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Ernst and Young should investigate Cameron Brewer

Written By: - Date published: 7:46 am, December 20th, 2013 - 240 comments
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Cameron Brewer has been touted as a potential National MP for Epsom and also possibly the next Mayoral candidate for the right in Auckland.  He has also spearheaded the attacks on Len, particularly over Len’s failure to disclose the complimentary hotel nights and upgrades that he received.

Brewer also criticised Len over his trip to Hong Kong at the beginning of the year.  Specifically Brewer noted that the trip ought to have been declared and noted the requirement that “[the] Mayor and councillors must make an annual return of interests, including: “Contributions to travel costs made by third parties to a member and the value of the contribution’”.

But it appears that Brewer has his own difficulty to deal with.  He apparently forgot to declare a freebie trip given to him by Mediaworks.

From the Herald:

Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer, who has been baying for Mayor Len Brown’s blood for not declaring gifts, has admitted not declaring a four-day junket to the Gold Coast.

Mr Brewer yesterday admitted taking free air tickets and accommodation paid for by MediaWorks, which runs TV3.

The right-wing councillor said he made a declaration of interests in 2011, but not in 2012, which would cover the period he went to Queensland.

The 2012 declaration of interests shows that Mr Brown and just nine of the 20 councillors filed returns.

Mr Brewer and Dick Quax, who yesterday said “unless the council code of conduct has any kind of meaning there has to be serious consequences”, were among the 11 councillors not to file a return.

And on the subject of gift returns on morning report today Dick Quax admitted not filing returns for 2011 or 2012.

What is that word starting with H?

240 comments on “Ernst and Young should investigate Cameron Brewer ”

  1. Philj 1

    Ha ha hypocracy.

    • Tom Gould 1.1

      A monumental hypocrite, up there on his high horse. And turns out Theodorus Jacobus Leonardus “Dick” Quax is no different having failed to file his 2012 return. What freebies has he enjoyed?

      • ghostwhowalksnz 1.1.1

        So you are saying he Quax likes a duck, but stays on his well feathered nest when it comes to a coverup ?

        • David H

          I saw Quax on Brekkie TV this morning, trying to look all righteous and failing. And as for Christine Fletcher, well she was a case of ‘We can’t fire Len, so we need to look at changing the rules’ Typical right wing logic.

      • Linz 1.1.2

        In Quaxs’ words, “this is deja vu all over again.”

  2. Philj 2

    Is there any honest politicians in New Zealand? Seriously. Are there any decent folks that would consider entering the dirty snake pit of NZ politics?

    • BevanJS 2.1

      Yes, it seems the desire to be a politician often comes with some less than helpful personality traits. Too much entitlement and not enough service.

  3. Colonial Viper 3

    Time to come clean, Cameron. What else are you hiding? Was this just a one off mistake, or a pattern we can expect to see from you in public office?

  4. bad12 4

    The English language fails to supply adjectives which would serve to describe the behavior of Auckland Councilors such as Brewer,

    Pathetic Hypocrites comes close, attempting to cane the Mayor for not declaring ‘gifts’ while conveniently forgetting to declare their own noses having been firmly lodged in the ‘gift’ trough makes them and their political futures a laughing stock,

    These people have no shame, playing their pathetic little political games at the expense of the Auckland rate-payers who were ripped off yesterday by the Hypocrites as they debated Len Brown all day while they were supposed to be debating the Auckland City budget…

    • amirite 4.1

      It’s time to reach for the Urban Dictionary then:

      1. hypocracy
      What Democracy turns into when all of the politicians in your country are liars.

      When no party/President that wins the election manages to keep its/his own ideology, and instead, keeps changing it every time it/he feels like it, that’s no democracy. That’s hypocracy.

      2. hypocracy
      A democracy governed by hypocrites.
      The British government advocates moral standards to which it does not conform. Britain’s political system is therefore a hypocracy.

      3. hypocracy
      a political environment characterised by reduced and limited scope of state control of personal behaviour

      From hypo- “below normal” and -cracy “a type of government”. Coined from a misspelling of hypocrisy (claiming moral standards to which one does not conform). See also hypercracy

      4. Hypocracy
      a Democracy where most voters are dumber than a flatworm.

      5. hypocracy
      Demanding that others live up to standards that you will not live up to.

      Railing against a law or situation that has brought you many personal benefits.

    • Paul 4.3

      And they refuse to pay their workers the living wage.
      Hypocrites and sociopaths.

  5. you_fool 5

    The stupid thing about all this is that if everyone just declared their freebies no one would care, no one would probably notice…

  6. Tracey 6

    Nothing to see here. You are all just deflecting for len brown. Their non declarations are different.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 6.1

      Yes its different all right

      Just as its different when Whale Oil cheats on his wife:

      Just as its different when then Mayor John Banks lies about his anonymous election donors.

      Just as when its different when Cameron Brewer goes on a secret trip to the GC

      • Rob 6.1.1

        Whale Oil is not an elected official, lets so who is behind the 270K+ doantions in Len Browns election trust account and now we know that that Brewers trip wasn’t so secret.

        Try again.

        • gobsmacked

          So Rob, do you think that all these secret trust accounts should be opened up?

          Including National’s?

  7. Tracey 7

    This whole thing, imo, now ownns up the private lives of our public figures as so called fair game. Brewer admitted nothing he merely confirmed what others discovered. If it hadnt been published a few days ago he would never have declared it. By not declaring he and quax must be saying its the sex not the non declarations that upset them so. By that logic they must be happy for all public figures lives to be scrutinised. Is rubbish bag rummaging time for nz?

    • deemac 7.1

      London seems to cope with Boris Johnson’s numerous affairs. How is it anyone’s business but his wife’s?

