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21 comments on “Daily Review 24/02/2016”

  1. swordfish 1

    Authoritarian attitudes = best predictor of support for Trump ?

    • Grindlebottom 3.1

      Maybe Joyce was asked if he wanted to press charges and he didn’t?
      Maybe Brownlee did?

      • Rosie 3.1.1

        The cops state these factors in determining a charge:

        “The decision was based on a range of factors, include the circumstances, prosecution guidelines, the person’s criminal history and their eligibility for the warning.”

        I also assumed Joyce chose not to lay a complaint. Funny, if thats the case, because it gives him a bit more cred, for being “relaxed” about it.

    • Muttonbird 3.2

      Doesn’t surprise me. Don Brash is proudly anti-Maori and anti-women.

      • Jenny Kirk 3.2.1

        and goodness me, doesn’t he look sour ! (Brash, I mean – in that media pic).
        yep – very anti-Maori and misogynist.

  2. ianmac 4

    Look out NZ!
    Just read a book by Ian Cowan, a radiologist from Christchurch. His book is a novel but based on all the dreadful events of the National Government neo-liberal Health “Reforms” of the 90s.
    The overall plan was to make the Public Hospitals fail by imposing profit driven non-clinical Managers and slashing budgets. (Remember the part charges each patient had to pay to the Public Hospital? Remember Ruth Richardson and Alan Gibbs?)
    Thus the way would be open for the Private Business take-over of our Public Health system. It failed but…. Ian’s book ends with the failed experiment.

    The scary thing is that the terms of “failing,” “accountability,” “trickledown,” “wasting taxpayer’s money,” and so on are the same words being used today by the Key Government to beat the Canterbury Health Board and the one in Dunedin. They are failing, wasting taxpayers money, call in the Commissioners. And they are the same ones spouted by Parata re Education especially NCEA Level2 and National Standards, and the emergence of Charter Schools to bring in private providers. Stealthy erosion.
    And under TPPA, Charter schools could slip into NZ as private providers, and amidst claims that NZ education was failing, demand State fundings and destroy neighbouring State Schools. Or by Nick Smith to beat the RMA or the District Councils. Or Bill English to justify his “cuts” for efficiencies.

    “Not Our Problem” by Ian Cowan Published 2015.

    • Rosie 4.1

      Sounds like excellent reading ianmac. I will ask our library to get it in. You wouldn’t happen to know the publisher would you?
      Much prefer reading history and politics in narrative form. Such a topic effects all of us too.

    • Jenny Kirk 4.2

      right wing troll BM said something similar today – on Open Mike @ 3.1 – he said – in relation to social welfare type services
      ” public service not delivering, can see why the government wants to get private organizations involved “

      and this is what will happen with the health services. Its the same stuff that’s happened with the prisons, education (charter schools) I bet housing will be next, and then health. And we all know the private organisations don’t deliver any better – in fact, if the Serco and food-in-hospitals experiments are anything to go by, they deliver WORSE at much greater cost to the people they’re meant to serve and to the taxpayer.
      And the TPPA will increase it.

      • AmaKiwi 4.2.1

        @ Jenny Kirk

        If we spend $100 million via the public service, all $100 million goes to services for the public. But it’s somehow better to spend $100 million to a private contractor knowing $10 million or more go to corporate profits leaving $90 million or less for services for the public.

        As a former salesperson I could never sell that to any of my customers. Why does the NZ public keep buying it from Key & Co.?

        I would sincerely like your opinion because this is the scam we must get the voting public to understand.

        Confused, bothered, and bewildered.

        • Jenny Kirk

          Amakiwi – I don’t know the answer on how to get the voting public to understand that private services are NOT better than public services …… and eventually cost us all so much more.
          Just like I don’t know the answer on how to break the general public’s seeming love-affair with the goof we call our PM.
          Wish I knew the answers to both !

      • ianmac 4.2.2

        Seems to be selfpublished by Ian Cowan and set by Mary Egan Publishing.
        mary@maryegan.co.nz Auckland.
        My copy from Public Library.

