dominating Labour’s policy airtime with these issues rather than the concerns of society at large. If there is a limited amount of airtime available to any opposition political party, and a limited amount of change that can be brought about from the Opposition benches, this is just total minutae, interest group bullshit.

      • DoublePlusGood 5.1.1

        I’m really sick of this whole conceit that governments can fund only one good idea or important and necessary thing at a time. We should be funding this, and cancer treatment.
        And the conceit that a party can’t propose a policy remit aimed at delivering something in the future that there isn’t the capacity to implement at this time.
        And the conceit that the interests of minorities or interest groups are ‘bullshit’ because there’s all those important majority people over there who, despite not being subjected to systematic discrimination, should have their needs be listened to first.

  6. Weepus beard 6

    Emerson’s picture is an insult to cabbages.

    Stand up cabbages, you will stand taller and straighter than John Banks.

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