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Written By: - Date published: 8:59 pm, July 8th, 2016 - 105 comments
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Five law enforcement officers have been shot dead in Dallas, Texas. Three suspects have been captured and one suspect, holed up in a garage, has apparently just shot himself.

This is the worst day in the history of the city of Dallas since November 22, 1963.

The dead are working people, most probably union members, mortgage payers, parents; good people just like you and me. They were working to keep a peaceful demonstration safe. The didn’t deserve to die.

Philando Castile and Alton Sterling are no different. All seven killed in the last few days, and the many others unnewsworthy, died because of American gun culture.

The greatest terrorist threat to the United States of America is the National Rifle Association.




105 comments on “Dallas ”

  1. McFlock 1

    A tragic end to a demonstration that was supposed to preserve life.

  2. Sanctary 2

    This was no ordinary shooting. According to the press, three shooters took positions on rooftops to “triangulate” their gunfire. In other words, they set up a coordinated ambush, waited for police to enter the kill zone, then took them under a crossfire. I am worried this signals the appearance of a black anti-police militia movement, and possibility of white supremacist militias retaliating.

    If it does, then the USA has all the ingredients of a Northern Ireland style urban insurrection. A armed rebellion by a repressed minority (Catholic IRA / black militias), ultra-Nationalist terrorism (Unionist death squads / white hyper patriot militias) and a compromised local police force that lawlessly favours one side (RUC / US local police generally). Oh and throw in vicious race hate and Americas insane gun laws.

    If this is the start of a insurrection, I expect it will take federal intervention and marshal law to contain it.

    • Colonial Viper 2.1

      Total of 11 police officers shot.

      The Independent (UK) says there were 4 snipers armed with rifles.

    • Colonial Viper 2.2

      A armed rebellion by a repressed minority (Catholic IRA / black militias)

      Black militia? Nah, far more likely to be a white supremacist independence group.

      • Scythe 2.2.1

        It was a black guy. That was obvious from the start, Tat.

        • Colonial Viper

          Firstly, the discussion was about an “armed rebellion” not about this incident.

          Secondly, don’t use my real life name, you git. Use my Standard handle Colonial Viper, or CV.

          Thirdly, I guessed the characteristics of the shooter last night before any details were released.

    • That future cannot be discounted – the powder is dry, this coordinated approach shown here by preliminary reports could be the spark.

    • AmaKiwi 2.4

      @ Sanctuary

      “the USA has all the ingredients of a Northern Ireland style urban insurrection”

      intensified by several million US Army trained professional killers returned from America’s decades of wars.

    • dukeofurl 2.5

      No there wasnt three shooters triangulating anything. There was only one.
      Naturally early reports are often confusing and contradictory, but this is an important detail that needs correction

  3. Greg 3

    Philando declared his permit legal concealed weapon,


    so who drug tests law enforcement?

    • Colonial Viper 3.1

      The fact that his girlfriend streamed his murder on Facebook provides an invaluable record for the court.

  4. Anne 4

    Fifty three years ago President Kennedy was gunned down in Downtown Dallas. The ‘sniper’ shot him from the third or fourth floor of a building. You have to wonder if the snipers on this occasion were conscious of the parallels when they committed the same act on the local cops.

    • Colonial Viper 4.1

      If there really were 4 co-ordinated shooters.

      They put their plan in place within 24 hours, because the protest march had been planned within that time, and they knew that there would be a strong police presence at that march.

      There are many implications from this.

  5. Tory 5

    If the NRA are to blame for the US gun violence then Gorden Ramsey must be to blame for all the US knife related violence.

  6. weka 6

    “died because of American gun culture”

    And because of racism. Framing this as an overriding issue with the NRA renders invisible the extent of the institutional racism at play.

    • ropata 6.1

      There are many factors at play but the one that stands out to me is the shameful poverty & inequality in the world’s richest nation.

      The wealthy have everything and the other 90% of Americans are left to rot.

      Probably some gung-ho dickheads who listen to too much Alex Jones / Glenn Beck or other preachers of hate and fear

      • Colonial Viper 6.1.1

        uh, i can tell already that you’re wrong

      • weka 6.1.2

        We don’t know who killed the police. We do know who killed Castile and Sterling. Whatever else is going on (and I agree poverty is a huge issue in the US), there is racism here, of magnitude.

