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21 comments on “Daily Review 19/05/2016”

  1. dukeofurl 1

    Good news today as Wales has agreement for a new Government after the election.

    “Labour and Plaid Cymru have agreed a deal which will see Carwyn Jones nominated First Minister and Labour run an minority administration”
    Labour had a minority government last time ( 30 seats out of 60) and with 29 this election was expected to do so again.

    Unexpectedly Plaid asked for support from its arch enemies the Torys and UKIP to form a government but could only get the same total of 29 votes.
    A Lib Dem member didnt vote.

    Wales has fixed term parliaments ( but 2/3 vote needed to call early elections) and a new government needs to win a confidence vote at the beginning of its term to take office.
    Any suggestions that Plaid with 12 seats would form a ‘minority tinder government’ where all Mps would swipe left to approve and swipe right to disapprove legislation and funding through out the term are way off the mark.

    No party which supports a minority government gets everything there way but its likely Plaid areas of interest will get attention

  2. Paul 3

    Another day has passed in John Key’s neo-liberal nightmare.
    We have become a cruel, ugly and selfish nation under his wretched leadership.

    ‘Age Concern says the discovery of an elderly man’s decomposing body in a Wellington flat is a stark reminder that some New Zealanders spend their twilight years in isolation.’


    • Rosemary McDonald 3.1

      Poor old sod…how many is that now? Here in clean green egalitarian NewZild?

      And who gave a shit?

      “a cruel, ugly and selfish nation under his wretched leadership.”

      Went to a ‘do’ yesterday. Folk in wheelchairs….most on ACC (who treat them very well thank you very much) and three having to get by under the Miserly of Health. “Whoa there!” (I said, handing out flyers) “We all have the same impairment, we all have the same issues, we all are New Zealanders, yet you guys (according to this government funded research) have over twice the median household income and about 6 times more $$$ spent on various supports.”

      Guess how many of the dozen or so ACC elite came over and said…:”Hey, I didn’t know that. That really, really sucks. that’s not right, and how can I help…?”

      One. Out of twelve.

      Cruel, ugly and selfish…..you got that right.

      Very clever trick, 42 years ago, setting up a state funded scheme that created an elite and entitled group of disabled people.

      Who really, really do believe they deserve their elevated status.

      • Jenny Kirk 3.1.1

        Miserable indeed, Rosemary McD. And the “elite” mentality is just what this govt has been promoting. The “deserving” and the “undeserving”. I’m sure this was not the intention of the original ACC scheme, nor its author .

        • Rosemary McDonald

          I was going to throw Woodhouse at ’em….but it would have been pearls….

          You are right, not the original intention, but most definitely the wedge has been driven firmly home.

          And most are willfully blind to the circumstances of others.

          Bah! Counting down to heading back up the Far North….

      • weka 3.1.2

        ““We all have the same impairment, we all have the same issues, we all are New Zealanders, yet you guys (according to this government funded research) have over twice the median household income and about 6 times more $$$ spent on various supports.”

        Rosemary, do you have that research to hand? I’d be interested to read it (or about it).

        • Rosemary McDonald


          Joint ACC and Health
          Spinal Cord Impairment Initiative &
          Implementation Plan
          Situation Analysis Paper
          24th February 2013

          3.5 Dual systems
          Differences in legislation, systems, policies and available funding can impact on people with SCI.  These
          differences have been previously well described….
          81 | Page (very good chart comparing both systems across all aspects of care and rehab. cites the UMR research…and advises readers to access this, but the last time I tried I was told the the customer, MOH, can and has refused to release it,)

          (the “6 times more $$$” was an estimate from 2009, based on approximate costs of care, equipment, home modifications, etc, per person, per level of impairment)


          “No ACC cover delays spinal injury recovery – study”

          “For the non-ACC group, median income declined by 45 per cent over 30 months (from $36,500 to $19,900) while the median income of the ACC group increased from $40,000 to $45,900.”


          • weka


            This jumps out at me,

            “Presently, there are around 1,500 people with spinal cord impairment resulting from an injury that are managed by ACC and less than 1,000 people with a medical or congenital diagnosis of spinal cord impairment who may be receiving supports from Disability Support Services.”

