Daily Review 22/07/2015

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Sam Lotu Iiga

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10 comments on “Daily Review 22/07/2015”

  1. Good lad – future leader

    “A high school student’s speech on the importance of pronouncing Maori words correctly is causing a stir on social media.”


  2. Ben 2

    Comedy gold right here:

    Worth watching to see Dr Do Little get it handed to him on a plate.

  3. Tory Sense of Entitlement Update No94: Doug Graham

    Sir Douglas Graham and his fellow Lombard directors have lost a “completely misconceived” bid to recall a Supreme Court decision over their convictions.

    Graham, former Justice Minister Bill Jeffries, former PR man for the Queen Lawrie Bryant, and Lombard director Michael Reeves were convicted of making untrue statements in company offer documents before the firm’s failure.

    Their convictions were upheld by the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court in 2013 refused leave to challenge them.

    But the Lombard four continued their fight and applied to recall that Supreme Court decision. That bid was dismissed this afternoon.


    • vto 3.1

      Misconceived and inept attempt at recall to Supreme Court…

      Misconceived and inept attempt at running business…

      Clearly these buffoons have their heads in the clouds when it comes to some of life’s most basics.

      yet two of these dumbarses were New Zealand government Ministers…


    • Draco T Bastard 3.2

      The actions of people who can’t believe that they’re wrong. These people will most likely go to their graves blaming everyone else and never taking responsibility for their actions.

  4. adam 5

    A great interview with economist Dr. Richard Wolff.

  5. mick 6

    the Wairarapa Times Age has run the same letter twice supporting the flying of the confederate flag.
    This is a blot on the integrity of the district and any editor who supports such a diseased ideology needs immediate replacement.

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