Global divestment day

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Yesterday and today was / is global divestment “day”:

We are demanding institutions do what is necessary to avert the climate crisis by divesting from fossil fuels. Together, we are making fossil fuels history.

From the NZ page:

Investing in climate change doesn’t add up….

That’s why we’re calling on the NZ Super Fund, our universities, banks, ACC, religious institutions, KiwiSaver providers, and our Government to take our money out of fossil fuel companies.

See also press releases from and the Greens.

There are events around the world, including NZ, such as this in Auckland (follow the link to RSVP):

Saturday, February 14, 12:00 PM
Auckland City
Auckland, New Zealand
(We’ll show you the exact address once you RSVP)

JOIN US AS WE LAUNCH OUR NEW NATIONAL DIVESTMENT CAMPAIGN! We’ll be announcing a brand new divestment target. Come along and join the fun flash mob, listen to some of our favourite speakers talk about divestment in the New Zealand setting and show your support for a fossil free NZ!

divestment day

7 comments on “Global divestment day”

  1. i fully support this although I think they need a catchier line to capture the public – divestment? yeah nah

    fossil fuel free NZ! – f cubed nz – fossil fuel will fry us!

  2. Upnorth 2

    this is embarrassing marketing – my experience will tell me you get a 100 people there.

  3. Redelusion 3

    2 responses not sure if divestment day will catch on

  4. aerobubble 4

    Jobs. Activity. Keeping populations distacted requires raw energy inputs. This has led to the pollution crisis, climate change, we are now facing. Yet the same technology that can save us will also automate massive numbers out of jobs. AS copyright owners extend the life of copyright, cutting the transition of populations to less energy intense yet high compliance cost activities, i.e paying for access to internet, paying for access to culture pay tv, paying copyright holders who lay cliam to the language of digital media, photos, music, etc. So the problem of wealth arises, that the means of manufacture has been automated, owned by the 1%, who control our culture, who have ubiquitous access to our habits, location, who tax us for communicating,and who can buy out any new novel copyrighable creation at a whim. Whose serving servent class cry horror at any intevention into their masters wealth creating rental activities, such deplorable actions like regulation, oversight, and wealth taxating.

    Our climate is the way it is because Thatcher led the neo-con experiment to its ultimate conclusion servile human race to a few elites.

  5. Apologies for my criticism and truthfulness
    Divestment, along with 350 dot org are nothing more than useless pacifiers for the half awake.
    1st regardless of all arguments humans should be close to extinct inside of 20 years. (see previous posts)
    Global trade has hit the limits of growth, and is just scraping by at the moment, regardless of the BS games TPTB and the MSM play, the wheels are coming off the global trade/investment system we have ‘enjoyed’.
    What are these so called very rich institutions going to invest in? The whole pack of cards is going tits up, regardless of if you are investing in organic nipple cleaner or nuclear bombs, if you are ‘investing’ in this system you better hope the bomb manufacturers or the oil companies don’t go broke, cause if you are an investor (ie Kiwi Saver) then you are dependent on the whole system staying afloat. If you are using money as your yard stick, then there are no green investments.

    and as an aside
    The planet hit something like 401ppm CO2 recently. Heads up 350 dot org – CO2 hangs around for at least 1,000 years, We will be well and truly fried in 50. To reverse that we would have to have 90% unemployment, zero fossil fuel usage, and removal of something like 150 ppm (1,500 Gt?) god knows) of CO2, and the capture and removal of the ever increasing amount of CH4. ‘We’ would need to force a mini ice age, to bring the Jet Stream back into alignment .
    The whole ‘isphere’ is phucked.
    All I can say is, remove sharp objects from your pockets, and don’t have children.

  6. Richard McGrath 6

    Of course Al Gore and other sundry left-wing nutjobs will be exempt from this divestment, as they rack up air miles travelling all over the world spreading their alarmist message.

    • Colonial Rawshark 6.1

      I guess you’d prefer lefties to stay stuck at home while Righties burn through the world’s carbon limit all by their lonesome.

      Do try thinking for a change will ya.

      alarmist message

      You have to be deliberately blind not to see that we are destroying the Earth. Don’t you care what an empty damaged husk of a world you leave to your grandkids?

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