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Daily review 30/05/2022

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, May 30th, 2022 - 58 comments
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58 comments on “Daily review 30/05/2022 ”

  1. Belladonna 1

    Seems as though this case – sexual assault by James Gardener-Hopkins, then a partner at Russell-McVeagh, who repeatedly victimized young lawyers and interns at the firm – is still ongoing.

    He was suspended for two years (in a highly partisan decision by the NZ lawyers and conveyances disciplinary tribunal – one wonders about the old boy network); but the Law Society's standards committee is now arguing that he should be struck off.


    Here's an assessment of the sentence of suspension, and why it's such a light penalty for Gardner-Hopkins.


  2. Anne 2

    Nanaia Mahuta calls out keyboard warrior by releasing a recent slur she received on Facebook:

    I’m going to put it here – including the redacted slurs:

    "Fuck off out of Parliament you overpaid useless fucking nigger.”

    Good on you Nanaia for releasing it. This kind of racist crap is being received on a regular basis by Maori members of parliament. It is vile hate speech and it’s time action was taken against the perpetrators.


    • Belladonna 2.1

      It's being received by all MPs, and other politicians – to an increasing extent. Women get it worse than men (especially the sexualized threats).

      I was utterly horrified to see the social media content a friend (and local community board rep) was receiving.

      There's much, much worse than this out there.

      Apart from the stupid, race-based epithet – this is fairly legitimate political commentary. Unlike some of the comments I've seen (which are explicit threats of harm to the woman and/or their family)

      • Anne 2.1.1

        I'm sure you're right Belladonna.

        The way I see it is that no matter how strong and resilient the recipient might be, it is still going to have consequences for them further down the track. I know this because of some related past experiences of mine. While it is happening you stand up to it and feel strong, but there comes a point when you start to crumble and the recovery period can be extensive.

        That is why I am so strong on Jacinda Ardern's recent speech on the subject. These sub-humans (imo that is what they are) must not be allowed to continue with impunity.

      • Nic the NZer 2.1.2

        Just which part of that message is the legitimate political commentary?

        • Belladonna

          Opinion: Useless, Overpaid.

          It's legitimate opinion that Mahuta is an…. ineffective…. Foreign and Local Government Minister.
          It's legitimate opinion that she's been promoted above her capacity – and is therefore being paid more than she's 'worth'.
          It’s even legitimate opinion that she’s only in Parliament because of her iwi connections (daughter of Robert Mahuta, and therefore connected into the Tainui royal family)

          Others might disagree with the opinion, but that doesn't make it not legitimate political commentary.

          • Nic the NZer

            I think if someone was to make a similar assertion on here they can be reasonably expected to link explaining their opinions of her. I have zero idea why these opinions would be held of her recent actions.

            • Belladonna

              Do you have any opinions of National or ACT politicians, in which you think they are useless and/or promoted above their level of competence? I'm pretty sure I've seen some fairly harsh criticism of some of them (past and present), here on TS.

              And, if you truly have zero idea of why some politically right-wing people would have those opinions of Mahuta and her recent actions, you probably need to get out more (or at least read the papers).

              • Nic the NZer

                I tend to keep my opinions to myself unless I can make it clear why I hold those opinions.

            • Poission

              Seems to be a growing consensus that she is wanting with regard to FO.China used the opportunity of a) the Australian election and b) The PM racking up airmiles across the US and back.

              Criticism from both former diplomats should be ringing alarm bells.


          • Incognito

            Indeed, Mahuta may be in NZ Parliament because of her connections but not just because of them. After all, she’s there to represent her people, just as all MPs are Representatives, and as a Māori MP I’d expect her to have deep connections with her electorate that has voted her for years. No different from National MPs have strong connections with farmers, for example.

    • Patricia Bremner 2.2

      Nanaia is principled hardworking and well educated. She has represented Labour for 20 years. Apparently the person concerned was approached and doubled down. Is written racism against the law? We should all go on her facebook and send a supportive message.

      • Anne 2.2.1

        It is not legitimate in a social sense at the least to use such language based on the ethnicity of the individual being attacked. Somebody will correct me if I'm wrong but I thought "nigger" was banned. I note the apparent educational level of the writer when contacted for comment leaves a lot to be desired:

        When contacted by the Herald, the sender said he did not regret using that language… he appeared to defend his attack on Mahuta.

        "Tell me this. If she was Pakeha or NZ European do you think she would still be in Parliament after how she's perfomed [SIC]," he said.

        "So is she trying to get herself out of the spotlight by cry's of racism? [SIC]," he said.

        • Patricia Bremner

          I sent a message of support and received a message back. I hope others do the same to support her in the face of such horrible behaviour.

