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52 comments on “Daily review 20/03/2023 ”

  1. SPC 1

    Upper Hutt Ram Raiders be afraid


    Andersen was a policy manager at police with a main focus on gangs, organised crime and meth.

    In fact, she was seconded into the Beehive under John Key to work on his Tackling Meth Action Plan.

    Speaking to those close to police, there is some optimism not just coming from her police experience but also from chairing the Justice Select Committee here at Parliament. Newshub is told she holds her own and understands the organisation well.

    • Jilly Bee 1.1

      Interest news SPC – our Chippy isn't as dim as the Natz team would make him out to be. I (for better or worse) subscribe to N Z Herald probably to take perverse delight in reading what their rabid supporters comment on matters pertaining to the Government. They were literally frothing at the mouth about Ginny Andersen's promotion to Minister of Police – I think I just may watch Question Time tomorrow, being the political tragic I am!

  2. weka 2

    If you want to understand why so many women are drawn to KJK, watch this. Massive fucking ovaries as she fronts up to MSM and Hipkins over defamation and entry visa. She’s still wrong about not responding to the Nazi issue, but she’s right on enough issues that many women won’t care. If you make women choose many will choose someone who speaks up for them.


    • Phillip ure 2.2

      I watched it…I thought it was all rambling and largely incoherent..

      The speaker seems to have grafted her transphobia onto feminism..they don't gell together well..

      And it is a bit of a groin stretch to claim that opposing her poison means you are ipso facto anti-women ..

      And the speaker does seem to have a bit of a thing going on about penile bulges in miniskirts ..(heh..!..)

      And her final line was pure trump..'l never lose..!'..

      Right ho..!

      And does anyone else find it kinda surreal that in this day and age that we have to ask’but what about the goose-stepping nazis.?

      • Molly 2.2.1

        This is not a good video to ascertain either her campaign or her perspective.

        It is a response to the continual rhetoric she is exposed to, and is obviously unrehearsed and frustration is showing.

        There has been a wealth of misinformation written about her, and after being the recipient of what police call credible death threats, she is understandably angry about being accused of violence.

        I am appalled at the failure of any who call themselves left to protect the rights of women speaking. The violence at these events come only from those who want to stop women speaking.

        The “Trumpian” ending is a set closing piece, delivered often with a sardonic smile.

        You can see the violence and threats women have been exposed to at the events. The Melbourne event on Saturday came to a swift close, as the police advised they needed to run if they broke the ranks, and they believed they could not hold the line. The protestors had given the police reason to believe women would be assaulted if they were reached. Activists were punching the stomachs of the police horses in order to get through under their bellies.

        This is context.


      • Molly 2.2.2

        @phillip ure, before we continue… nice to see you back here. wink

    • Anker 2.3

      You go girl! Yes she has massive ovaries fronting up from this level of smearing.

      I hope she sues the pants off them!

    • tWiggle 2.5

      Gee, everything I've watched of hers just leaves me thinking 'ick'!

    • tWiggle 2.6

      Weka, you seem upset at the content I've been putting up about Posy Parker. Please would you answer one question? Do you agree with her 2018 statement that 'transgender men should be sterilised'? After all, by her definition they are still, immutably, women. I really don't understand your zealous defense of her.

      • Molly 2.6.1

        Link to source?

          • weka

            I can't find that tweet on twitter, so either she'd deleted it, or it's fake.

            • Molly

              I know she's spoken about the lack of concern some women have for their child when they consciously make the decision to get pregnant while taking testosterone. There have been few studies about the effects of this medication on pregnancy. I know of one that looked at weight – which I guess can be collated from records – and found that the babies were underweight. That's not usually considered a great outcome, because it means development has been hindered. Given many women who have been pregnant are aware that both diet and medication should be reviewed for optimal health of the baby, this lack of research and maternal concern is worrisome.

              I have heard her criticise the disconnect between the declared gender identity – and the most female act of pregnancy and birth.

              Long story short, I wouldn't be surprised if this was an actual tweet, or if something very similar had been said.

              As a addendum: I find it interesting that this is considered a terrible thing to say, when infertility is a high statistical risk when women are taking "gender affirmative" healthcare. It is often also a de-facto sterilisation procedure, because of the side effects.

              • weka

                I expect there was some context that we can't see.

                I agree there is both hypocrisy in the criticism as well as blindness to the issues.

                The tweet on its own is perceived as a huge problem because of eugenics. If she doesn't want her words to be used in this way she could be more careful (like the rest of us).

                • Molly

                  Agree that she could.

                  However, that it doesn't seem likely.

                  I think this is also because she has experienced or witnessed many times that careful language makes no difference. (Most recent example, Moira Deeming.) So filters are probably permanently off.