    • Morrissey 7.2

      Brewer admitted nothing he merely confirmed what others discovered.

      That must be the stupidest sentence published on the entire internet this year.

      • Tracey 7.2.1


        admit = reveal, make known, disclose, divulge, make public, avow, declare, profess, own up to, make a clean breast of, bring into the open, bring to light, give away, blurt out.

        confirm = To support or establish the certainty or validity of; verify

        Which do you think Brewer did?

  8. Tracey 8

    For all the criticism some have of the greens perhaps its their integrity that galls the right. Jeanette fitzsimmons integrity and ability to focus on the ball not the player set a standard in that party. I recall many debates where off the ball stuff was going on and she would stand up and speak to the issue. Its possible but more convenient for many to tell themselves honesty and integrity is too hard to expect in politics. I call bullshit on that. It always comes back to character.

    • Tinfoilhat 8.1

      Very true Tracey it’s so sad that we don’t have many (any) politicians like Jeanette or Rob Donald about these days.

      • Tracey 8.1.1

        and yet so many say they want more, but they choose illusury self financial interest over integrity. many have been doing it since the 80’s and are still waiting for the trickle down…

        do the same thing expecting a different outcome = insane

  9. Rosie 9

    Cameron Brewer. I’m sure he used to work in a suit shop in Newmarket in the early 90’s when I was living in Akld and working also in Newmarket. He used to strut about the place with an inflated sense of his own self importance if I recall correctly. So nothing has changed perhaps.

    Yes, the hypocrisy is stunning. Those right wing councillors are getting really frothy and absurdly moralistic. (Quax, a winner yet again with his display of moral outrage, give the man a medal)


    • ghostwhowalksnz 9.1

      Brewer worked in Banks mayoral office as ‘highly paid spin doctor’ – this was during Banks first mayoral term.

      So the idea of the mayor having his own advisors/ spin doctors isnt new. Even then he was a partisan slogger, as he was reprimanded for being a loud mouth at a election meeting while on the council payroll.

      So once he was out of a job when Banks was defeated the first time, he landed in Rodney Hides electorate office.
      After that came the stint as the Secretary of the Newmarket Business Association , a council funded organisation pushing Newmarkets barrow. So his contacts as a suit salesman came in handy.

      He wasnt posh enough first time around for the CR team so stood on his own for a spot on the Super City Council, and won handily.

      • Rosie 9.1.1

        I do remember the Banks link and definitely the role at the Newmarket business Association.

        Apparently he was a former journalist:


        I was sure it was him that used to manage some high end suit store, or men’s clothing store or something. It’s possible he did that while he was studying journalism. The name and face definitely go a long way back. Anyway, not important.

        Whats important is that he gets held to account – equally, otherwise it’s case of the pot calling the kettle black.

    • Sounds about right. Back in his days working for Banksie, Brewer was a customer at a shop I worked in. His contempt for those in lower stations of life was palpable. Say what you want about those old money customers, they knew your name and liked you to know theirs, asked how your studies were going and so on (fair few Nat bigwigs and media/pr industry tories among them). Not for him, though – pure white spite at all times. I remembered thinking he’s the kind of asshole who can only go far in life.

      • Rosie 9.2.1

        Interesting observation you made at the time CJ re going far in life.

        Lol, yes, I know those Remmers and Epsom customers. The only time I had anyone look down their nose at me for being a shop girl was when I was working in Naymaaarkay. Not all the wealthy show their contempt though. Some can be pleasant and well mannered and have a degree of humility about themselves. This makes a difference in the way they relate to others of a different status to them.

      • William 9.2.2

        There’s a story in this morning’s DomPost about the graduation of the latest wing of recruits from the Police College which has a lovely quote from one of the graduates.

        “I was talking to my old man back when I was living in Palmy, and he said he’d rather live a life of value than a life of success – and that thought stuck with me ever since.”


    • Tracey 9.3


  10. vto 10

    How on earth can these cheating sleaze bags accept gifts from corporates like SkyCity and make decisions about SkyCity at the same time?

    They fucking can’t.

    They are corrupt.

    • Anne 10.1

      They fucking can’t.

      Yes they can.

      They take the freebies/perks/gifts/upgrades and park the memory of them in a little box inside their brain. Then they make decisions/announcements and park them in another little memory box inside their brain. Two separate boxes and one bears no relation to the other. It’s a kind of memory denial that seems to afflict politicians in particular. When someone comes along and accuses them of taking bribes/gifts etc. they genuinely believe it isn’t true.

      We’ve seen a perfect example with John Banks. Still doesn’t believe he did anything wrong over the Kim Dotcom affair.

      • vto 10.1.1

        Well, yes, they can in that context i.e. it is possible to do.

        What should have been stated is “they fucking shouldn’t”

        It is corruption

    • grumpy 10.2

      Not relevant. Unfortunately the Auckland City Council have now set the bar very low. No matter what you do, it seems you only get a wet bus ticket – unless you are an employee, of course.
      What’s the point in investigating anything when there is precedent like that?

  11. karol 11

    Cameron Brwer says:

    Mr Brewer apologised but said it was not in the same league as Mr Brown’s $39,000 undeclared hotel use and there was certainly no intent to try and obstruct the process.

    Oh, so a little corruption is OK. But this:

    Mr Brewer yesterday admitted taking free air tickets and accommodation paid for by MediaWorks, which runs TV3.

    Mr Brewer selling himself to the MSM?

    • gobsmacked 11.1

      Perhaps one of the many contributors we’ve seen commenting here over the past few days could now tell us the exact amount that has to be declared, under their ironclad “it’s only ever about Len Brown, nobody else” rule.