          • Anne

            I will do it in the morning. Did you use her parliamentary email address?

            I met Nanaia some years ago and found her natural and friendly. She is also a very intelligent and competent person and I saw it first hand. Her detractors use racism and sexism to demean her. I suspect that the comment she has released is mild compared to others she has received.

            • Patricia Bremner

              Yes Anne I'm sure there has been worse.. I sent Kia Kaha etc via her personal facebook.

              I am pleased to see her face time meetings have borne fruit. China did not get quite what they wanted. You don't deal with Tainui Politics without diplomatic skills. Cheers. That troll is just letting off steam I guess.

              Belladonna may think the critique valid. I don't. After the Seabed and Seashore issue, she stood by Labour and went back to her people, lost her seat but got in as number 8 on the List. She then stood for the new redrawn seat and won on her merits. She has never leaned on her relations in any way. I too found both the PM and Nanaia warm real and caring. Cheers.

              • left for dead

                yes add me to this support of Nanaia.Belladonna,that nut was using lazy framing,for the political,nasty racism and should be outed. Maybe you are consuming to much of yourself.

                Go stand in the corner with Donald.

                • Belladonna

                  I was explaining that it is legitimate political commentary to have an opinion that an MP is ineffective and/or promoted beyond their level of competence.

                  [And, I would note that I've seen multiple opinions expressed here that Luxon, for example, is both]

                  It's also legitimate for other people to have a different opinion.

                  I agree that the racist epithet is out of line (and explicitly said so)

                  However, many MPs have received much, much worse (look up some of the attacks that Gharahman and Swarbrick have received, for example)

                  You have to wonder if this is deflection from the widespread media coverage about Mahuta's perceived failures as Foreign Minister.

                  Perhaps you could actually engage with what I said. Because your response to me is completely incomprehensible.

                  Maybe you are consuming to much of yourself.

                  Go stand in the corner with Donald.

                  • Incognito

                    Mahuta entered NZ Parliament in 1996 and has been an electorate MP since 1999. I’d say that counters the view that she’s an ineffective MP who must “”Fuck off out of Parliament …”. This view also shows the holder is pig ignorant of democracy or perhaps even anti-democratic.

                    Your reply to l-f-d is spot on, BTW.

                    • Belladonna

                      I certainly agree that there are plenty of counter-factuals to support a different opinion of Mahuta.

                      I have no doubt she has been a very effective MP in promoting the interests of her constituents.

                    • left for dead

                      Good grief Incognito, using pub type memes is hardly politictal discourse,that is what I was trying to highlight,maybe badly,but theirs no need for you to start. If my grammar is wrong,sorry,I don't have that ability and thanks for reminding me I have no place here.

                    • Incognito []

                      I was referring to the racist who posted the slur on Facebook and I assume that wasn’t you.

                  • left for dead

                    Yet you made several paragraphs.Look I largely agree.Belladonna (atropine)Is poison. I would like you to address that the Herald being able to speak with said creep should at least he/she being outed. sadly to many here speak from both sides of their mouth.

                    • Belladonna

                      Again. It would be nice if you actually engaged with what I said, rather than making nasty comments about my handle.

                      Please note that I am not reciprocating.

                      And, once again, your response (apart from the personal attack) is largely incomprehensible.

  3. SPC 3

    Imran Khan sends his supporters into Islamabad and demands new elections be announced within 6 days.

  4. SPC 4

    Shanghai and Beijing begin the process to easing the lockdown approach. And presumably will experiment with merely slowing the rate of spread over the summer.


  5. joe90 5


    Of course, Top Gun: Maverick does not dare to pit Cruise against actual Chinese adversaries. Rather, the film was made with Chinese money, with funding provided by Tencent Pictures, a film distributor and production group owned by the Shenzhen-based technology giant. Sharp-eyed observers quickly noted that even the film’s trailer seemed to have been tailored to avoid causing offence in Beijing. Initial clips emerged in 2019 — the film’s release date was much delayed because of Covid-19 — showing Cruise donning the same bomber jacket he wore in the original. This time, however, two patches on the back of the jacket showing Japanese and Taiwanese flags had been replaced with ambiguous symbols of a similar colour, a change widely assumed to be introduced to avoid even the chance of annoyance by vigilant Chinese censors.

    https://archive.ph/qFG6C#selection-2397.0-2401.800 (FT)

    • Incognito 5.1

      Never bite the hand that feeds you, unless you’re my cat.

      • Belladonna 5.1.1

        Ha! Wrong way around. The cat owns you….

        • RedLogix

          Can I take this moment to offer a rather belated welcome to the site Bella – and a sincere appreciation for your intelligent and mature contribution so far. yes

          • Ad


          • Belladonna

            Awww. So kind. Thanks for the welcome.
            I really value the political debate on the site – and appreciate the way that (most) commenters engage with ideas, rather than attacking the person presenting them.