                  • weka

                    it's always a choice ime. I've just done a 6 tweet thread to someone who made shit up. I didn't do it for them, I did it for the people reading so that people know what my position is and this can be referenced later. This is invaluable in politics like this, because when people come along later and make shit up about me, I can prove that they are lying. It takes time but it's really not that hard.

                    • Molly

                      I know weka. I try to do the same. So, I'm not saying it wouldn't be the optimal approach.

                      I'm saying I can understand why she doesn't. Her personality doesn't strike me as the type to adopt that type of filter.

                      But while I am grateful to those who choose their words and craft their arguments well, I have also learnt from those with strident voices.

                      (I do wonder if such declarative and unflinching personal language use would be scrutinised if it came from a man. After listening to Chris Hipkins talk about KJK last night, and knowing what he was saying was mostly fabrication, he sounded so definite and confident despite it all. If this lack of truth is recognised at some point in the future, it will likely be brushed aside.)

      • weka 2.6.2

        I absolutely disagree with the idea that TM should be sterilised. I don't think TW should be either.

        My position on KJK is complex and nuanced. I don't think she is a Nazi sympathiser, I think she has the potential to become hard right if the UK tips into fascism. She's not alone in that. I understand why so many women have left the left, including her, I don't like her constant attacks on the left and feminists but I don't like them from other women who've likewise ended up politically homeless.

        I think she exists in large part because of No Debate, an active programme from trans activists and supported by chunks of the left which as suppressed many left wing and progressive gender critical voices. In that vacuum, she has been able to gather a large following. If you try and ostracise women they will go where they are welcome and where they feel heard. The reason LWS works is because it's non-partisan and it's accessible to any woman who can make it here. That is gold (I wish it was left wing feminists running it).

        She's very good at what she does, sometimes she's a bit of a loose unit. I've been back and forth on her so many times I've lose count. I've never felt like she was without problems. I nearly got to the point on Sunday of hoping they stop her coming because her unwillingness to say fuck off Nazis was a line that many GCF just could not sanction. But now she has come out and said it.

        Whatever I'm doing in this thread, it's not zealous defence. I'm sick of the lies and I'm sick of the bullshit from TRAs where they make assertions and never provide evidence or argument. I've just watched a couple of days of deliberate and unintentional misrepresentation of her and other women. I'm glad she made that video about defamation and I hope she does sue the worst offenders because someone has to put limits on what the MSM can do. Whatever KJK's faults, the lying is fundamental political dishonesty and that's just plain wrong.

        What I'm saying to you is, if you want to criticise her, have at it. I can think of things to criticise her for. But please make actual arguments backed up with evidence instead of the same old social media slurs.

        • weka

          here's an example. There is nothing in this RNZ article that backs up the idea that the Nazis were supporters of KJK. There is evidence online (happy to get it tomorrow) that the Nazis don't support KJK, LWS or feminists (statements they have made). To me it looks like they used the LWS event to have a go at the TRAs.

          I've seen no evidence to suggest that the neo Nazis were invited, or that KJK even knew what they were when they arrived. Their dress is very similar to TRA antifa that she is used to in the UK. Other women from the event report that when the Nazis turned up they thought they were TRAs that had been let in by the police and that the women would have to get away. That's because the TRAs routinely threaten GC women. There were reports of them punching the bellies of horses to try and get passed the police, and of the police telling LWS women that if the line broke they should run.


          That's not zealous defence of KJK, that's me saying the lies are harming women.

          • tWiggle

            Hi weka. Thanks for unpacking your thinking for me, that was really helpful. I went to today's 21 post without checking 20th yesterday's, which I posted nearly at midnight, which is why I expanded my post there. My mistake, and I'll keep that in mind another time.

  3. Belladonna 3

    I'm with Hipkins on this one. Why on earth are ministries paying hundreds of thousands to lobby firms? And for what? [story broken by Guyon Espiner]

    The work includes SOEs paying lobbying firms to gather political intelligence on MPs and ministers – providing them with information about their attributes, vulnerabilities and personal and work lives.


    Hipkins was disturbed by revelations on Monday morning that Government agencies are spending hundreds of thousands hiring external crisis comms to deal with day-to-day media queries.

    He's ordered his ministers to make it clear to their agencies that this should not be happening.

    [2nd half of the article, after the announcement of the new police minister]


  4. Anker 4


    More about the Moana case

    “Their main concern is, and has always been, the cultural and emotional wellbeing of their tamariki – a responsibility that has been denied them by the state and its various arms. They are now focused on picking up the pieces of this colonial experiment and ensuring Moana is safe and cared for. The state has obviously failed her”

    Oh please spare me the rhetoric about colonisation . This mother had Moana taken off her three times due to abuse and neglect. The Smiths were the best thing that ever happened to this unfortunate child

    • Molly 4.1

      This story outlines one of the major problems with Oranga Tamariki. The failure to prioritise the wellbeing of the child over all other considerations.