      • Liberal Realist 6.1.3

        The bottom line is that racism is the root cause of white cop shoots unarmed (or in this recent case, declared/permitted) black male. What else can you call it?

        IMO this is institutional racism (even on the part of black cops) that has existed since the abolition of slavery. The US fought a bloody fucking civil war because half the country wanted to retain slavery FFS!

        White cop instinctively perceives black male to be armed and dangerous therefore shoots first and doesn’t ask questions, content in the knowledge that they’re very likely to be let off the hook with a wet bus ticket. The state lines up an all white or mostly white grand jury who throws the case or recommends minimal penalty. This is yet another example of institutional racism, it’s wrapped into the cultural fabric of the US.

        With regard to gun culture the view of many American’s I know is that they wish to bare arms because they fear their government, not their peers. On some levels I can understand this given the US government is the most murderous the world has ever seen and, if in its best interests, wouldn’t hesitate to put down its own citizens with lethal force. In fact it already has, via drone strikes abroad.

    • “And because of racism. Framing this as an overriding issue with the NRA renders invisible the extent of the institutional racism at play.”

      You’re right about the possible influence of prejudice, weka. However, I did put a link in the post that touches on that issue.


    • Peter Swift 6.3

      “And because of racism.”

      There appears to be some truth to that.

      http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-36745862 – Gunman wanted to kill whites.

      http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11671436 – Dallas shooting: Suspect ‘wanted to kill white officers’

      • marty mars 6.3.1

        Read the stats on this area Peter – the truth is pretty obvious

        • Colonial Viper

          They use the poverty draft to get Blacks to fight their empire’s foreign wars. Now there are hundreds of thousands of these used up military trained men and women back on the mainland.

          I am interested to know whether the collaborators the authorities captured were also military.

        • Peter Swift

          The stats ‘on this’ are as reported in the links.
          Black shooter reported to have said he wanted to kill whites.
          That truth is really obvious.

          On this point alone there is no wriggle room.
          It sadly is what it is.

          • marty mars

            And that is racism to you Peter – rightttttt

            • Peter Swift

              How can it not be when an attacker targets one based solely on their race.
              That’d surely be a textbook definition of racism.

              I don’t get what your ulterior motive is or what point you are back handedly trying to make.

              • What race is white?

                I suppose I have a view of racism that includes the power dynamic.

                • Peter Swift

                  If it’s a discussion on the wider aspects of what constitutes racism, then go ahead and start a topic. I reckon it could even be guest post.
                  As both of us are anti racist, I’m sure we’ll have much to agree on.

                  In this instance, as a response to ‘racism is involved’, I agree, statements alleging the targeting of whites is fair evidence of that.

                  As for what race is white, well, that’s a little secondary school reasoning to take seriously, but if your inclined, how about you define it while you also tell us what race is black?

                  • Peter it was you who imo misconstrued (deliberately or mistakenly only you know) what weka’s point was that you responded to initially.

                    weka – “And because of racism. Framing this as an overriding issue with the NRA renders invisible the extent of the institutional racism at play.”

                    peter – “There appears to be some truth to that.” and gave 2 examples where, as you state later are, “statements alleging the targeting of whites is fair evidence of that.”

                    I don’t think you are discussing in good faith. You think a gunman killing white people and saying they are going to kill more is an example of institutional racism? – do you even know what the term means? You devalue the whole discussion with attempted smartarse distractions peter – I thought you had a bit more in you than that.

                    • weka

                      +1. It would be nice if people would actually put some effort into their arguments instead of just the smartarsery.

                    • Peter Swift

                      “Peter it was you who imo misconstrued (deliberately or mistakenly only you know) what weka’s point was that you responded to initially.”

                      No, I agreed racism did play a part in this shooting. That is a fact. A be all and end all to the point answered. What’s in your head is superfluous.

                      “I don’t think you are discussing in good faith. You think a gunman killing white people and saying they are going to kill more is an example of institutional racism?”

                      If you wish to start a topic on institutionalised racism, go ahead and we’ll agree on many issues.

                      I never mentioned or responded to institutionalised racism in any post here. I did however post links where one gunman is reported to have said he was out to kill whites and white officers. Which is of course not institutionalised, but still extreme racism.

