All I want for Christmas

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This viral email from the Council of Trade Unions is doing the rounds. Make sure you click on through and tell John all we want for Christmas is fair work rights:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Government gave to me…

Just days into the new Government and already National has introduced laws which allow employers to fire at will a worker in a small business in the first 90 days of employment, gut KiwiSaver by halving employer KiwiSaver contributions and gives big tax cuts to people on high incomes, but increases taxes for workers on $20,000 per year or a two-income family with 2 children on $50,000 per year.

This is bad news for workers. And removing basic work rights does not make the economy more productive. It is a bad start from a new government. Let them know all you want for Christmas is fair work rights. Email the Prime Minister below and let him know what you think!

Email the PM Now

9 comments on “All I want for Christmas”

  1. Johnty Rhodes 1

    Go JK

    Get the country moving. These unionist dinosaurs do not know what sort of world we are currently living in. A leaner more productive workforce will get the country ahead more than a over burdened employer having too much deadwood working for them.

    BTW guys, do you think people will get treated worse than Shaun Tan was under the new laws?

    And I may change jobs one day but this legislation does not worry me as I am confident any employer will want my skillset.

  2. Ha! It’s “Shawn” not “Shaun” you retard – if you’re gonna try to pretend you care you should get the sucker’s name right. Moron…

  3. Duncan 3

    Did Shawn Tan ever lodge that appeal? He went awfully quiet after the EPMU showed him up as a lying fraud.

  4. Oh and Johnty? I’m assuming your “skillset” include wanking on about shit you know nothing about and scaring women with inappropriate come-ons? ‘Cos bro? That’s not really what anyone’s looking for…

    [lprent: Warning. That is starting to take it over the edge into straight personal insults – you simply don’t know. ]

  5. Daffodil Gal 5

    Ah Johnty, your skillset is no longer the question. They might not like your wanky personality. They might not like your taste in ties. They might think that you are an arrogant arse. Which is now reason enough to fire you…

  6. Hmmm… maybe the law’s not such a bad idea after all…

  7. Johnty Rhodes 7

    Sod – good to see the Neandathal in you coming out, how is the gravel rash on your knuckles healing?

  8. will 8

    Truth is Johnty it’s back to the future with National as predicted before the election. There are many people against this bill, including employers and non-union employees. Additionally, many supporters are against the undemocratic way National are shoving it down our throats.

  9. will 9

    Sorry Will …it appears I have posted under your name for some reason. Can’t change it either.

    – Leftie

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