      A close friend had the same issues with Oranga Tamariki. After several years with her daughter (permanent placement!), and continual attempts to get them to honour their care order attached to the placement order, Oranga Tamariki told her and her partner that they could not provide the appropriate services UNTIL they signed guardianship back to Oranga Tamariki.

      Then – they said – all counselling services and support would be provided.

      It was not. What was provided was a next day follow-up meeting where they were told the biological father had been contacted (no contact in 11 years) and the child with severe attachment disorder, FASD and PTSD would have to go from Auckland to Christchurch to live with the father, as Oranga Tamariki was transferring their care to him, (before the ink dried). This was against their own family meeting policy.

      One of the later reasons given for the fraudulent removal was the fact that although my friend had similar ethnicity to the daughter – Cook Island – her skin was too white to be recognised as such.

      Rosemary McDonald has similar heartbreaking stories of the failures of our child safeguarding organisation.

  5. weka 5

    Ok, Standardistas, there's a fight on twitter about what the answer to this equation is.


    What say you?

    I think it's 9. Other people say 1.

    • SPC 5.1

      6/2 is 3. 3 * (2+1) is 9.

      • weka 5.1.1

        that's how I did it. Other people are going backwards. 1+2 = 3 *2 = 6, 6/6 = 1. Weird.

        • arkie

          The order of operations is BEDMAS, Brackets, Exponents, Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction.


          • weka

            so me going left to right, but doing the brackets first isn't always going to work?

            • arkie

              No, for instance 3 + 5 * 2 = 13 and ( 3 + 5 ) * 2 = 16

              • weka

                I think I would have gotten that but am having to dig deep into my memory.

              • Mac1

                Good stuff, Arkie. In my day, maths used a horizontal line which showed what was divided by what. Without that horizontal line, how would a maths problem be written that goes 6 divided by a number 2 which is first multiplied by ( 1+2 ) also sitting under the horizontal division line that would end up with an answer of 1? I the old way it would have been thus-



                I see below that muttonbird addresses the same issue.

            • SPC

              Outside the brackets, left to right with division and multiplication before addition and subtraction.

          • tc

            Good old BODMAS back in the day where O is To the order of i.e. an exponent.

            My grandkids aren't being taught the fundamentals of arithmetic as we were.

            IMO they’re hardly taught at all these days

            • phillb

              divided by BODMAS is a bit misleading as divison and multiplication have the same precedence (as do subtraction and addition). These are done left to right.

              So: a*b/c the multiplication is done first.

              In a/b*c, the divsion is done first.

              Addition and subtraction are the same.


  6. tWiggle 6

    Great backgrounder on Oranga Tamariki and child removal from Māori families.


  7. SPC 7

    Posie (conscious rebel) Parker.

    It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.

    Keys to the kingdom. After the suffragette WSPU victory Christobel Pankhurst was beaten to the first (Tory) women MP status by Ms Nancy Astor who was born in the USA. She retaliated by touring the USA and preached adventism (coming judgment against men for their immorality).

    A Cambridge graduate, trained in libel/defamation law and amateur historian reminds us of those times.


    Winston: “I find a woman's intrusion into the House of Commons as embarrassing as if she burst into my bathroom when I had nothing to defend myself with, not even a sponge.”

    Nancy: “You are not handsome enough to have worries of that kind.”

    In 1924, J Edgar Hoover was appointed Director of the Bureau of Investigation and then in 1940 came the Smith Act (to criminalise those who conspired to fulfill prophecy of the end of the USA).

    Welcome to the pink/red or blue pill matrix.

    • Molly 7.1


      • SPC 7.1.1

        Don't worry, I'll explain the sophia of it all/everything everywhere, all at once.

        Kellie-Jay Keen chose the fictitious name "Posie (conscious rebel) Parker" for her twitter account.

        Why …it is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key.

        It's the name of a character, in a book series set in the 1920's …

        Following a trail of clues.

        Winston Churchill son of an American woman Jenny Jerome (supposedly of Red Indian ancestry) and Nancy Astor an American born woman (who took over her husband's electorate seat of Plymouth in 1919).

        Their banter about her (first woman MP) use of the Commons bathroom.

        Meanwhile the daughter of WSPU royalty, Christabel daughter of Emmaline, left the UK to make the name Pankhurst known in the USA through her tours promoting end-time adventism (and condemning the immorality of men).

        You may, or may not be aware of it, but the Smith Act, criminalising conspiracy to fulfill prophecy to bring down the USA, was one of the reasons why the Smiths (look a likes in the FBI dress code) were a feature of the Matrix.

        Born blue or born red, registered blue or registered red, classic identity politics.

        Or just ask KJK when you meet.

