F*ck you, the NZ collaboration

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31 comments on “F*ck you, the NZ collaboration”

  1. Rex Widerstrom 1

    Hold on… there’s some terrible self-conscious shuffling in there from white middle-aged males. I thought my inability to bust a move was entirely due to my heterosexuality. Damn, another stereotype in need of review 😀

  2. Ari 2

    Yeah, gay men don’t necessarily dance better than straight men. There’s just more of them that are interested. 🙂

  3. Craig Glen Eden 3

    This is pretty childish and stupid. Just my view of coarse.

  4. Brian Barry 4

    Hey good song haven’t heard it before. Who sings it?

  5. MynameisJack 5

    Deleted. Homophobic. Final warning.

  6. Kingi 6

    It’s scary how many of those people I know. Very scary. Also to the guy above who said it’s stupid. I don’t agree/disagree with your view, but if you are going to call something stupid maybe you shouldn’t spell “course” as “coarse”. Yeah…..

    • Shaun 6.1

      Deleted. Not funny.

      • Shaun 6.1.1

        u just keep deletin ma comments its what yo sites bout then?i though it was one of the better papes, gues i was wrong.I came fro ZA now live in bunsbury and im gon stay her for all u can imagin so u can keep dremin u get rid of us.

    • Craig Glen Eden 6.2

      Kingi I admit I am a shit speller but does that make the Video smart. Oh and Kingi what does your contribution say about you given you have no opinion? Oh thats right you are a good speller, neat go to the top of the class, because we all now thats what the world needs is good spellers.
      The next time you comment you might want to have thought just a little, so as to have an opinion given you are on a blog Genius speller. Finally Kingi why are gay people scary to you?

  7. Jared 7

    What prompted this video? I was under the impression New Zealand was one of the more progressive and liberal countries when it came to gay/lesbian/transgender acceptance and rights? apart from the provocation defence utilised by the Hungarian tourist charged with Murder of the gay man who was feeling him up, I can’t think of anything else that would prompt this…

    • Anita 7.1

      I overhear many homophobic comments in New Zealand, I have seen overt and covert discrimination, and there is plenty of homophobic physical violence against gay men in New Zealand. I could probably dig up a list of gay men killed by homophobes in recent years if you really need one.

  8. MynameisJack 8

    Deleted. That’s a permanent ban.

  9. TightyRIghty 9

    hmm if i was to say F**k you to someone homosexual or transgender, i’d be a hater and a homophobe. loving the reverse discrimination. shows us that all the tolerance and acceptance we do give, won’t ever be enough.

    [You’re welcome to criticise the approach and the message. Where we draw the line is discriminatory abuse and AIDS jokes.]

    • felix 9.1

      It’s not saying “fuck you” to your sexuality, it’s to your bigotry you fucking moron.

      • TightyRighty 9.1.1

        What bigotry you fucking peasant? my bigotry? I think you’ll find i’m very tolerant of peoples sexuality. but of course, because i take issue with what someone is saying, I’m a moron and a bigot. your abuse and discrimination is tolerated here though i see. putz.

        • Anita

          I don’t want to get between you and felix, your cussing war is definitely adding value, but

          To say you are “tolerant” of something means that you dislike it but put up with it  it is actually the language of bigotry with a thin veneer of self congratulatory smugness.

          • TightyRighty

            to be honest i don’t care either way. it’s not for me, and thats fine as plenty of things aren’t. tolerance of something that you personally don’t like should be congratulated not sneered at by the thought police. telling people off for tolerance, thats a new low.

            • Anita

              Acting on bigotry is worse than being a bigot but not acting (i.e. “tolerance”), that is still far worse than not being a bigot.

              I’m honestly not sure I think that tolerance is a virtue, for far too long NZers have tolerated domestic abuse and sexual violence. IMHO people need to have a moral compass and act on it. If you believe domestic violence is wrong then act to stop it every time you see it.

        • felix


          If you’re offended by a song which says “fuck you” to bigots then you either have a low threshold for cuss words (which you clearly don’t) or you’re a bigot.

          And if you needed this explained to you (which you did) you’re a moron.

          So yep, based on your own words, you’re a bigot and a moron.

          • TightyRighty

            it actually appears to me that this a song which says fuck you to anybody who doesn’t like their sexuality, not just being a bigot about the whole thing. not liking something but adjusting an attitude to live with it and be happy, and being a dick about not liking something are, as explained elsewhere, sometimes two completely different things. hence you simple little person, why you are wrong. peasant.

            • felix


              If you don’t like someone because of their sexuality, you’re a bigot. It’s a very simple test.

              It’s possible to be a bigot who doesn’t voice it openly (although you’ve blown your cover pretty well in that regard) but it’s bigotry nonetheless.

              As for your last statement (about not being a dick about it) you failed that test abysmally when you went on the internet and typed “IT”S NOT FAIR THOSE HOMOS ARE LAUGHING AT ME AND I CAN”T LAUGH AT THEM”.

              And finally, as you still can’t grasp what a dirty little corner you’ve painted yourself into, you’re still a moron.

        • Tigger

          TR – you might find it hard to believe but not everything is about you and what you think.

  10. Ron 10

    Jared – you might just wana look at the comments on this post get get an idea why – depite the generally liberal nature of NZ society – there might be a bit of righteous anger in the gay community worthy of a funny video.

    • Daff 10.1

      the society of nz is everyone acting on a low level of thought and not even trying to agree with each other.

  11. TightyRighty 11

    Anita – Tolerating Sexual and Domestic Violence is a completely different kettle of fish. to try and link tolerance of a persons sexual choice and domestic and sexual violence is drawing about the longest bow possible. in other words, weak.

    • Anita 11.1

      If one believes, as many claim to, that tolerance is an intrinsic good then it follows that tolerance of domestic violence is good.

      I know it’s a long bow, but it also illustrates one of the tensions within the Left: tolerance vs action  when should we simply accept others and when should we act to change them?

      It’s a thread through the left which I suspect was inherited from the old Christian left, and one hears the same tension within liberal churches, to what extent was Jesus preach tolerance and acceptance, and to what extent radical action?

      Anyhow, I am way off topic here, but it’s an interesting ideological debate (for another time 🙂 )

      • TightyRighty 11.1.1

        Justifying a weak argument with a weak justification now? if this is the lefts struggle, your doomed.

  12. TightyRighty 12

    Felix – thank you for moving the boundaries of tolerance to suit your self, you self indulgent twat. i see your spin, but the fact remains that what i said is what i said and there is nothing your spin can do to make it seem otherwise. with the mental power of a bernina sewing machine, you really do point out the fact that most of the bigotry and discrimination lies on the left of the political spectrum. fucking peasant

  13. Deepred 13

    Laughter is a weapon dictators can’t fight, pure & simple.

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