      I’ve asked them consistently, and never had a response – is it resignations for many, or for none?

      You guys know who you are, you’ve been all over the Standard this past week, now tell us where you stand. On principle, or not?

    • Tigger 11.2

      Yep, what did he give in return ? Access? Information?

    • Tracey 11.3

      not “admitted” but confirmed. I am sick of the media having proof of something hidden by someone and having the grace to put it to them before publishing and then describing it as “admitted”. Brewer, Brown etc have admitted nothing. They have confirmed the facts not admitted them.

    • Colonial Viper 11.4

      MediaWorks is a very nice NAT friendly corporate.

  12. lprent 12

    Cameron Brewer (and others) should now be fully and closely audited to find out what exactly they haven’t been declaring.

    Since he and Dick Quax feel it is important (for Len Brown to do so), they should also *pay* for the audit.

    After all this is a fiscal and transparency issue.

    Or are Brewer and Quax merely perverts more interested in wet dicks?

    • BevanJS 12.1

      Pay Cameron Slater to be the Council’s internal auditor – he’ll approach the investigation with a high amount of focus.

      • lprent 12.1.1

        Problem is that he’d also ignore accounting principles and the actual legal position to make a piss-poor story. He’d ignore anything dodgy done by a “mate”.

        Not to mention his view on transparency is strictly one way. For some strange reason his own sources of funding are quite murky. Probably because those funding him don’t want to have it known what campaigns and vendettas that pay for.

        But mostly it would be a bad idea because he is a bit of a stupid dipshit who is more interested in destructive behaviour than anything useful. Ask his family and friends

  13. appleboy 13

    Surely a bunch of wailing banshees should now be planning to trail Brewer the hypocrit. Where’s BM and all those right whingers now…what will they have to say..

  14. ianmac 14

    Would Brewer and Quax have signed up for the Hypocratic Oath of Allegience? They certainly appear to have done so. 😈

  15. Huginn 15

    motes eyes beams . . . glass houses
    How did these muppets not see ths coming?????!!!!!!

    • gobsmacked 15.1

      Because they relied on Media Works not breaking a story about them (that’s TV3, Radio Live etc), and they were right. They relied on Radio NZ being wimps, and TVNZ being uninterested in news at all. They relied on predictable Brown-obsessives like Newstalk ZB turning a blind eye.

      All correct.

      But they also relied on the Herald backing its editorial stance to the extent of ignoring all journalism. Thankfully, they were wrong. The Herald is a rag, but it still – occasionally – prints the news. Crumbs of comfort, but that’s what we’re reduced to in the media these days.

  16. Grumpy 16

    E&Y were needed because Len denied any undeclared gifts. I think the AG should do a thorough investigation of all the elected officials, that way we would find out all those, like Len, who are still hiding something.
    I would sign a petition for that.

    • gobsmacked 16.1


      Would you agree that any MP who voted for the Sky City deal, and accepted gifts from Sky City, should –

      – declare?
      – resign?

      • grumpy 16.1.1

        Should declare. From memory, that includes Shearer and Goff – and a few more hypocritical Labour MPs.

      • RedLogix 16.1.2

        I think the problem has arisen because there is a difference between a specific gift and a routine commercial ‘freebie, upgrade or discount’ because the media has been deliberately glossed over for the purposes of smearing Len Brown.

        Having said that all this bs demonstrates that it pays to err on the side of caution and declare everything.

        Now does that mean declaring that tenth free latte you got on your cafe loyalty card.
        Where does this stop?

    • Tracey 16.2

      it should be done regularly as sadly too many elected officials see accountability for our money as nothing important.

      Only winner out of all this is E and Y and their horrendous billing system

  17. karol 17

    I see the NZ Herald has printed a little factual, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it article on Brewer – seeming to present themselves as “balanced”. meanwhile they do another editorial bashing Len Brown.

    Brewer isn’t the only hypocrite.

  18. Puckish Rogue 18

    I’m so pleased our politicians are as bad as each other…no wait it sucks balls that our politicians are so untrustworthy

  19. yeshe 19

    Brown’s ‘gifts’ were hotel room upgrades, on rooms he or his family paid for, according to E&Y.

    Brewer’s seems worse to me .. it really was free travel and free hotel, a real no-cost junket — seems qualitatively worse to me for his non declaration. And the ‘book’ costs of Brewer’s two business or first class fares plus 5 star accomms for four days in GC ? Would be coming close to half of Brown’s total amount in one hit.

    And what else is not yet declared by him ?

    HYPOCRITE. And shame on the Herald for running it in as tiny a way as possible.

    • Bearded Git 19.1

      Agreed. There is considerable debate as to how Len’s upgrades should be valued if indeed thay have any monetary value at all. Who counts it as income in their own mind when they are upgraded from cattle-class to business?

      E and Y should have made this plain in their report-rather odd that they didn’t……

  20. captain hook 20

    Yes its obvious he uses far too much soap.

  21. RedLogix 21

    The distinction I have drawn all along here is the difference between ‘freebies and upgrades’ that are part of a businesses normal pricing and marketing strategy – and specific gifts that appear to be one-offs given to an individual well outside of normal business routine.

    Len Brown’s defence is simply that the Sky City and other hotel discounts were just that – volume or loyalty based discounts based on the fact that he was a valuable customer. That sort of thing is normal, routine and absolutely ubiquitous commercial practice everywhere.

    But frankly I’d be interested to see quite how a four day trip to the GC from MediaWorks quite falls into that category.

  22. grumpy 22

    Come on, lets all push for a full AG investigation. So we cover everyone, lets start at the top and work down. I think that’s what everyone wants.

    • One Anonymous Knucklehead 22.1

      Start with Whitechapel and Aldgate.