            The spectrum of opinion is fascinating. And most people are willing to learn from others – supported by the moderators insistence on the provision of sources.

            Really enjoying my time here.

            [And snickering rather that this is tagged to a totally tongue-in-cheek comment]

      • The Al1en 5.1.2

        Took the liberty of fact checking that and I think you meant…

        Never bite the hand that feeds you, unless it's the two leg I let live with me. 😆

        Edit: Belladonna beat me to it. haha

        • Incognito

          Great, now we can finally quit counselling; all those purrapy sessions on the couch were costing me an arm & a leg.

      • Patricia Bremner 5.1.3

        devil You were not quick enough?

    • SPC 5.2

      Top Gun : the mercenary who acts for the one with the most capital.

    • Puckish Rogue 5.3


      'As the opening credits scene of the film commences, Maverick can be seen examining his jacket in his old locker as he slowly puts it on. The original version of the naval patch with the Taiwan and Japan flags is clearly visible, as confirmed by Liberty Times.'

      • joe90 5.3.1

        Cold feet.

        In an entertainment industry full of uncertainty, few movies seemed as sure a bet as a sequel to the 1986 classic “Top Gun.”

        The Chinese tech firm Tencent Holdings Ltd. in 2019 signed on to co-finance the film, which the Shenzhen-based conglomerate hoped would yield a windfall at the box office. Yet when “Top Gun: Maverick” hits theaters this weekend, it will do so without any financing from Tencent, and without any mention of the Chinese firm that had once boasted of its involvement in the film.

        The reason: Tencent executives backed out of the $170 million Paramount Pictures production after they grew concerned that Communist Party officials in Beijing would be angry about the company’s affiliation with a movie celebrating the American military, according to people familiar with the matter.

        https://archive.ph/JIZFG#selection-221.0-239.301 (wsj)

        • Puckish Rogue

          Sucks to be them, the movies fantastic and its a box office smash already

  6. Nic the NZer 6

    Really good in depth discussion of economic theories of inflation. Highlights that large factions of the mainstream are still applying ideas which could have been safely rejected in the 1980s, if not earlier.


  7. Ad 7

    TVNZ poll tonight

    Labour 35

    National 39

    Greens 10

    Act 7

    This is deep trouble that the Budget should have helped correct.

    • Puckish Rogue 7.1

      Is it though?

      If Labour win the next election they'll definately lose the one after and then it'll be Nationals turn and then after two or three election wins it'll Labours turn again

      • weka 7.1.1

        Nat only getting two terms? Thank goodness.

        • Puckish Rogue

          Could be two, could be three then Labours turn and they'll get their two or three and then back to National and so it goes…

    • Poission 7.2

      All incumbents globally are under pressure with inflation,and price shocks,all local body politicians should be re doing their household budgets,its the non tradeable sector that is unresponsive.

    • Anne 7.3

      Actually in the current political climate I think Robertson was on a hiding to nothing no matter what he did. People are dissatisfied due to Covid fallout and the huge hike in oil prices and are taking it out on the government.

    • weka 7.4

      Left 45

      Māori 2

      Right 46

    • SPC 7.5

      It's the norm – neither NACT nor LAGR having a majority.

      There is the use of the MP by NACT and NZF of late to resolve this.

      It's the prospect of MP joining LAGR which places this into the Kiwi/iwi orbit of 2005.

      And which Winston the Peters Party will try and use to worm his back from ground level poll ratings, just when we thought he was dunne like a dead parrot. Instead he will seek to rise Lazarus like, and minstrel sing of the white cliffs and so return Dad's Army to its encampment outside parliament.

  8. Incognito 8

    On 29 May 1947, Mabel Howard became the first female Cabinet Minister in Aotearoa New Zealand.


    • swordfish 8.1

      Opinion was swinging in the US too during the immediate post-war era:

      I think 1947 was the year my grandmother got elected for Labour to the Wellington Hospital Board & a few years later to the Wellington City Council. Mid-20th Century Feminism did actually exist … despite claims to the contrary by certain prominent Second Wavers.

      And, as the US Gallup numbers suggest, men were by no means all irredeemably sexist. Women (& Democrat voters) were only mildly more like than men (& Repubs) to be comfortable voting for a woman presidential candidate in the late 40s & 50s. And, in fact, by the late 40s, a majority of both women and men were prepared to vote for a Presidential ticket that included a woman Vice-Pres.

      • swordfish 8.1.1

        "were only mildly more likely than men"

      • Incognito 8.1.2

        Thank you!

      • Patricia Bremner 8.1.3

        Thanks Swordfish .