                      “You devalue the whole discussion with attempted smartarse distractions”

                      Nothing smart arse in anything I’ve written here. I mean I haven’t played games like you have and written banalities like what is white race? You clearly have an agenda yet you won’t state what it is. It’s like you’re just waiting for someone to fall on the wrong side of the debate or make an errant remark so you can jump in and call them a racist. Is that what you are doing?

                      “I thought you had a bit more in you than that.”

                      And now you know there’s more than you can safely handle by playing childish games.
                      So say what you want to say, why you are saying it and what relevance it has to me.
                      I’m more than happy to answer your points, but enough of the dirty innuendo stuff wimps play. 🙂

                    • “I never mentioned institutionalised racism in any post here.”

                      no you just responded to a comment that was all about institutional racism. Didn’t you read the comment you responded to? I think you did and then decided to show what a funny wit you are – pity it all backfired.

                    • Peter Swift

                      “so it was ignorance

                      “I never mentioned institutionalised racism in any post here.”

                      no you just responded to a comment that was all about institutional racism. Didn’t you read the comment you responded to? I think you did and then decided to show what a funny wit you are – pity it all backfired.”

                      Again, I responded to the statement that racism was involved in these shootings.
                      If I’m asked ‘Is there institutionalised racism in the US police force’, I’d say probably definitely given the evidence. But that wasn’t what I addressed so you’ll have to live with it.

                      Backfired, funny wit, lol, “what is white race?” I rest my case, kid. 🙂

                    • Peter you seem to be struggling

                      weka – “And because of racism. Framing this as an overriding issue with the NRA renders invisible the extent of the institutional racism at play.”

                      peter – “There appears to be some truth to that.” and gave 2 examples where, as you state later are, “statements alleging the targeting of whites is fair evidence of that.”


                      I think I’ll leave it there – I make it a point to try not to engage with those who aren’t up to it – sorry for taking up your time.

                    • Peter Swift


                      My reply clearly states a response only to the line “And because of racism”

                      Why be so disingenuous to attribute my post to mean something else based on what I didn’t respond to?
                      Bad form there, it has to be said.

                      Seems the only struggle is for you to eek out a foothold on credibility island. Frame it however you see fit, but you don’t hold the moral high ground over me here.
                      What you do or don’t do as a result is your own personal responsibility, kiddo.

                      Enjoy that silence lol

          • mauī

            This is after two defenceless black people are shot dead by authorities, and is followed by widespread protest against such killings. The shooter was at one such protest. Its amazing what you can come up with though when you drop all context…

  7. Muttonbird 7

    It’s a revolution in bites. With guns.

    A revolution like 1789 or 1917 played out in America today would be very, very ugly.

    • Colonial Viper 7.1

      Hmmmm those revolutions (and/or their immediate aftermaths) were pretty ugly in of themselves.

  8. Colonial Viper 8

    I reckon that these guys are former military.

  9. joe90 9

    America’s newest millionaire.

  10. Ovid 10

    It’s my belief that 2016 is shaping up to be as pivotal a year as 1968.

  11. Chris 12

    “The dead are working people, most probably union members, mortgage payers, parents; good people just like you and me.”

    But some of them like pulling their guns out and shooting at the unemployed, often disenfranchised, renters and homeless, sons and daughters; good people just like you and me.”

  12. leftie 13

    “The report that the suspect killed himself is not accurate. He is deceased because of the detonation of the bomb.”

    Chief Brown said the suspect was upset about Black Lives Matter and wanted to kill white police officers.

    “The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter. He said he was upset about the recent police shootings. The suspect said he was upset at white people the suspect said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”

    DALLAS SHOOTINGS: Snipers kill five police officers in ‘deadliest day for law enforcement since 9/11’

    <a href="https://nz.news.yahoo.com/world/a/32013707/dallas-shooting-one-officer-dead-three-injured-during-protest-over-fatal-black-shootings/#page1

    • Colonial Viper 13.1

      The police sent in a remote controlled bomb to kill the suspect with.

      That’s a paramilitary tactic.

      • te reo putake 13.1.1

        It was a SWAT team that ended the standoff, CV. Their job is to use paramilitary tactics in situations like these. The exploding robot is an interesting variant, kinda like a slow motion drone strike.