      • grumpy 22.1.1

        Too obscure for me…..

        • s y d

          theres none so blind as cannot see

        • yeshe

          grumpy — they are the names Shonkey chose for his blind trusts that hold all his shareholdings etc while he is pm … ( though I think from his suggestion, OAK would agree that Shonkey probably has more seeing-eye dogs working for him than most blind trusts would allow !!)

        • the pigman

          Too obscure? C’mon grumpy it’s you that keeps referencing 14 Tawa Drive (whatever that is).

          They are the names of blind trusts that own, inter alia, the winery that Key doesn’t know that he owns, which produces the wine which he coincidentally provides to business associates as gifts.

          They are also adjacent stops on London’s District Line (well technically Whitechapel and Aldgate East, but Aldgate ain’t too far away).

    • RedLogix 22.2

      No – I’ve always argued that unless there were potential issues of criminality, proven compromise or gross hypocrisy – then private should remain private.

      Mainly because when we start doing witch-hunts the results are always selective and asymmetric; eg Len Brown gets to be the crime of the century while Brewer is a forgettable few paras.

      The hypothetical alternative is to dismantle entirely the notion of privacy completely. For everyone. Get rid of the selectivity and asymmetry. No-one really minds being naked in a room full of naked people.

      • grumpy 22.2.1

        “No-one really minds being naked in a room full of naked people.”

        Really? is there something we need to know 🙂

        • RedLogix

          You should try it sometime….

          • grumpy

            Man, I went to varsity late ’60s early 70’s – what do you think?
            Mind you, I was a leftie then……………….

          • grumpy

            Man, I was at varsity late ’60s early 70’s – what do you think?
            Mind you, I was a leftie then!

            • mac1

              Trendy leftie,eh, grumpy? I was a student in those times, but I was left right out when it came to the swinging sixties.

              • grumpy

                Back in those days, it was the lefties who had all the fun. How times have changed.

                • mac1

                  I dunno. The Young Nats club at Uni had a yearly party that was almost obligatory to gate crash, being so well endowed with nubile champagne and tasty flutes. 🙂

                  If I remember correctly……… it was so long ago……

                  • grumpy

                    True, guilty of that myself. As a member of PYM at the time, I normally mixed in different strata. Who could forget the Anarchist Army etc?

          • David H

            It’s the great leveler.

  23. Seti 23

    The difference is Brewer hasn’t saddled ratepayers with the enormous cost of thoroughly disinfecting the Ngati Whatua room.

    • gobsmacked 23.1

      And … we’re back to sex again.

      Your goalposts move quicker than in a gale at old Athletic Park.

      • grumpy 23.1.1

        What’s wrong with sex? You lefties atre a puritanical bunch – except Redlogix, of course.

        • RedLogix

          Yeah – that kind of dirty minded, school-boy sniggering from Seti is just plain tragic.

          • grumpy

            Hey, you’re the one skiting about rooms full of naked people…..
            We are, we are, we are, we are the…………
            Ring any bells?

          • Seti

            It wasn’t so much sniggering, more like sneering metaphorically at the Detroit-like path the clown is taking us down.

        • The Pink Postman

          Nothing wrong in being faithful to the person you love. I’m a lefty and puritanical meaning my wife trusts me and has done for nearly 60 years , Nothing wrong in that Grumpy , and I also bet I’m a lot more broadminded than you are.

    • Tracey 23.2

      sex matters but corruption doesnt, you sound like a true blue british tory

  24. Tigger 24

    Clearly there is an issue with reporting and declaring of expenses in this council. Brown failed to declare, Brewer etc failed to report. Wider issue is accountability and time to fix that.

    • grumpy 24.1

      Agree. Unfortunately the precedent has been set. If the Council cannot deal with obvious corruption and it seems widespread, then it’s either an AG investigation or appoint commissioners.

      • Tracey 24.1.1

        over priced over charging commissioners who favour the appointer. Yup, that sounds like the way to stop supposed corruption.

        politicians who think that money and gifts they get are of no importance need to be gone for lack of intellectual capacity, includng Brown, Quax, Brewer et al.

        • grumpy

          So it’s the AG for you then?

          • Tracey

            culprits resign for a start, brown, quax etc… rather spend my money on a new postal ballot than fucking Ag and E and Y and the plethora of bloody over priced consultants.

            • grumpy

              …but ACC have set the standard now. Deny, don’t resign but if your pushed just give a half hearted apology and you’re OK.

              • Tracey

                really? Brewer and Quax havent resigned despite being so adamant yesterday that not declaring gifts was abhorrent. Brown doesn’t appear to give a shit, which is at least consistent. But those two, what has stopped them resigning this morning? They’re all a disgrace, every one of them

              • amirite

                Thanks to Rodney Hide’s grand plan which was meant to install Banksie as a mayor till the day he croaks.

    • Tracey 24.2

      yup. sadly the only way to fix is to pay expensive bastards to audit regularly and that’s borne by the ratepayer. Easier is to vote for people with integrity, if you can work out who they are. John key has been regularly lying his way through the PM’ship, monkey see, monkey do

  25. Adrian 25

    And Fletcher has to go to, a lifetime of living on the proceeds of price gouging and corrupt monopolistic practices.
    Back to sex and the fascination with my post yesterday about the Cab minister and the boy friend all I can say is, with apologies to The Washington Post.
    ” Follow the tie “.

  26. grumpy 26

    Looks like more to come out about Len than I even dreamed of. Looks like the plan was larger than thought, taking down Len was secondary to destroying the reputation of Left wing journalists who were sucked in to defend him and the left councillors who fell for the same.
    “I can’t believe that Len Brown would just flat out lie like that. He knows what was omitted from the EY report. He knows that there isn’t just Bevan Chuang, he knows the state he left the hotel rooms in, he knows how the books were made and how the upgrades were obtained, he knows what went on behind curtains in the swanky harbour side hotel restaurant….he knows there is much, much more to come out.”


