Goff slams Nats’ record

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We all know that this has been a government that has failed to do anything apart from favours for its rich mates. But it’s still startling to see it all laid out. In his speech to the Grey Power AGM, Goff went through the failures of Key and co after less than a year and a half. It’s an amazingly long list for such a short time.

And Goff is on the money when he points to the cause: National governs for the few, not the many.

8 comments on “Goff slams Nats’ record”

  1. Jim Nald 1

    Yes, time unmasks the Govt’s machinations

    National has been scripted by the few selfish, rich vested interests

    Captcha: ENOUGH

    (“Enough is enough!”)

  2. tc 2

    I hope this is the start of a relentless consistent focused campaign of short sharp statements that sink in to the masses due to their repetitive nature…….the msm don’t care so Goff and co have to repeat the nat’s 08 performance of catchy slogans that keep being repeated.

  3. ianmac 3

    I guess the challenge is to get the failures down to bite size. Too many words. Too complicated. Perhaps get Winston to show how.

  4. Herodotus 4

    Bar a few details this same speach could be applied to Labour. It coutinues to be just a game. Cost of living ran at a greater rate than many of us could manage, tax creep the ever increasing costs of power. All that happens is that the one pointing the finger swaps over. How about the $7b (Yes billion) that is effected by mis management by Lab and prev Nat in the 90’s regarding 2nd tier financiers, it must be those rick p’s they can afford to lose this money. No many were the elderly and those about to enter retirement.
    GST increases by 2.2% YET prices increase by 5%.mmmm
    Lab do not want to review rental houses ref (Mallard on Red Alert) let alone the tax system. Many on us workers get screwed by both Nat & Lab. It is Ok for use PAYE worker to subsidise rental owners and we did not know about this until Trev spoke about it. Will I never voted for this type of subsidy.
    This speach has NO substance just playing the game. Well for me I deserve solutions not having pointed out to me Nat Problems caused by Lab caused by Nat, by Lab …..
    I am afraid Lab has nothing to offer as well as all the others.
    Yet the few on the verge of extinction on this site WILL point the short commings of Lab (Nat s have their short commings but that is covered many times here).
    I ask if there are no solns from Lab were do we go?

    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      Labour still haven’t got to the point of accepting that capitalism is a delusion and keep working within that paradigm.

  5. gingercrush 5

    Yes a remarkable speech where he stuffed up by talking bullshit on the GST changes.

  6. tsmithfield 6

    Um, “slams” sounds a bit overly dramatic for Phil, doesn’t it?

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