        That attitude was evident in teaching 20 years ago. 80% of Principals were men, while 80% of teachers were women who mainly preferred men Principals… Conditioning??

  9. Poission 9

    OZ lP takes MacNamara and Parliament majority.

  10. mac1 10

    Mac1 is very pleased that Macnamara was the clincher. Good on the Macs! The name means in Irish Gaelic "Son of a sea dog' and so the Liberals could claim that victory was 'pirated ' away from them. The Labor candidate Josh Burns who won the seat is the descendant of Jewish immigrants in a seat with a good number of Jewish voters. The seat is one in Melbourne and is upwardly mobile. The Greens, Liberals and Labor were very close on the first count to each other. Go Labor!

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    Migrant communities across New Zealand are represented in the new Migrant Community Reference Group that will help shape immigration policy going forward, Immigration Minister Michael Wood announced today.  “Since becoming Minister, a reoccurring message I have heard from migrants is the feeling their voice has often been missing around policy ...
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  • State Highway 3 project to deliver safer journeys, better travel connections for Taranaki
    Construction has begun on major works that will deliver significant safety improvements on State Highway 3 from Waitara to Bell Block, Associate Minister of Transport Kiri Allan announced today. “This is an important route for communities, freight and visitors to Taranaki but too many people have lost their lives or ...
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  • Ginny Andersen appointed as Minister of Police
    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has today appointed Ginny Andersen as Minister of Police. “Ginny Andersen has a strong and relevant background in this important portfolio,” Chris Hipkins said. “Ginny Andersen worked for the Police as a non-sworn staff member for around 10 years and has more recently been chair of ...
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    Six further bailey bridge sites confirmed Four additional bridge sites under consideration 91 per cent of damaged state highways reopened Recovery Dashboards for impacted regions released The Government has responded quickly to restore lifeline routes after Cyclone Gabrielle and can today confirm that an additional six bailey bridges will ...
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  • Foreign Minister Mahuta to meet with China’s new Foreign Minister
    Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta departs for China tomorrow, where she will meet with her counterpart, State Councillor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang, in Beijing. This will be the first visit by a New Zealand Minister to China since 2019, and follows the easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions between New Zealand and China. ...
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    Education Ministers from across the Pacific will gather in Tāmaki Makaurau this week to share their collective knowledge and strategic vision, for the benefit of ākonga across the region. New Zealand Education Minister Jan Tinetti will host the inaugural Conference of Pacific Education Ministers (CPEM) for three days from today, ...
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    A vital transport link for communities and local businesses has been restored following Cyclone Gabrielle with the reopening of State Highway 5 (SH5) between Napier and Taupō, Associate Minister of Transport Kiri Allan says. SH5 reopened to all traffic between 7am and 7pm from today, with closure points at SH2 (Kaimata ...
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    1 week ago
  • Special Lotto draw raises $11.7 million for Cyclone Gabrielle recovery
    Internal Affairs Minister Barbara Edmonds has thanked generous New Zealanders who took part in the special Lotto draw for communities affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. Held on Saturday night, the draw raised $11.7 million with half of all ticket sales going towards recovery efforts. “In a time of need, New Zealanders ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government delivers a $3 million funding boost for Building Financial Capability services
    The Government has announced funding of $3 million for providers to help people, and whānau access community-based Building Financial Capability services. “Demand for Financial Capability Services is growing as people face cost of living pressures. Those pressures are increasing further in areas affected by flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle,” Minister for ...
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    1 week ago
  • Education New Zealand | Manapou ki te Ao – new Chair and member
    Minister of Education, Hon Jan Tinetti, has announced appointments to the Board of Education New Zealand | Manapou ki te Ao. Tracey Bridges is joining the Board as the new Chair and Dr Therese Arseneau will be a new member. Current members Dr Linda Sissons CNZM and Daniel Wilson have ...
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    1 week ago
  • Scholarships honouring Ngarimu VC and the 28th (Māori) Battalion announced
    Fifteen ākonga Māori from across Aotearoa have been awarded the prestigious Ngarimu VC and 28th (Māori) Battalion Memorial Scholarships and Awards for 2023, Associate Education Minister and Ngarimu Board Chair, Kelvin Davis announced today.  The recipients include doctoral, masters’ and undergraduate students. Three vocational training students and five wharekura students, ...
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    1 week ago
  • Appointment of Judge of the Court of Appeal and Judge of the High Court
    High Court Judge Jillian Maree Mallon has been appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeal, and District Court Judge Andrew John Becroft QSO has been appointed a Judge of the High Court, Attorney‑General David Parker announced today. Justice Mallon graduated from Otago University in 1988 with an LLB (Hons), and with ...
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