    • Tracey 26.1

      you quoted but didnt name the person speaking or where from. Please do so.

      • grumpy 26.1.1

        who do you think????

        • BLiP

          Jason Ede working on behalf of John Key and National Ltd™ working out its frustrated rage at not being about to loot the Auckland Council asset base after Rodney Hide carefully laid down means to do so but were foiled by pesky voters exercising that dreadful democracy?

        • Tracey

          it isnt hard to guess where you got it from given you simply refuse to apply your current crusading principle evenly across the entire political spectrum

          • grumpy

            What do you mean? I am very consistent, anyone found guilty (not just political opinion) should suffer the consequences. Unfortunately with the ACC, those consequences are not great.

            • Tracey

              can you point to your posts raging for brewe, quax et al resignations?

              • Grumpy

                What can be more consistent that wanting a full AG investigation from the top down?

                • One Anonymous Knucklehead

                  …but pleading ignorance of John Key’s corrupt arrangements? Well, you look disingenuous to me. And partisan. And grasping at straws. Or perhaps just like a dupe.

  27. fender 27

    Ha ha ha ,

    Think before you stink Cameron Brewer, if that’s possible. Is it just coincidence you have more than a passing resemblance to John Banks?

  28. bad12 28

    Perhaps now that Cameron Brewer has been ‘outed’ as a hypocrite no better than those He tosses accusations at, Dick might also care to ‘Quack’ on the matter seeing as it would seem that He also ‘failed’ to declare any ‘gifts’

    In reality besides Dick Quacking, perhaps the Auckland Council would like to convene a Kangaroo Court containing the same ferocity as that which the Hypocrites used to chastise the Mayor,

    On reflection tho, lest the multitude of calls for various resignations leave said Council without a quorum they all might like to consider a Truth and Revelations meeting where ALL those who failed to declare anything in the nature of a gift can confess receive absolution,(preferably after a severe flogging), and then get on with the business of helping the Mayor run the fucking City…

  29. xtasy 29

    Yes, investigate Brewer, Quak Quak Quax and the lot!

    The ROT sits deep in Auckland Council, it seems, and now at least we can call it one all! And this case with Cameron Brewer shows so nicely, how these persons in politics, are all tied up with various commercial and corporate media!

    This is why democracy in NZ has become a farce. As discussed under other topics, it seems it is rather the media that runs campaigns and ultimately determines who becomes government, mayor or whatever.

    This should get more people worried. Listen to Paul Henry on Radio Live, who is doing the “Drive Show” for Duncan Garner at present, and the bias of also mostly right leaning journalists, moderators and talk back hosts becomes totally apparent. Listen to Sean Plunket, and he makes no damned secret, where his political preferences lie. Listen to Hosking on 1ZB, who will soon host 7 Sharp, and you can hear and see what his views are.

    Even Marcus Lush comes across more biased by the month and year. Susan Wood, whether at times on 1ZB in the mornings, and at other times doing Q+A for TVNZ, is equally biased towards the National led government. These are just some, who at least on radio bluntly show their personal views.

    That is not “balanced reporting”. So Cameron Brewer gets perks from Mediaworks, which is a company that also got treated favourably by Steven Joyce and this government. It was also largely the mainstream media that paved the way for John Key to succeed and become PM in 2008, running a real charm offensive for the man and his party!

    And we know that investigative journalism is dead. Read the stuff on the Herald Online, and see what “columnists” they have left, even one Bob Jones and a Rodney Hide! Little information is offered, much biased reporting based on press releases and comments primarily by government ministers, and only occasionally by opposition spokespersons or leaders.

    With such things going, there is no prospect for the public at large being informed voters. They are influenced voters, and too many are swayed to vote as the media suggests they should.

    Without informed voters there is NO true democracy in NZ, it is a farce. Having pollies dance with the commercial, corporate mainstream media, and the hardly different remnants of TVNZ, while alternative media has been nothing but wiped out, that proves we are all manipulated like hell.

    I went to the funeral protest for TVNZ 7, soon I will go to the funeral of democracy in NZ!

    • Tracey 29.1

      nice to see you back xtasy

      • xtasy 29.1.1

        Tracey – only called in for a visit or “check out”, best wishes to you and all Standardistas for a sound and happy Christmas and good New Year (ELECTION YEAR!!!).

        Things can only get better, I suppose.

  30. ghostwhowalksnz 30

    Guess who was crowing on his own website about Browns undeclared trip

    “Auckland councillor Cameron Brewer wants a council review into Len Brown’s affair with Bevan Chuang widened to investigate a trip the mayor made to Hong Kong.

    Mr Brown has not officially declared the trip in January this year, sparking criticism from Mr Brewer and in right-wing circles.


    “What the rules say
    Mayor and councillors must make an annual return of interests, including: “Contributions to travel costs made by third parties to a member and the value of the contribution’

    Which of course he broke.

    Brewer helpfully wants voters to contact him and lists his details on his website

    PO Box 9733, Newmarket,
    Auckland 1149

    Tel: 021 828 016

  31. The solution is not complicated.

    1)What is needed is it to be MANDATORY and a statutory requirement under the Local Government Act that all local government elected representatives, staff responsible for property and procurement, and appointed Directors on CCOs, plus staff and declare their interests in a publicly-available ‘Register of Interests.’

    2) The ‘Code of Conduct’ for local government elected representatives needs teeth.
    At present, it is not an offence under the Local Government Act 2002 to breach the ‘Code of Conduct’.

