Drinking Liberally tonight

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Just a reminder that Drinking Liberally is on again this evening. See youse there.

WHAT Drinking Liberally
WHEN From 5.30pm, Wednesday June 4th.
WHERE Southern Cross, Abel Smith Street
SPEAKER Michael Cullen, Deputy Prime Minister
CONTACT wellington@drinkingliberally.org

11 comments on “Drinking Liberally tonight”

  1. erikter 1

    This sounds similar to an ageing Fuhrer (Cullen in this case) speaking to the youngsters, the last defenders of Berlin, the ones that were about to become easy prey of the Russians, before returning to the depths of the bunker and his fantasy world (the ministry of Finance).

    Actually, the comparison is not without merit.

  2. Lew 2

    erikter: You lose.


  3. Benodic 3

    It’s funny how terrified the right get whenever the left gets itself organised or, as is the case here, catches up for a few beers every couple of weeks.

    You need to find a way to release your anger erikter, it can’t be healthy for you.

  4. coge 4

    Benodic, nonsense. If Cullen wishes to espouse financial clap-trap in
    low brow establishment, well most of us feel that’s where it belongs.
    Just as long as we don’t have to listen to it.

  5. randal 5

    its all ad hominem…e.g. aging fuhrer…just like that little oik hooton saying nobody was interested in Michael Cullen yesterday on nine to noon…thats al the nats can do is demonise people. is it because they dont have sufficient intelligence to marshall a cogent argument or is it just an indication of their inner psychological state…gnash gnash gnash?

  6. T-Rex 6

    Paula Bennett is apparently responsible for Early childhood education, Labour and Industrial relations, and Community Affairs.

    So why is she on Breakfast being interviewed on world environment day? She clearly has no idea. “Well I actually drive a verrrrry fuel efficient car”. Oh gosh, do you Paula? Wow. I guess if you drive a fuel efficient car then we really don’t need an ETS.

    OH god… PLEASE stop talking! What an airhead!

  7. simon coffey 7


    you dick! comparing anyone to a murderer of 10’s of millions of people, without justification is stupid and lazy.

    maybe spend 5 minutes thinking before you type such drivel.

    I understand your point but your delivery is flacid and inept.

  8. higherstandard 8

    Simon indeed I felt much the same way when Tariana Turia made a silly comment about the banning of gang patches being akin to the gangs being treated like the Jews in Europe during WWII.

  9. So, what did he say?

  10. Benodic 10

    He gave a good speech on social democratic values, how they apply today, and the necessity of compromise. There were a range of questions from monetary policy through treaty settlements, the railways and Barack Obama.

    My respect for the man’s increased dramatically. It’s not often you get to hear Cullen talk about what he stands for and why he’s done what he’s done without a media filter.

    I think someone was recording it and Radio NZ was there so I imagine it’ll turn up somewhere eventually.

  11. Thanks. Appreciated. Cullen is very good when he is in his thoughtful mode.

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