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Another Fabian seminar in Auckland:
Ian Pool & Natalie Jackson – Our Demographic Dividend Wasted:

As planning has become distinctly unfashionable, has New Zealand’s lack of vision and perspective cost us our last, best hope of coping with the massive challenges facing us in coming decades?  What will be the nature and consequences of the boomer generation’s legacy to its children and grandchildren?

The Fabians offer a free seminar featuring Ian Pool and Natalie Jackson intended to provoke a broader debate on these issues.

The seminar is free and will be held Thursday 9th June, 7.00pm, in the Ellen Melville Hall, Freyberg Place. You can register here.

(Summaries of previous Fabian debates, on Productive Economy, Inequality, Capital Gains Tax, Rebuilding Christchurch, etc are here)

2 comments on “Fabian seminar”

  1. ZeeBop 1

    The welfare report considers that its okay to dock benefit from those on welfare if they stop contraception. Now why would National benefit from such a policy? Why stop at birth control, why not stop their benefit for something like spitting, or swearing, dropping litter, picking their nose. Why does National have an aversion to planning you ask, why does NZ, that’s simple it pays them to. There is more money in lacking vision, perspective, because that’s how most NZ voters made their wealth. You know how they came to partially own the over priced farm or home, or businesses, debt and more of it. Middle NZ’s delusion started with the notion that they were on the edge of the world, they needed to give up common sense and fight anyone who would stop profits at any cost. And didn’t the Aussie banks love them! Its like watching a slow national socialism, where either you conformed, or be seen as anti-profit, sped up the thirty years into a year and you see one massive cannibalisation of the NZ economy to foreign owners. And what’s gobsmacking, how NZ then elects a currency trader their leader, after all that self-pillaging they still go back for more, to the top of the pile of pillagers.
    Sorry, your question, should be how do you change the inner kiwi culture that desperately seizes on the most banal of economics, that harms their citizens, and its done by the supposed party of the working man! Sorry, but NZ has spent so much time cheapening itself, its akin to talking a recidivist vomiteer that they aren’t fat, they really are thin and their about to kill themselves.
    National Socialism, it harms the nation and brings on massive inequality, the only saving grace is that after the country has been ruined the people know what they did wrong and pleage never to let it happen again.
    Both Labour and National verge of nazi like notions because of the poor human rights debate in NZ that says we are 100% but still have growing proverty, child abuse, minorities getting ill in surburb sprawl housing that is hard to heat and mouldy.
    Yes, its the Fabian society to blame! Your veneer that we could possible talk ourselves out of the eventually collapse, that because there are still reasonable people in NZ that its okay, the majority will come round if you have one more ‘lecture’ hall meeting.

    The only way we get to a better place is to take our banking away from foreign owned ones,
    when we tax ourselves fairly with a CGT, when we protect ourselves with a guarantee free health for all and GST off food, books and children goods. When we demand the best cuts from the supermarket, and milk to be priced with everyone’s reach. And I don’t see the chattering classes doing that, I see just more the same old harping that they been doing since forever (if they weren’t cheering on the cannibalisation).

  2. Jenny 2

    When it comes to planning a government needs funds.

    Just as profits are the lifeblood of business, taxes are the life blood of government.

    To be able to plan a better future, government needs the guaranteed income to be able to realise these plans. That is an inescapable fact.

    But at present the conservatives are setting the agenda. National on behalf of the well off, are claiming there is no money available for any planned social programs. (And doing their very best to turn this claim into fact, so as to crimp the planning of any incoming administration).

    Are there any plans for a Fabian Seminar session on Tax Justice?

    Is the Fabian Seminar putting off having this debate, so as to be able to discuss the issue of Tax Justice closer to the election date so that it becomes an election issue?

    Tax Justice has a message for John Key

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