Daily Show on Baracknophobia

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Hat tip: onegoodmove.org

14 comments on “Daily Show on Baracknophobia”

  1. It is a very clever video, in fact there are a number of clever parodies, satires from both sides of the divide, some of which I have featured on my site,

    If you have not visited it the Public Service Administration site on You Tube has some real doozies.

    As I have said many times if the item is clever it should be capable of appreciation no matter whether you are from the left or the right.

    Elsewhere on my site are the UK Times Top 5 Clinton parodies
    Plus the Economist cartoonist animation of ‘Dubbya’

  2. lprent 3

    Plus the Economist cartoonist animation of ‘Dubbya’

    Oh dear that brings back visions of flapping ears.

    I’m unsure, but I suspect that these particular animations fall under NZ’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals act.

    No animal should be forced to perform the way that D should. Think of all of that training to produce those ear affects..

  3. Tane 4

    You might like this one, it is rather subversive

    Classic. I wish NZ had more resources to do this kind of thing.

  4. Stephen 5

    Ha. The Daily Show’s http://www.indecision2008.com/ website has the day’s ‘marching orders’ for Democrats and Republicans – today is ‘give released felons hybrid getaway cars’ and ‘all Liberals are gay’. Bit crude today, but they do come up with some gems.

  5. zANavAShi 6

    Hehe yeh I saw that last night on C4 (10pm Tues-Fri, and rescreened following day at 12.30pm for those who didn’t know). T’was the perfect nightcap to a day of political hilarity here at the Standard (and I spat my sodding hot chocolate too! mumble grumble)

    Jon Stewart is [insert word that is a gazillion times awesomer than awesome]… ZOMG I’d have his love child if I still had a working ovary! The singly most funny political interview I have ever seen in my life was Jon’s interview on faux news Crossfire (I have a clip of that somewhere if anybody’s interested) where he reamed that bowtied bozo a new one… CLASSIC!

    FWIW I saved a sizeable chunk of monthly traffic (streaming video downloads) on my broadband account when they started screening his shows on C4 (I have no freaking idea why they don’t screen all of them, but still…).

    Often while I watch I wonder what it would take to get a class act like the Daily Show to do a weekly show here on the state of NZ political media… and where would it fit under the EFA hrmmmm 😀

  6. Zero Wing 7

    I love the gag.
    I also loved it in Penny arcade:

  7. andy 8

    Have you seen this bizarre badge about Obama the GOP was trying to sell.

    Quite sickening, I am Glad our political discourse is not that feral. Hang on a minute it is, sigh!

  8. randal 10

    the meedia is dull here. it reflects our native simplicity. I will vote for whoever promises to play all the reruns from SOAP as soon as they win the election. party vote will go to which ever party promises to run all thirteen episodes of ‘The Westerner’ and the complete seasons of Taxi. OK?

  9. Stephen 11

    zANavAShi – it’s journalism, of sorts, so wouldn’t come under the EFA…I would imagine.

  10. Dan 12

    Here you go, our version of the “I’m voting Republican” video:
    What you’ll be spending your National tax cut on (increased doctors fees, toll roads from PPP, assorted public service cost increases)
    (Inspiration from Tane, “Overtaxed?”)

  11. Ari 13

    Tane- Maybe you could open-source it and have people film their own scenes. And yeah, it’s attack-electioneering, so if you pay to produce it or to screen it then it comes under the EFA. But if it’s produced for free and screened on YouTube, then I don’t think you can exactly call it an election “expense”. The awesome irony of the EFA is that it makes free* speech more effective.

    Dan- I’d totally include a bit along the lines of “I’m voting National because I like not knowing what I’m getting, it’s like playing Lotto!” 🙂

    *free as in “free beer”. 🙂

  12. Paul Williams 14

    Brilliant satire. Stewart’s the benchmark for political satire. I can’t think of anything recent that comes close; John Clarke and Brian Dawes on ABC is pretty good but.

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