        • Molly

          "Kellie-Jay Keen chose the fictitious name "Posie (conscious rebel) Parker" for her twitter account."

          Apparently, she chose it from a mother's group, where everyone had non-de-plumes. It also rhymed with Nosey Parker, so that appealed as well. She then opted to use it again when opening her Twitter account.

          I'd find the video where she speaks of it, but both you and I know that would be time wasted, and it doesn't add to any politic analysis discussion…

  8. tWiggle 8

    This feminist opinion piece classes Posy Parker and her organisation as a "cult of personality". Think I'm getting the gist of why her defenders here are so zealous.


    • weka 8.1

      you know that WLA are a left wing gender critical feminist organisation right?


      • ianmac 8.1.1

        Seems to me like a standard Trump-like approach. Pick an "issue" clothe it in a slogan, MAGA or Transgender or Womens rights, and agitate and challenge and collect donations. A fraud in my eyes.

        Has anyone identified any specific womanly success Posie has achieved?

        • weka

          she's definitely a charismatic populist. As for what she has achieved for women, off the top of my head:

          • coined the meme Woman: adult human female, which has been taken up and used by women and men across the GC movements. It's a very effective cut through on the TWAW slogan that makes people stop and think about what a woman is. It's been led on to the phrase 'what is a woman?' (also used by KJK), which has been asked of MPs who make the laws that impact on women and everyone else. Many MPs were unable to answer this which led to
          • runs LWS. Do I really need to explain the value in this?

          (have to go do some stuff, will come back to this)

  9. Thinker 9
    • "Sapphire Blue"… Is that the same shade as in the National Party logo?
    • Where do the community leaders National appoints as its MPs go after a career in politics?


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  • Agreement between Indo-Pacific partners for supply chain resilience
    Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor joined ministerial representatives at a meeting in Detroit, USA today to announce substantial conclusion of negotiations of a new regional supply chains agreement among 14 Indo-Pacific countries. The Supply Chains agreement is one of four pillars being negotiated within the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework ...
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  • Celebrating Samoa Language Week 2023
    Our most spoken Pacific language is taking centre stage this week with Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa – Samoa Language Week kicking off around the country. “Understanding and using the Samoan language across our nation is vital to its survival,” Barbara Edmonds said. “The Samoan population in New Zealand are ...
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  • Nationwide test of Emergency Mobile Alert system
    Over 90 per cent of New Zealanders are expected to receive this year’s nationwide test of the Emergency Mobile Alert system tonight between 6-7pm. “Emergency Mobile Alert is a tool that can alert people when their life, health, or property, is in danger,” Kieran McAnulty said. “The annual nationwide test ...
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  • Whakatōhea and the Crown sign Deed of Settlement
    ENGLISH: Whakatōhea and the Crown sign Deed of Settlement A Deed of Settlement has been signed between Whakatōhea and the Crown, 183 years to the day since Whakatōhea rangatira signed the Treaty of Waitangi, Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations Andrew Little has announced. Whakatōhea is an iwi based in ...
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  • New Chair appointed to New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO
    Elizabeth Longworth has been appointed as the Chair of the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO, Associate Minister of Education Jo Luxton announced today. UNESCO is the United Nations agency responsible for promoting cooperative action among member states in the areas of education, science, culture, social science (including peace and ...
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  • Tourism transformation starts with people
    Tourism and hospitality employer accreditation scheme to recognise quality employers Better education and career opportunities in tourism Cultural competency to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces Innovation and technology acceleration to drive satisfying, skilled jobs Strengthening our tourism workers and supporting them into good career pathways, pay and working conditions ...
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  • Tourism transformation starts with people
    Tourism and hospitality employer accreditation scheme to recognise quality employers Better education and career opportunities in tourism Cultural competency to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces Innovation and technology acceleration to drive satisfying, skilled jobs Strengthening our tourism workers and supporting them into good career pathways, pay and working conditions ...
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  • Te ao Māori health services cheaper and more accessible for whānau
      Greater access to primary care, including 193 more front line clinical staff More hauora services and increased mental health support Boost for maternity and early years programmes Funding for cancers, HIV and longer term conditions    Greater access to primary care, improved maternity care and mental health support  are ...
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  • Te ao Māori health services more accessible for whānau
      Greater access to primary care, including 193 more front line clinical staff More hauora services and increased mental health support Boost for maternity and early years programmes Funding for cancers, HIV and longer term conditions    Greater access to primary care, improved maternity care and mental health support  are ...
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  • Government’s work for survivors of abuse in care continues
    The Government continues progress on the survivor-led independent redress system for historic abuse in care, with the announcement of the design and advisory group members today. “The main recommendation of the Royal Commission of Inquiry’s Abuse in Care interim redress report was for a survivor-led independent redress system, and the ...
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