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41 comments on “Daily Review 19/10/2015”

  1. Mark Stevens 1

    I’m starting to think that we do have a Jeremy Corbyn and her name is Jane.

  2. Timbo 2

    Interesting piece on the Guardian the other day, which i read as giving the Canadian version of dirty politics. Hopefully Harper loses today, but he’s left a lot of damage along the way, it appears. dragsterhttp://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/15/stephen-harper-master-manipulator. David Axelrod sees a Trudeau victory as representing hope over fear

  3. Matthew Hooton 3

    Labour should definitely stick with Andrew Little or it will look ridiculous. Plus a leadership primary would be terribly divisive.

    8% is not great in the polls but not too far behind the likes of Shearer and Cunliffee.

    • Anne 3.1

      Most of us don’t give an effing stuff what you think Matthew because most of us can think very well for ourselves. That’s why we’re here…

    • sabine 3.2

      there was a poll?

    • Bill 3.3

      Ridiculous should definitely stick with Matthew or it will look Hooton. Plus a Matthew with a definitely would be terribly divisive.

      8% is not great in the definitely but not too far behind the likes of Hooton and Hootonee.

    • Olwyn 3.4

      Matthew, I voted for Andrew Little as leader, I am still glad that I did so, and I have not expected to hear too much from him this year – he is more a long game type than a media groupie. And I am not in remotely interested in the dancing-with-the-stars mode of judgement that you seem to be inviting.

      • Atiawa 3.4.1

        I’m with you Olwyn. Little has the most difficult job in NZ politic’s, yet I have the utmost confidence in his ability to be in a winning position this time 2 years from now.

    • Tracey 3.5


    • tc 3.6

      I give that a 5 Matty but at least you can tick off the ‘post mischief about opposition leader’ task for today. Does your invoice give such a detailed breakdown ?

    • vto 3.7

      Bring Back Buck

  4. Thinking Right 4


    Its pretty obvious now that Little is not the answer to Labour’s political woes. Just another poll showing Labour and Little’s fortunes heading south.

    With Labour’s lack of inspiring leadership and limited appeal having no end in sight it might be time to consider a dramatic solution.

    I believe Labour and NZ First should open talks of merging with Peters being the initial leader of a combined party.

    This would provide Labour with an experienced leader who has the ability to connect with a larger sector of NZ. It may also push a Labour-First party up to close to 40% in the polls which is getting closer to what is needed to win in 2017.

    It may take a fair bit of talking about what policies require modification but I can’t see any other way for the left to get ahead.

    • mickysavage 4.1


    • One Anonymous Bloke 4.2

      31 + 12 + 9 = make feeble attempt to distract while demonstrating low intellect.

    • Ben 4.3

      Little has been in the job for nearly a year now, and despite the Govt leaving the door open on numerous issues, he has really failed to score points. Polling at 8% in the preferred PM stakes, and equal with Peters has to be a wake up call for the party. The glitter and polish just isn’t sticking. Given that he failed to win his seat two times in a row should have made it clear that his public appeal is low.

      Did Goff, Shearer or Cunliffe ever poll as low as 8%? Pretty sure they got rolled whilst sitting a lot higher. With their current talent puddle, Labour’s big problem is that there is simply no one to replace Little, and all they can do is hope that he somehow sprouts charisma, stops flip-flopping and shows that he is PM material. Waiting in hope that Key and the Govt stuff up is not a winning strategy – especially when you keep squandering the opportunity to capitalise.

  5. ScottGN 5

    The last Nanos Daily Tracking Poll before the election in Canada has the Liberals surging to 39.1%. The Tories are moribund at their bedrock support of 30% and the NDP vote has also dropped back to their usual base of around 20%.
    It’s looking more and more likely another impossibly glamorous Trudeau family is set to move into 24 Sussex Dr.

  6. Macro 6

    Current flag beats off all the others by at least 60% –
    What a waste of money.
    How about feeding the kids you muppet?

    • Grindlebottom 6.1

      I’m expecting a similar result in round 2 of the real referendum. I wanted a change of flag till I saw those options. Now I’m voting to keep what we’ve got. Hopefully one day in the future we’ll get to change our flag to something that looks like a nation’s flag, done at the same time as an election. That idiot Key totally blew the money on a hopelessly incompetent process,

      • Macro 6.1.1

        Key wants to change the flag because once he had to sit behind an Aussie one at some international bunfight somewhere. Actually, if that is all the problem is, he might have asked Bullterd when he was here at the weekend if they wouldn’t mind changing their flag back to a red one like they used to have in WWs 1 and 2, and stop copying ours – coz (like pavlova) we thought of it first!