        For me it was the awful realisation that the madness of the 90s was happening all over again but the process is much more subtle/sneaky.
        When schools criticise the changes wrought by Parata, education they are cast as fools stick-in-the-mud and just protecting their selfish interests at the expense of the kids. The same sentiments were thrown at doctors/nurses back in the 90s. It is meant to get the Public onside to justify “improvements.”

  3. ropata 5

    Today’s examples of wealthy NZers fucking over the rest of us

    Privileged rich white folk get what they want at everyone else's expense. Never saw that coming. #UnitaryPlan https://t.co/TiTwtkl9PG— Rhys Jones (@rg_jones) February 24, 2016

    Council leaves HNZ one of key submitters on UP. Here's intensification they want vs council as told by CR Alf today pic.twitter.com/GfjOKNQV4t— TransportBlog (@TransportBlog) February 24, 2016

    Auckland Council backing down on housing intensification plan. @RadioLIVENZ Drive #now #breaking #reallyimportantstuff #greedybabyboomers— Duncan Garner (@DuncanGarnerNZ) February 24, 2016

    A snapshot of the diversity at work in Auckland's democracy #UnitaryPlan pic.twitter.com/XkB7NnQ9V8— Aaron Hawkins (@CrAaronHawkins) February 24, 2016

    • Muttonbird 5.1

      NIMBYs and ladder-kickers. That’s what wealthy right-wing New Zealand has become.

      The egalitarian values NZ was famous for, the fair go, are no more.

  4. ropata 6

    South Auckland homes get demolished to build a highway to subsidise the trucking lobby

    AT to demolish 59 homes and 0.15ha of bush for new $300m eastern bypass

    But Remuera residents spend $100 000 on lawyers and lobbying to stop development of their exclusive little fiefdom

    Residents unite to rescue a Remuera character home from removal

    Of course that’s nothing compared to what Cantabrians are STILL going through.

    Arohanui Christchurch https://t.co/8rWp3aIufJ via @instapaper— James Macbeth Dann (@edmuzik) February 23, 2016

  5. pat 7

    “Anger isn’t something that Beltway pundits recognize, let alone understand because everyone employed in media or in politics in and around Washington DC is pretty well off. Even ink-stained wretches pull down five-figures – and, unlike everywhere else in America, since journalism is built on documenting nonsense, there’s some real job security in documenting Washington. Television people fare even better, because TV money is stupid money. Think-tank malefactors reap great sums from the aggrieved heartland or from industries looking to build a canon of falsified data, and Congress and the attendant lobbying is a helluva racket.

    Trump goes for three in a row
    Read more
    Anger is pretty easy to miss when it’s something pretty difficult to feel. When you sit at the center of the world and are unlikely to ever lack for the basic materials of self-sufficiency, the idea of blind, gnawing resentment – let alone of feeding that resentment even with irrational aims – is ineluctably beyond your ken.”


  6. SPC 8

    Did one on 7 Sharp compare John Key and his son Max to God and God’s son? Calling criticism crucifixion.

    The religion of tall poppy love.

    Did someone on 7 Sharp call buying a asset for public domain purpose, rather than exclusive private ownership and use, paying off someone’s (a banks) bad debt.

    A dismissive tone to the little people demonstrating their ability to work together and realise a public good in service to the cause of keeping the sheeple passive and obedient to the direction of their betters.

  7. SPC 9

    Parker is to fight Takam – the winner gets to challenge for a world title (Martin holder fights Joshua first).

    Takam 35 is known for his strength and durability over 12 rounds. He is a little shorter than Parker. It takes a lot to take him down.

    But here is Takam losing in 2014 vs a Russian (also a kick boxer) who fought Klitschko (Russian’s only defeat).

  8. Atiawa 10

    How about we have a competition for a new Aussie flag? I understand that our flag is very similar to theirs but I don’t hear the Aussies wanting to change it, although ours was approved and flown before there’s.

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