Daily Review 22/05/2015

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Paul Henry sacked

(Hint above is satire)

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14 comments on “Daily Review 22/05/2015”

  1. weka 1

    Henry’s having a bad day then, here he is getting mobbed,


    • John Shears 1.1

      Was it me or did the TV3 version of the original video of Henry and others and the police differ in that they had edited it so heavily that it appeared that the police were constantly pushing protesters back with some force.
      In the original it was clear that some protesters were being quite aggressive towards the police and were pushed back but a lot of the time the police line were holding their arms out towards one another to deter the protesters and listening to their leaders commands as they contained the situation.
      The latest I have read indicates that the Police were not impressed with the actions they had to face.

      • weka 1.1.1

        In the Herald clip, and one that’s on twitter, the protestors were in their face, and were pretty full on towards Henry. But the police used actual physical violence, pushing and throwing one person to the ground. It’s hard to tell but to me it looked like police using violence to protect right of access rather than protecting a person. That’s not right.

        • the pigman

          +1 Weka

          Reading the articles about how police officers had been assaulted, then watching the Herald clip shot by Bradley Ambrose (name ring a bell? ;), was a surreal experience.

          Yes, the AAAP protesters were in Henry’s face and verbally aggressive. However, the only assaults I saw happening in that 2-odd minutes of footage were police officers and security guards assaulting protesters.

          If the media can’t report on something that is captured on video for all to see with some degree of accuracy, what can we trust them to report accurately?

          I am very disappointed with the actions of the Auckland Central police deployed there.

  2. jenny kirk 2

    I wish your satirical effort was true, MS !

    • Clemgeopin 2.1

      May be a uncanny prediction that may ‘aukshully’ come true soon enough before RW pricks like him can really understand about ‘poverty’ and what Key once referred to as the ‘underclass’

  3. Zola 3

    You got me – bastards! We need hope in these troubled times and just for a moment I was full of glee. Back to being sad and depressed. Thanks.

  4. swordfish 4

    Dear Leader was greatly displeased with the despicable traitor known as Campbell…..


  5. Draco T Bastard 5

    I believe this is the exact opposite of what Western Nations have been doing for the last 30+ years and the results are the exact opposite as well.

  6. Reddelusion 6

    Hope Henry had a shower after that lot

    • lprent 6.1

      Yes, one has to hope that he didn’t pick up some morality of the protesters. That would really put a crimp in his value for the right…


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