        • b waghorn

          I don’t know why being mistaken for being an Aussie would bother him since one of his clones is leader there now.

          • Macro

            The event organisers probably had one of each flag – so the Aussie PM at the time was probably sitting behind the NZ one – and didn’t notice!

          • maui

            And we’re family now anyway, so what’s so bad about being mistaken for your brother..

      • Rosemary McDonald 6.1.2

        @Grindlebottom “That idiot Key totally blew the money…”

        Ah! But I have a wee plan.

        There WILL be a change of flag….no doubt about that…because the ‘change the flag’ plan will not be allowed to fail.

        Anyway, I intend to buy as many current flags as possible…and sell them, at a small profit, to those who will inevitably revolt against any new flag.

        Sounds good, eh?

        I missed out on the opportunity to capitalise on the “Roads of National Significance” by failing to invest in the company that makes road cones. Would have been a winner…

        Now…all I need is some spare cash…

        • Grindlebottom

          Now…all I need is some spare cash…

          Probably easy enough to get with a simple business case from any bank these days. If you get your quantities right you’re probably going to have good sales of the current flag whether it changes or not. 🙂

        • seeker

          Rosemary @ 10.43pm please don’t use the line “wee plan” for a while……. at least until I have fully recovered from key’s comments on his shower habits !!!! exponential ‘ews’ exploding in my brain. Thanks.:)

          • Rosemary McDonald

            Sorry…the Scots dribbles out now and again.

            As for Our Leader’s ablutions…I wonder, sometimes, if I fell down a rabbit hole….I still can’t believe that he’d do an interview like that…FFS…he’s running the goddamn country.

            I might just send him an email to remind him.

  7. RedBaronCV 7

    Never expect the journo’s to ask searching quetions.
    Stuff has a couple of articles:
    First they tell us the 1 million NZ adults are obese plus 79,000 2-14 year olds.

    Next article -So we are going to have an “awareness” campaign around pregnant women and 4 year olds getting their health checks. There are apparently 1400 overweight 4 year olds and if pregnant women are obese at the same rate as the general population (although no figures to back this up) that makes 12000-15000 pf them.
    “The sports stars fronting this have yet to be confirmed”. Like these groups are really going to care??
    “Coleman’s package targets children, families and mothers, in particular, to focus nutrition and lifestyle advice where it is most needed.”
    And an outstanding dollop of sexism from NACT – women are now officially responsible for the national diet. No mention of the crap-in-food companies.

    So what exactly gets the other 985,000 adults and 49500 children off the hook (using a birth cohort of 50,000 per year). They can consume all the beer and chips they like, without a shred of responsibily if you are a bloke?

    All this policy of course announced by two overweight white blokes.
    Time Bellamy’s served lettuce leaves week after week.

  8. dv 8

    But wasn’t there an initiative to remove unhealthy food from school canteens about 9-10 years ago
    How did that work?

    Seems that would have been a good start.

  9. joe90 10

    But world poverty is shrinking… rapidly….

    The main conclusion of my investigation is that, despite some progress in curtailing it in recent years, tax evasion is doing just fine. There has, in fact, never been as much wealth in tax havens as today. On a global scale, 8% of the financial wealth of households is held in tax havens. According to the latest available information, in the spring of 2015 foreign wealth held in Switzerland reached $2.3 trillion. Since April 2009, when countries of the G20 held a summit in London and decreed the “end of banking secrecy,” the amount of money in Switzerland has increased by 18%. For all the world’s tax havens combined, the increase is even higher, close to 25%. And we are only talking about individuals here.Corporations also use tax havens.


  10. Ergo Robertina 12

    Bleak times for McDonald’s, the toxic food outlet described by one US franchisee as possibly being in its ”final days”.

    Would be interesting to know how it’s gone here; one of the Auckland stores was trialing some of these changes.

  11. Nick 13

    31 + 12 + 9 = something….. Wait…. Focus group…..it’s what?….. Are you sure?….. Okay, Okay, listen up….. You too Hosking’s you tosser Hahahaha I love bullying you…….after casual but carefully consideration…. The answer = 52…..and if it isn’t…. Labour got it wrong first…..alright Cam?…. Phew…. I need an Hawaiian holiday

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