            The congenital one I get, but excuse my ignorance, what are the medical ones? I see a mention of spinal tumours. Does the medical one cover things like transverse myelitis? Is MS in that group too? Does it include things like wear and tear on the spine from physical work or aging? (basically it is anything affecting the spine that isn’t accident or congenital?).

            I have a non-ACC disability, so completely get where you are coming from. It’s grim and you are right, most people just don’t want to know. Although in the past decade I think some ACC recipients are getting it having been treated appallingly by ACC.

            • Rosemary McDonald

              Yep, the numbers…the real numbers… are always interesting. 40% of those with spinal cord impairment not covered by ACC. The ACC people ONLY see other ACC.

              Weka…read on….they say further into the report that the number of those with non-traumatic SCI is higher overseas because they measure differently.


              We’ve met a few who have had ‘bleeds’ which have damaged the spinal cord (a little bit like a stroke, only in or close to the spine)

              “Although in the past decade I think some ACC recipients are getting it having been treated appallingly by ACC.”

              Surprising number of older people… (50 years old+)…being told the damage is ‘degenerative’ and not getting ACC cover. I would advise sheer fucking persistence….also met a few who, because medicos failed to pick up a ‘condition’ quick enough to prevent paralysis, are now on ACC under Treatment Injury. Makes a huge difference in their lives…but one guy…its been over a decade.

              • weka

                Thanks once again Rosemary. Very important stuff and not looked at nearly enough by the wider political sphere.

    • tc 4.1

      And they’ve known ‘officially’ for a year, but hey it’s taking the focus from tax havens and a very nervous PM dodging questions about them. My how convenient.

      • Sabine 4.1.1

        I believe that just too much of it is happening at the moment and all at the same time. Just how well they can handle this is going to be seen.
        The trust issue is something that a certain part of the population will say ” I told you so” and another part will pretend to not see/not know.
        Lack of housing for little sick girls, and families sleeping in cars all over our fair islands that is however hitting home.

        I hope the opposition parties are getting ready and will work well on this.

        the thing is we could start a building programme like it happened in the 1930/1940. These houses could and should be build to highest environmental friendly standard possible in mind. And these houses should be build all over New Zealand with the help of the government and become building norm / standard.
        In regards to the future and the struggles ahead, it boggles the mind that this crisis is not seen and used as an opportunity for progress. .

        We need to build infrastructure that will cope with our future climat/environmental changes, we could start now with safe and sound worker cottage/unit/appartment with 2 to 3 bedrooms and continue with a good public transport service.

        But no, we are run by a government that cares not that a little seven year old girl literally has no home to go to once she is discharged from hospital.
        The mind has issues comprehending the logic and heart of it all.

        • Draco T Bastard

          The mind has issues comprehending the logic and heart of it all.

          The logic is simple: More money for rich people

          There is no heart to it.

  3. newsense 5

    WTF Twyford? First the racism thing, so you can’t say anything about overseas buyers because everyone starts calling you racist, as well as pissing off a lot of people who were otherwise rather sympathetic to the message, now screwing over the Unitary Plan and voting for Auckland to spread out like a deflating flan.

    I guess though young people don’t vote, so hey!

    • adam 5.1

      That why so many of us call him twity-twyford.

    • Graeme 5.2

      Probably more that going out is the more achievable solution than going up. While we have developed to, and most likely beyond, the limits of distance in Auckland, most people, and especially developers, see the solution in going further out. Because that’s always been the solution, and where the profit has always been.

      Only once there’s subdivisions on the outer rim that no one wants at a profitable price, and apartment towers selling “off the plan” for good margins, will our developers start looking at going up. Sad, but they are a bloody conservative lot.

  4. adam 6

    So the Coup d’état in Brazil went well.

  5. Pat 7


    reputation takes another blow….how much further down the corruption perception index?

    • Sans Cle 7.1

      Thanks for the link.
      NZ’s reputation is certainly taking a nose-dive. Shame on us (us all, collectively, for letting this happen).

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