        • Colonial Viper

          Glad you agree with me that paramilitary tactics were used here, TRP. However, SWAT teams are still police units, not murder teams.

          You do bring up the important point of how the method they used to kill the perp was similar to a drone strike.

          Of course, when you think about it, a remote controlled ground vehicle is a drone just as much as a remote controlled air vehicle.

          • te reo putake

            Clearly, it wasn’t murder. Lawful killing is probably a more accurate phrase. They were authorised to use deadly force, so their actions were acceptable in law.

            It was a shame the murderer couldn’t be taken alive, because it might have been useful to get to explore his motivations, but I seriously doubt many Americans are going to be bothered about his demise.

            • Colonial Viper

              Your usual croc tears, TRP.

              • Say what? I’m not shedding any tears for the killer, CV. Sorry if the facts are difficult for you to comprehend, but my comments in this sub thread are entirely reasonable.

      • chris73 13.1.2

        Good. The less danger to other police the better.

  13. Jenny 14

    “Real America is coming after you”

    Blood soaked, violent, imperialist, racist, vengeful.


  14. Jenny 15

    [The link is to an interview with ex cop from Baltimore. Jenny, and others, can you please put a brief intro to links like that, thanks. TRP]

  15. weka 16

    Is there any confirmation yet that there was more than one shooter?

    • dukeofurl 16.1

      Yes , its one lone gunman

      “Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said that the suspect killed by the police, identified as Micah Johnson, 25, appeared to be the sole gunman and to have no links with any international terrorist organizations.”

    • mauī 16.2

      I think at the start they were saying 4 snipers shooting from roofs and the police weren’t sure where the firing was coming from. Heard someone on the news say that the noise was amplified in that downtown area maybe making it sound like more people shooting. Looks like they think it was one shooter now.

      • Colonial Viper 16.2.1

        and they say that guy was just a carpenter in the corp of engineers.

  16. chris73 17

    Heres some stats from:


    Total black deaths so far this year: 137 of 569
    Total white deaths so far this year: 279 of 569

    Black and unarmed counts for 24 of 569
    White and unarmed counts for 42 of 569

    • Editractor 17.1

      Why show the “Total” stats when the “Per million” stats clearly show that blacks are killed by police at a rate more than twice as high as whites when you take population size into account?

      Per million black: 3.25
      Per million white: 1.41

      • chris73 17.1.1

        Because I don’t think race is as big a factor as the media are making it, I think its economic factors that are more important

        • weka

          And economic factors disproportionately affect African Americans, which brings us back to institutional racism.

          • chris73

            I disagree, I don’t think its deliberate racism

            • weka

              Do you know what institutional racism is?

              • Poission

                One of the witnesses to the 1968 Kerner report was Dr Kenneth Clark on the recurrence problem.

                I read that report. . . of the 1919 riot in Chicago, and it is as if I were reading the report of the investigating committee on the Harlem riot of ’35, the report of the investigating committee on the Harlem riot of ’43, the report of the McCone Commission on the Watts riot.

                I must again in candor say to you members of this Commission–it is a kind of Alice in Wonderland–with the same moving picture re-shown over and over again, the same analysis, the same recommendations, and the same inaction.


                Interesting arguments in the reports recommendations against a heavily militarized police force.

  17. One Two 18

    Slogans such as ‘gun culture’ are for shallow thinkers

    Such events in the USA are not a surprise and were ‘predicted’ many years ago

  18. joe90 19


    Eric Boehlert

    Dallas gunman described as ““gentle loner” yet? that’s how NYT described gunman who shot up Planned Parenthood;

  19. joe90 20

    Wonder if a black guy would make it to court after pulling a gun on a crowd.

    Nah, he’d be dead.

    Michael Strickland, the 36-year-old man accused of pulling a gun on Don’t Shoot PDX protesters marching outside Portland’s Justice Center, had a round in the chamber of the loaded handgun he swept in front of the crowd and five other magazines of ammunition on him Thursday night, according to court records.


    earlier report


  20. joe90 21

    The wingnuts are waking up.

