Family First to support “love vacation”?

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Finnish MP Tommy Tabermann (SDP) has proposed granting all employees a paid 7-day “love vacation” once a year.

According to Tabermann, the purpose of such vacations would be to prevent relations from disintegrating and the spouses from drifting apart. During the seven days, couples could devote themselves to each other ‘both at an erotic and emotional level’ and ‘find their way back to the path of love in order to find the wellspring of love again’. Some MPs suspected that the proposal might discriminate against single persons, but others said that a love vacation would be the privilege of all, even the singles and the single parents.

I wonder what old Bob McCroskie from Family Fist would have to say about this, presumably he’d be all for it…

13 comments on “Family First to support “love vacation”?”

  1. Every time I make sweet gay love to my man I think I’m nailing one into McCroskie’s coffin.

  2. Conor Roberts 2

    Finland, Finland, Finland, it’s the place that I want to be.

  3. Steve Pierson 3

    That must add a whole angry level to the lovemaking there, uroskin.

  4. Matthew Pilott 4

    I’m not sure McCroskie could swallow the concept of an erotic love-vacation that non Man-and-Wife couples might take advantage of.

    How would the State ensure that the vacation was used for the correct purpose – would we have to furnish hotel bills, video, perhaps? How many Bureaucrats would need to be employed to ensure that said loving was occuring? This spells trouble 😉

  5. Matthew Pilott 5

    P.S it’s McCoskrie…

  6. Phil 6

    Too much information Uroskin… and a truly weird fetish.

  7. Christopher 7

    Sounds like a slippery slope to me. If you allow gay couples to take the love vacation, before you know it you’ll be allowing people and animals, and adults and children! Evil, evil stuff. Remember, it was Adam and Eve on the first love vacation, not Adam and Steve!!!

  8. MikeE 8

    I think bob only supports couples having sex once if they are single child couples, twice if they have 2 kids etc.

    I’d imagine the requirement of a 7 day love week would be septuplets.

  9. forgetaboutthelastone 9

    Adam and Steve would never have been tempted by the apple though – everyone knows gay sex is way better than straight sex.

    captcha: us roots

  10. higherstandard 10

    Has Rainbow labour taken over the standard ?

  11. illuminatedtiger 11


    Is that you FailedDad?

    Captcha: Gov House

  12. Christopher 12

    Nope, just a parody of those religious bigots who think gays are out to destroy civilisation.

  13. Phil 13

    “Adam and Steve would never have been tempted by the apple though – everyone knows gay sex is way better than straight sex”

    But what if it had been a Banana?

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