F**k, an end to profanity?

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A reader alerted us to this petition that was presented by National’s Paul Hutchison to Parliament on Tuesday:

Petition of Nathan James Ngatai and 1050 others Requesting that the House of Representatives ensure that legislation is passed to make public displays of nudity and profanity illegal in our nation.

So, um, better get your fill while you can gang.
Do you think there’ll be a march down Queen St in support of public nudity and profanity? Now that would be an event.

26 comments on “F**k, an end to profanity?”

  1. MikeE 1

    heh – I went to school with his older brothers and sisters I thing.. Ed Ngatai…

  2. Rob Carr 2

    There is a reason why it only has a thousand signatures…honestly banning words, ridiculous…

  3. Scribe 3

    I think this is a reasonable idea, but I need an answer to one question before making a final assessment. Are golf courses considered public property?

    If so, this proposal is f%&kin’ ridiculous.

  4. ben 4

    Great post. Yes, a march would be interesting. But seriously – a petition, on this? Who are these people with apparently so much time on their hands?

  5. Steve 5

    Never mind, it is only taxpayers hard earned money being wasted yet again

  6. Tigger 6

    Where is all this public nudity that I’m missing?

  7. TightyRighty 7

    so much for an end to the nanny state. it’s going to be all smacked bottoms for naughty behaviour from here on in, whoops, none of that either. good luck on that one paul you drip.

  8. BLiP 8

    Question time. I wonder if we’ll hear the motorcycle crowd’s refrain to Nick Smith repeated in the House again today.

  9. Deus ex Machina 9

    ‘Nudity’ is an absence of clothing, so as long as I’m wearing a tie I’m OK.

    Perhaps what this petition meant to say is that the House of Representatives should legislate to ensure that people keep their naughty bits covered in public – only that would mean Hone Harawera would have to wear a mask.

    I’m sure this bunch of Victorian ladies regard nipples as naughty bits – as long as they are nipples on ladies. Nipples on men are not naughty bits, which suggests that it isn’t actually the nipple that’s naughty but the soft, squigy lump underneath beneath the nipples on ladies. So as long as the soft squigy lump is obscured from view it can hardly matter that the nipple is visible. So boobs on bikes will have to become nip-nips on bikes.

    Oh dear, all this thinking about naughty bits has made me feel quite faint. Pass the smelling salts, someone.

  10. It’s the wowsers having a fit over Boobs on Bikes.

    Maybe we should call it the “Ban the Boobs bill”.

  11. SHG 11

    I believe it was philosopher Lenny Bruce who first coined the phrase:

    “Take away the right to say ‘fuck’ and you take away the right to say ‘fuck the government’.”

    Fuck you Paul Hutchison, fuck you Nathan James Ngatai, and fuck your measly 1050 supporters.

  12. Rex Widerstrom 12

    Well I for one am sick of seeing c#nts brazenly displayed on my television. When will they ban the Parliament channel?

  13. IrishBill 13

    Hmm, I hope this post doesn’t cost us readers from the public service and other outfits that have web filters. Mind you the Hone posts have probably already done that.

  14. What a waste of time. Im guessing he is trying to appear strong to his base?? Is their a lot of extreme right people in his district.

  15. A Nonny Moose 15

    Jesus f&$^ing Christ on a Stick. These are the type of people who cried Nanny State up until only 12 months ago.

    Feels a little Orwellian, no?

  16. Redbaiter 16

    [ Sorry Redbaiter but you banned yourself here, and I’d hate for you to break your word — r0b]

    • snoozer 16.1

      um, ones who like a joke?

      maybe eddie should have put on the humour tag so you wouldn’t be confused. I would have thought goat issues was a give away that the post is tongue-in-cheek myself

    • Lew 16.2

      No, Baiter, you’ve been banned from most of the left-wing (and some of the right-wing) ‘sphere for being an incorrigible troll who makes shit up with abandon, never plays the ball and cries “help, help, I’m being oppressed” whenever anyone tells you to stop being such a dickhead.

      Look, see, here’s another chance. Go to it!


      Edit: Aww, quick-draw r0b held him to his solemn oath.

      • r0b 16.2.1

        Edit: Aww, quick-draw r0b held him to his solemn oath.

        Yeah but now I’m going to the beach – so someone else will have to mind the store!

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