    In the era of Facebook Live and smart phones, it’s hard to come to any conclusion other than the fact that police brutality toward African-Americans is a pervasive problem that has been going on for generations. Seriously, absent video proof, how many innocent African-Americans have been beaten or killed over the last hundred years by the police—with little or no media coverage or scrutiny?


    It would be hard to overestimate the impact that smart phone cameras have had on forcing us to grapple with the fact that this is, in fact, a very real (and all-too-common) problem. The streaming video of the aftermath of the killing of Philando Castile appears to be the latest tragic example. (Note: We still don’t know exactly what happened, so I’m going to withhold judgment on this specific incident—but the video evidence we’ve all seen does not look good for the police.)

    And if there’s any good to come from this horrible trend, it may be that the scales are coming off the eyes of a lot of well meaning, if naive, white Americans. My hope is that this will change public opinion to the point that we can change public policy.


    I think the evidence would show that the vast majority of police do their jobs with the greatest professionalism possible. I don’t think that’s a sufficient answer to the reality of lingering mistrust between police and minority communities, especially in certain areas of the country. And the proliferation of cell phone video recording has really confirmed (in their minds) something they have long anecdotally believed or been taught – that police often interact with minority communities in different ways than they do with the white community.

    And here’s the most important part: when they do so, they never or almost never face punishment.


    The most important safety valve to prevent violence like we saw in Dallas last night is the belief that when officers do go off the rails, the legal system will punish them accordingly. If minority communities (and everyone else, for that matter) believed that, resort to reprisal killings would be either non existent or far less frequent.

    But they don’t, and there’s good reason for that. And that is because a huge, overwhelming segment of America does not really give a damn what cops do in the course of maintaining order because they assume (probably correctly) that abuse at the hands of police will never happen to them. As long as the cops keep people away from my door, they have my blessing handling “the thugs” in whatever way they see fit.

    I see the attitude all the time even in the comments to the stories I write here at RedState.


  21. Chris 22

    “The dead are working people, most probably union members, mortgage payers, parents; good people just like you and me.”

    This needs to go in the Life in New Zealand section of the the Listener.