    There are examples internationally of ‘Registers of Interests’ and ‘Codes of Conduct’ that could be used as a basis for discussion and legislative change.

    The risk of bribery and corruption at local government level is well-known, and widely reported by anti-corruption agencies just’ across the ditch’, such as the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, (CMC), and the West Australian Corruption and Crime Commission.

    Here in New Zealand, in my considered opinion, practices which are condemned elsewhere as corrupt, are commonplace, and seen by many as just ‘normal’.

    How can ‘conflicts of interest’ be checked for, if interests are not declared?

    Can you rely on the integrity of elected representatives to ‘do the right thing’ when it comes to declaring ‘conflicts of interest’, here in New Zealand – particularly Auckland?

    Apparently not.

    High time for some meaningful legislative change?

    I think so.

    Penny Bright

  32. ianmac 32

    News just now that the Deputy Mayor says that Cameron Brewer will not face prosecution for his nondeclation. (Perhaps they fear that they all will be in trouble? If one is in trouble then at least 11 others will face scrutiny.)

    • Grumpy 32.1

      We’ll, she can’t say much else after yesterday. It is one thing not to declare a gift but to not declare a gift from a lobbyist for favorable treatment and then to give that favorable treatment is far worse. If you are not going to punish the latter, then you can’t do much about the former.
      That is the situation ACC finds itself in- dysfunctional!
      Time for commissioners and/or the AG.

    • Sacha 32.2

      will not face *censure*

    • Anne 32.3

      Penny Hulse speaks with Mary Wilson on Checkpoint on the Brewer affair. Excellent stuff. Puts Dick Quax in his place. Commonsense and maturity abound. Something you cannot say of the right wing shillers and shriekers…


      Btw. She doesn’t entirely rule out an inquiry into Declarations of Interest. That’s a decision to be made in the New Year after everyone has had a holiday.

      • karol 32.3.1

        Exactly. And she points out that Brewers failed declaration is of a kind that is worse that Brown’s hotel gifts and upgrades.

  33. appleboy 33

    Hmmm. Let me see. Len Brown didn’t declare free upgrades on rooms he paid for personally.

    Cameron Brewer took free flights to the Gold Coast from Media Works and didn’t declare..oh and he’s aiming to be a National Party MP.

    Hmmm. what say ye people. yes I think so. A lying greedy hypocrite. Perfect for National then.


    • Grumpy 33.1

      You forgot that Len took free rooms to shag his girlfriend from a company lobbying the council over an issue the mayor changed sides to support. If Brewer did the same, he should go too but I can’t see where Mediaworks benefitted. Perhaps John Campbell could help?

      • RedLogix 33.1.1

        grumpy being an evidence free zone as usual.

        And still being a pervert.

      • Sacha 33.1.2

        There is no evidence that Brown shagged anyone at SkyCity in a free room. Read the report. The conflict of interest is bad without any panty-sniffing. Brewer’s seems a straightforward commercial arrangement that no one might have paid further attention to if he weren’t crusading quite so hard.

        • Grumpy

          Oh, you mean it’s only payback?

        • Grumpy

          Which version of the report are you referring to?

          • felix

            Presumably the one everybody except Farrar and Lusk got, the one that cleared Brown of receiving undeclared gifts.

            • Frank Macskasy

              The Ernst Young Report: http://www.nbr.co.nz/sites/default/files/images/Independent_Review_Report_FINAL_131213_1.pdf

              It’s not very long, and worth a read. From it,. I realised that a recent Campbell Live story on this issue was badly flawed. The journo who put together the story either hadn’t read it properly or just ignored it.

              Check out the Summary of Factual Findings. It has more “We did not identify any improper blah blah” than any actual evidence of wrong-doing.

              I suspect 99.99% of Aucklanders have not read this document. If they had, they would be telling Quax, Brewer, Fletcher, et al, to stop buggarising around and get back to work.

              • Grumpy

                See Fran’s article today about the report being heavily sanitized. Thankfully there are at
                East a couple of copies of the original out there.
                Why did he need day rooms? That buggers up the narrative a bit, don’t ya think?

            • Grumpy

              Seen the first draft, have you?

              • bad12

                Got a copy of all this that you make much innuendo over have you grumpy, if not you should shut it lest you either become to sound like a shrill wanker or a legal eagle comes a calling to silence such slander…

                • Grumpy

                  Really? Are you saying there were no changes? Heh!

                  • One Anonymous Knucklehead

                    You mean, after Brown had had his say?

                    Because it’s just totally wrong for any investigation to hear from its subject, eh.

                    That’s how it works in court, too: we hear the case from the prosecution and then the jury retires. That’s right, isn’t it?

                    On Planet Wingnut.

  34. Tracey 34

    The right struggle with facts. If they penetrate it explodes their heads. Which is why they try so hard to resist any.

  35. Grumpy 35

    Oh dear, this was so obvious.
    The AG could also do Brewer at the same time. Note the reference to the heavily trimmed report and the number of “day rooms”. Now, I wonder what they were for.
    Tawa Drive hasn’t even come up yet.

    • karol 35.1

      FOS is all innuendo and speculation – and of course politically motivated. And then there’s today’s NZ Herald editorial

      Kind of down play’s Brewer’s failings, and is not at the level of a front page smear. However, it does end thus:

      Mr Brewer’s criticism of Mr Brown means he will face repercussions. He finds himself in similar territory to that of former Act Party leader Rodney Hide, the self-proclaimed perk-buster who was found to be going out of his way to obtain perks. It might be tempting to think Mr Brewer’s discomfort will finally convince others to take such declarations more seriously. But history suggests that would be wishful thinking.

