Goff’s speech on deploying the SAS

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Apart from when it’s customary, at maiden speeches, valedictories, and the Budget, it’s a rare speech that warrants a standing ovation in Parliament. Phil Goff got one yesterday for his speech on the urgent debate into the deployment of the SAS to Afghanistan.

The text is here but it’s the delivery that really makes it*. Competent, knowledgeable, sincere, forceful. Goff convinced not only with the quality and depth of his arguments but with his ability to bring gravitas and conviction to a serious issue. It really reminded me what it can be like to have someone other than a bumbling mumbler for PM.

*(maybe some enterprising soul in Labour could upload a copy of the video to Youtube and send us the link)

12 comments on “Goff’s speech on deploying the SAS”

  1. That speech certainly emphasised that talking about foreign policy issues, serious issues like that one, is what Goff does best. It’s hard to tell whether it’s a sign that he’s turning a corner or whether it’s a sign that perhaps he should stick to what he does best?

  2. 1. Can someone please explain what Goff’s previous position was on sending troops overseas and what actions he took when in Govt to prevent this happening.

    2. Goff as PM? Insert Tui ad. He won’t be Leader of the Opposition come the next election. Democracy at work. Anyway, good to see the canonisation of Goff to go with the beatification of Saint Helen.

    • Derek 2.1

      1. Don’t be lazy, read the speech. It’s all there.

      2. Dork. Dude’s just saying it was a good speech, you’re conflating it with canonisation of Goff. Try to have an honest argument for once in your life.

      • Daveski 2.1.1

        This site coined the phrase “flip flops” yet can’t handle the jandal when slapped in the face with the same. The point is that Goff has little credibility in this area given his past actions.

        Dude saying “Goff Good Key Bad” regardless of issue, facts, etc

        And Goff still won’t be PM.

        • Derek

          Mate, calm down, you’re out of your depth.

          National was mocked about flip-flops because it ditched (or at least pretended to ditch) its core principles in order to get elected. It’s not flip-flopping to adjust your policy response in line with your principles to meet the facts on the ground.

          Read the speech. Get yourself educated. Then try to score your cheap political points. You’re the only one here arguing that it’s about whether Goff will be PM one day. It’s just not relevant to the discussion at hand.

        • Bright Red

          It’s not a flip-flop. Read the speech.

          Labour decided not to deploy the SAS to Afghanistan anymore back in 2005 because they were no longer being used to stop Afghanistan being used as a base for international terrorism, now they were being used to prop up one corrupt regime as it fought a corrupt former regime. Goff’s position now is entirely consistant with that.

          just lazy daveski, you’re better than that.

  3. Ianmac 3

    The original beliefs about Afghanistan have changed over the last few years. SAS have not been deployed there for some years. To continue now looks like turning into another Vietnam. For our troops to hunt and kill the population under the guise of ridding the world of terrorists, is bound to breed more terrorists. It seems like Iraqui mistake all over again. Should we concentrate on capturing the hearts and minds of the population or concentrate on killing the locals? SAS out!

    • Bill 3.1


      There is a very good piece I think will interest you ( and anyone else who wants a better understanding of WTF is going on) here by Pepe Escobar that goes into quite some detail about the geo-political manoeuvrings of China, Russia, the US and EU and their target ‘clients’ in the region.

      Thing is. No matter how you read it or spin it there is absolutely no sense in NZ involving itself beyond National ministers trying to get Uncle Sam to award them brownie points, give them pats on the head or stick gold stars on their wall chart.

      At least the Labour led government deploying troops back in 01 were able to spin a line (however dubious) in an attempt to justify their policy.


  4. Have read. But Youtube video?

  5. Pat 5

    I thought he got a standing ovation from his own team.

  6. Andreas T 6

    Here it is (linked to on Red Alert)

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