Flip-flop on climate change

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For those who asked for them here are the conflicting quotes from John on climate change. As Goff points out in the video below, Key’s now on record as flip-flopping on two of the biggest issues facing the world today: Iraq and climate change. Key proudly calls himself a “risk-taker”. It’s one thing to risk a few dollars on the trading room floor, quite another to risk the lives of our kids and the health of our planet – surely that’s where we have an expectation that our leaders get it right first time.

Climate Change – May 2005

“This is a complete and utter hoax, if I may say so. The impact of the Kyoto Protocol, even if one believes in global warming and – I am somewhat suspicious of it – is that we will see billions and billions of dollars poured into fixing something that we are not even sure is a problem.” – Hansard, 10 May 2005

Climate Change – Nov 2006

“I firmly believe in Climate change I always have.” – Radio New Zealand, Nine to Noon, 28 Nov 2006

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