      • Grumpy 35.1.1

        We agree, but Len is still front and centre and will be until he goes, despite these little sideshows.

        • bad12

          So are we to be mis-treated to your whining innuendo with no provision of facts for the next 3 years grumpy???

          Len Brown aint going anyplace until the next election, you should get used to that fact…

  36. captain hook 36

    It seems as if Len Browns opponents are just a bunch of prurient purves who want to get their phizogs on the teevee to improve their own chances at the next election.
    Nothing has been served by this witch hunt except to feed the egos of a whole gang of little people grasping at the main chance.

  37. tricledrown 37

    Media Works joyces old employer (still owns shares I bet)
    Media Works the new bretheren
    Eclusively providing free propaganda for National.
    Another of National dirty slush funders helping undetmine democracy.
    Complaints to the BSA need to be made.
    Their Djs on all stations are continually driving Nactionals agenda.
    When Key was in South Africa media jerks(jocks) were dog whistling Gone before Key.
    Cootdinated by joyce no doubt.
    Fermenting race hatred.
    Mandela reached across the divide National are deliberatly creating a divide.

    • Ian 37.1

      Yeah. Listened to Wallace Chapman for 2 minutes the other day.Definitely right of Attila the Hun!

  38. Pete 38

    Actually, it appears Brewer did declare his tip funded by MediaWorks and his RWC attendance. He merely forgot that he had done so. In the meantime he donated $1,000 to charity (City Mission, if I recall correctly).
    It is silly to compare this to Brown. Firstly, Brewer did not fail to declare gifts, and when he thought that he did, he came out and apologised straight away.
    This really should not be a left v right issue. It is about ethics, integrity, honesty and an ability to lead the people of Auckland in all areas. Unfortunately Len Brown can’t do the anymore as he fails on the above qualities. In any event there is an overwhelming view in Auckland that he should go.

    • Sacha 38.1

      “it appears Brewer did declare his tip funded by MediaWorks and his RWC attendance”

      Got a link to back up that claim?

    • gobsmacked 38.2

      How do we know what Brewer – or anybody else – failed to declare?

      We didn’t know about Brown before. We only know now because there was a full inquiry. If there’s a fishing expedition, chances are it will catch fish.

      I’d like to know who accepted freebies from Sky City AND voted for the convention centre deal. We could start by asking the MPs. Preferably under oath.

      It is about ethics, integrity, honesty and an ability to lead the people of Auckland in all areas.

      In a democracy, those are tested at the ballot box. Crimes are tested in a court of law.

      Mix up the two, and it’s called a “coup”.

    • felix 38.3

      “This really should not be a left v right issue.”

      Yeah. David Farrar, Simon Lusk, Jason Ede, Dick Quax, John Banks, and Camerons Brewer and Slater are all totally genuinely concerned about who the mayor fucks.


    • Murray Olsen 38.4

      One question for you, Pete. Cameron Brewer originally mentioned a trip to the Gold Coast. The trip he is supposed to have declared was to Port Douglas. This is a bit like getting Dunedin and Kaitaia mixed up. Why the discrepancy? Usually these guys only start forgetting where they were thirty years or so down the track. Is Brewer’s memory worse than Key’s? (OK, two questions. Choose which one to answer, if you like. If you can remember.)

    • Anne 38.5

      And what about his former opponent and now cabinet minister, John Banks Pete? Is he about ethics, integrity, honesty and an ability to lead? What about John Key? Is he about honesty, integrity, ethics etc?

      I am flabbergasted over the hysteria whipped up over Slater’s sleaze. It smacks of blatant hypocrisy. It’s well known many ‘married’ male pollies have availed themselves of nubile female company when the opportunity has arisen. The same goes for some media personalities too. Power is an aphrodisiac.

      Did you hear about Banks’ bit on the side? The police uncovered the affair during an investigation into something else. Kept quiet about it. And how do you know there’s an overwhelming view in Auckland Brown should go? A bunch of online unscientific polls? Those polls are easy to manipulate and frequently are… The fact is, most people don’t give a damm as long as he delivers on his promises.

  39. Blue 39

    No I don’t think they’re interested in”who”. Rather more interested in “where” and the monumental arrogance of the mans inability to display any dignity and grace. Anyone bothered to ask how Ngati Whatua feel about Brown desecrating their room?

    • Murray Olsen 39.1

      Ngati Whatua weren’t particularly bothered. They were asked. I don’t like you desecrating this blog.

      • Grumpy 39.1.1

        Dunno about that, they have little tolerance for even sitting on a table……

        • Colonial Viper

          The spokesperson guy seemed to view it as being mildly irrelevant and amusing. Though he quite liked the idea that more people have heard of Ngati Whatua now, thanks to Len Brown.

        • Murray Olsen

          That’d be a table that people eat off. The Ngati Whatua I know have little tolerance for people trying to abuse Maoritanga for their own political ends.

    • gobsmacked 39.2

      I expect their answer would be “Since when did a bunch of National/ACT Maori-bashers give a damn about us?”

    • felix 39.3

      “No I don’t think they’re interested in”who”. Rather more interested in “where” and the monumental arrogance of the mans inability to display any dignity and grace.”

      Yeah. David Farrar, Simon Lusk, Jason Ede, Dick Quax, John Banks, and Camerons Brewer and Slater are all totally genuinely concerned about the dignity and grace of elected office.

      You lot are a fucking joke. You wanted it to be damn near impossible to boot out the mayor because you thought you were installing John Banks in the role (oh fuck we forgot to factor in brown people and poor people!)

      Instead we got Brown, a man who got caught cheating on his wife.