  22. Byd0nz 23

    Americans killing Americans, cant be that bad eh

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  • Government focus on jobs sees record number of New Zealanders move from Benefits into work
    113,400 exits into work in the year to June 2022 Young people are moving off Benefit faster than after the Global Financial Crisis Two reports released today by the Ministry of Social Development show the Government’s investment in the COVID-19 response helped drive record numbers of people off Benefits and ...
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    6 days ago
  • Vertical farming partnership has upward momentum
    The Government’s priority to keep New Zealand at the cutting edge of food production and lift our sustainability credentials continues by backing the next steps of a hi-tech vertical farming venture that uses up to 95 per cent less water, is climate resilient, and pesticide-free. Agriculture Minister Damien O’Connor visited ...
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    6 days ago
  • Conference of Pacific Education Ministers – Keynote Address
    E nga mana, e nga iwi, e nga reo, e nga hau e wha, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou kātoa. Warm Pacific greetings to all. It is an honour to host the inaugural Conference of Pacific Education Ministers here in Tāmaki Makaurau. Aotearoa is delighted to be hosting you ...
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    6 days ago
  • New $13m renal unit supports Taranaki patients
    The new renal unit at Taranaki Base Hospital has been officially opened by the Minister of Health Dr Ayesha Verrall this afternoon. Te Huhi Raupō received around $13 million in government funding as part of Project Maunga Stage 2, the redevelopment of the Taranaki Base Hospital campus. “It’s an honour ...
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    6 days ago
  • Second Poseidon aircraft on home soil
    Defence Minister Andrew Little has marked the arrival of the country’s second P-8A Poseidon aircraft alongside personnel at the Royal New Zealand Air Force’s Base at Ohakea today. “With two of the four P-8A Poseidons now on home soil this marks another significant milestone in the Government’s historic investment in ...
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    7 days ago
  • Further humanitarian aid for Türkiye and Syria
    Aotearoa New Zealand will provide further humanitarian support to those seriously affected by last month’s deadly earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, says Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta. “The 6 February earthquakes have had devastating consequences, with almost 18 million people affected. More than 53,000 people have died and tens of thousands more ...
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    7 days ago
  • Community voice to help shape immigration policy
    Migrant communities across New Zealand are represented in the new Migrant Community Reference Group that will help shape immigration policy going forward, Immigration Minister Michael Wood announced today.  “Since becoming Minister, a reoccurring message I have heard from migrants is the feeling their voice has often been missing around policy ...
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    7 days ago
  • State Highway 3 project to deliver safer journeys, better travel connections for Taranaki
    Construction has begun on major works that will deliver significant safety improvements on State Highway 3 from Waitara to Bell Block, Associate Minister of Transport Kiri Allan announced today. “This is an important route for communities, freight and visitors to Taranaki but too many people have lost their lives or ...
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  • Ginny Andersen appointed as Minister of Police
    Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has today appointed Ginny Andersen as Minister of Police. “Ginny Andersen has a strong and relevant background in this important portfolio,” Chris Hipkins said. “Ginny Andersen worked for the Police as a non-sworn staff member for around 10 years and has more recently been chair of ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government confirms vital roading reconnections
    Six further bailey bridge sites confirmed Four additional bridge sites under consideration 91 per cent of damaged state highways reopened Recovery Dashboards for impacted regions released The Government has responded quickly to restore lifeline routes after Cyclone Gabrielle and can today confirm that an additional six bailey bridges will ...
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    1 week ago
  • Foreign Minister Mahuta to meet with China’s new Foreign Minister
    Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta departs for China tomorrow, where she will meet with her counterpart, State Councillor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang, in Beijing. This will be the first visit by a New Zealand Minister to China since 2019, and follows the easing of COVID-19 travel restrictions between New Zealand and China. ...
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    1 week ago
  • Education Ministers from across the Pacific gather in Aotearoa
    Education Ministers from across the Pacific will gather in Tāmaki Makaurau this week to share their collective knowledge and strategic vision, for the benefit of ākonga across the region. New Zealand Education Minister Jan Tinetti will host the inaugural Conference of Pacific Education Ministers (CPEM) for three days from today, ...
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    1 week ago
  • State Highway 5 reopens between Napier and Taupō following Cyclone Gabrielle
    A vital transport link for communities and local businesses has been restored following Cyclone Gabrielle with the reopening of State Highway 5 (SH5) between Napier and Taupō, Associate Minister of Transport Kiri Allan says. SH5 reopened to all traffic between 7am and 7pm from today, with closure points at SH2 (Kaimata ...
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    1 week ago
  • Special Lotto draw raises $11.7 million for Cyclone Gabrielle recovery
    Internal Affairs Minister Barbara Edmonds has thanked generous New Zealanders who took part in the special Lotto draw for communities affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. Held on Saturday night, the draw raised $11.7 million with half of all ticket sales going towards recovery efforts. “In a time of need, New Zealanders ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government delivers a $3 million funding boost for Building Financial Capability services
    The Government has announced funding of $3 million for providers to help people, and whānau access community-based Building Financial Capability services. “Demand for Financial Capability Services is growing as people face cost of living pressures. Those pressures are increasing further in areas affected by flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle,” Minister for ...
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    1 week ago
  • Education New Zealand | Manapou ki te Ao – new Chair and member
    Minister of Education, Hon Jan Tinetti, has announced appointments to the Board of Education New Zealand | Manapou ki te Ao. Tracey Bridges is joining the Board as the new Chair and Dr Therese Arseneau will be a new member. Current members Dr Linda Sissons CNZM and Daniel Wilson have ...
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    1 week ago
  • Scholarships honouring Ngarimu VC and the 28th (Māori) Battalion announced
    Fifteen ākonga Māori from across Aotearoa have been awarded the prestigious Ngarimu VC and 28th (Māori) Battalion Memorial Scholarships and Awards for 2023, Associate Education Minister and Ngarimu Board Chair, Kelvin Davis announced today.  The recipients include doctoral, masters’ and undergraduate students. Three vocational training students and five wharekura students, ...
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    1 week ago
  • Appointment of Judge of the Court of Appeal and Judge of the High Court
    High Court Judge Jillian Maree Mallon has been appointed a Judge of the Court of Appeal, and District Court Judge Andrew John Becroft QSO has been appointed a Judge of the High Court, Attorney‑General David Parker announced today. Justice Mallon graduated from Otago University in 1988 with an LLB (Hons), and with ...
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