Dom hits rock bottom, starts digging

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newstoiletpaperRay White, the renowned philosopher from Greytown, had a letter published by the Dominion Post on Monday wherein he says “I think it is great that Auckland Maori are to raise a hikoi in protest at not getting free representation on the new Auckland City Council. They could do with the exercise.”

Good grief. I know the Dominion Post needs to fill up column space after getting rid of all its good reporters for the sake of Fairfax’s wobbly bottom line. But now they’ve shown they really will print anything.

Nonetheless. I salute the Dominion Post for celebrating egalitarianism by giving a voice to the irredeemably bigoted, whose regressive, hateful and genuinely harmful views are often disenfranchised by the liberal, tolerant elite. And Ray, I think it’s great you’re writing letters to the paper. It shows not all racist, slack-jawed hicks are completely illiterate. Just utterly ignorant.

No doubt the Dominion Post will cite ‘freedom of speech’ as it cheerfully embarks on the slippery slope of becoming a newsprint chatroom for the redneck brigade. Then you’re just a Page 3 topless model away from completing your complete conversion into New Zealand’s own version of The Sun.

Godspeed as you stagger back into the tarpits where you belong.

– John’s angry mate

14 comments on “Dom hits rock bottom, starts digging”

  1. Lew 1

    This seems an opportune time to pimp one of my most favourite discoveries of late – Speak You’re Branes. I think there’s plenty of fodder in NZ’s vox pop culture for such a thing here. I’d personally nominate Robinsod as editor-in-chief.


    • Maynard J 1.1

      “They should to back Iraq or Islam” Should be their featured quote.

    • Tane 1.2

      Y’know Lew, I think you’re onto something. The Herald your views section on alternative naming for the North and South Islands has plenty of material:

      Why cant be become one nation of Kiwis. Yes Maori were in NZ before Europeans, but realise that colonization also happened to Britons (and almost every other peoples), and they (arguably) became a better people as a result. Also, it could have been a worse fate if the Britsh didnt colonise NZ. Think of may have happened if the Spanish, French or Americans had of claimed NZ. slavery or complete raping of cuture could have happened as it did elsewhere.

      Lets also change our national day to the date in 1901 that we became fully independant. Lets also put “treaty compensation money” to the country as a whole and regain the status of best living standards in the world.

  2. John 2

    Hate to say it, but I was thinking exactly the same thing.

  3. ieuan 3

    ‘They could do with the exercise’ – That is actually quite funny.

    Yes its called ‘freedom of speech’ the same freedom of speech that allows you guys to bang on day after boring day as to how bad John Key is.

    Celebrate it, disagree with it but don’t slam people for expressing it.

    • Quoth the Raven 3.1

      No one is diagreeing with this wingnut’s right to say what he wants. Why should you disagree with someone’s right to “slam it”? Of course people should be able to denounce and ridicule someone’s views. Free speech goes both ways.

  4. BLiP 4

    I agree that there should be room for nutters, it helps to be reminded that they are still out there and still as poisonous. But, when reading the MSM, it helps to keep in mind that its all about profit.

    And, if you think Rabid Ray is bad, at least we haven’t yet seen our media commentators laughing about the US torturing prisoners, although I’m not sure if we haven’t yet seen false letters to the editor from PR companies.

  5. Lew 5

    Tane, I reckon. Between Your Views, Stuff comments and the Trade Me message board, we’d be onto a winner. And that’s leaving out the actual blogs full of lunatics.


  6. Felix 6

    James at editing the herald covers “your views” very well.

  7. What’s really frustrating is when you try to reply to any of these idiots they never print your damn letters. Go figure.

  8. appleboy 8

    I voted with my wallet about 5 yaers ago and have never bought the dom post in all that time.

  9. ‘They could do with the exercise’
    Getting appointed to the Auckland Council is way easier than having to ‘run’ for a seat.

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