      However if you lot had got your way against the wishes of Auckland, we would now have Banks as mayor in court facing charges related to lying about receiving money to fund his mayoral election campaign!!.

      Dignity and grace my fucking arse.

  40. Bobo 40


    I think some sort of apology is in order Mickysavage. The rug has been pulled out from under you somewhat.

    • lprent 40.1

      Can’t see why. It took Cameron four days to find it himself, wasn’t correctly declared (an email!), and above all wasn’t visible in the public record.

      Not to mention that this statement by Brewer appears to be a complete lie..

      …and was actually part of the Ernst Young review…

      The E&Y terms of review were very specific and only covered the Mayor. They didn’t cover councillors, so they didn’t looked at their gifts. If Cameron Brewer thinks that they did, then I can’t see him putting his hand up to pay E&Y eh?

      Silly git really just couldn’t help himself. I guess hypocrisy is just too embedded in his blood.

      • Ron 40.1.1

        Just my suspicious mind but I would love to see the copy of the email with its header intact.
        I am sure that no one on council would attempt a cover up for Brewer but would still like to see email.

  41. Pete 41

    The reference to Cameron Brewer is in this mornings Herald. It would appear that council staff did not inform the inquiry or the media (when asked) that Brewer had properly declared his trip.
    This left right dichotomy is a red herring to the really substantial issue about Browns suitability to lead. And before the John Banks thing is raised again – no, he wouldn’t be suitable either!

    • Anne 41.1

      Actually if you listened to Radio NZ’s political correspondent this morning you get a different picture. Essentially, Brewer rang someone and told them about the trip but only after having been advised to… and he still wriggled out of a formal declaration of interest. He also accepted another gift – something to do with Sky City I think – that wasn’t declared. In essence, the journalist was saying he’s dancing on the top of a pin.

      What also came out is that the two known freebies (Brewer’s and Brown’s) were roughly similar in dollar terms. He also pointed out that Brewer’s attempt to castigate Brown for accepting gifts etc. when he had done the same himself leaves Brewer open to the same criticism as applied to Brown.

      I think an investigation into the expenses of the right wing councillors is required, especially as it seems to be largely those councillors who failed to declare registers of interest.

      Yes Iprent, hypocrisy indeed!!

      • grumpy 41.1.1

        Seems that the majority of councillors, especially the left, failed to file returns. Screams out for the AG to take an interest.

  42. NOT Fisiani 42


  43. gobsmacked 43

    Loving the circular logic from our visiting t/rollies:

    “It’s not about an obsessive, anti-democratic, blatantly biased tabloid campaign by the Herald! It’s about Brown being bad and Brewer good! Because it says so in the Herald! I have a link!”

    That’s Mandy Rice-Davies territory, darlings.

    Try linking to the independent Ernst and Young report into Brewer, Quax, Banks and co – when there is one. Or link to you demanding one.

  44. captain hook 44

    you should have heard him on the radio this morning saying that his crime wasn’t that bad when compared to Len Browns.
    Brewer is just a fink.

  45. IheartLEN 45

    So Brewer did email the correct Council staff with details of his trip at the appropriate time, requesting further advice of whether he should declare anything further. Sounds like a declaration to me.

    • Sacha 45.1

      If the “appropriate time” means the day before he knew a story in the Herald was to be published outing him, then yes. Let’s not mistake that for doing the right thing.

    • mickysavage 45.2

      It should have been in the public return. When you attack someone for not doing something properly the least you can do is make sure you did it properly yourself.

      And Brewer has just gone on Facebook and said that he has reflected on things and will give a donation of $1k to a charity. Good on him. But it does not change the underlying facts of the matter.

      • gobsmacked 45.2.1

        Will it be the same charity that gets John Key’s salary, but never sends a receipt? 🙂

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  • First Matariki public holiday celebrated with a unique broadcasting collaboration
    Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson and Minister for Māori Crown Relations Te Arawhiti Kelvin Davis announced today the inaugural Matariki public holiday will be marked by a pre-dawn hautapu ceremony at Te Papa Tongarewa, and will be a part of a five-hour broadcast carried by all major broadcasters in ...
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    1 week ago
  • Health volunteers recognised at Parliament
    Volunteers from all over the country are being recognised in this year’s Minister of Health Volunteer Awards, just announced at an event in Parliament’s Grand Hall. “These awards celebrate and recognise the thousands of dedicated health and disability sector volunteers who give many hours of their time to help other ...
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    1 week ago
  • Trade Minister to travel to Europe, Canada and Australia to advance economic recovery
    New Zealand’s trade agenda continues to build positive momentum as Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien O’Connor travels to Europe, Canada and Australia to advance New Zealand’s economic interests. “Our trade agenda has excellent momentum, and is a key part of the Government’s wider plan to help provide economic security for ...
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    1 week ago
  • Prime Minister to travel to Europe and Australia
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will leave this weekend to travel to Europe and Australia for a range of trade, tourism and foreign policy events. “This is the third leg of our reconnecting plan as we continue to promote Aotearoa New Zealand’s trade and tourism interests. We’re letting the world know ...
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  • Remarks to ICAN Nuclear Ban Forum session “The Ban is the Plan and this is Why”
    [CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY] Nga mihi ki a koutou. Let me start by acknowledging the nuclear survivors, the people who lost their lives to nuclear war or testing, and all the peoples driven off their lands by nuclear testing, whose lands and waters were poisoned, and who suffer the inter-generational health ...
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  • New Zealand leadership contributes to significant progress at the WTO
    New Zealand’s leadership has contributed to a number of significant outcomes and progress at the Twelfth Ministerial Conference (MC12) of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which concluded in the early hours of Friday morning after a week of intense negotiations between its 164 members. A major outcome is a new ...
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