Good luck Winnie

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699780.jpgOur thoughts and best wishes go out to MP Luamanuvao Winnie Laban who has just revealed that she has breast cancer.

The cancer was apparently discovered early by a routine mamogram and three cycles into the chemo she’s in good spirits.

The cancer is apparently treatable – she says she’s positive about things and has no intention of giving up her ministerial portfolios.

She also says that she’s going public with the news now in a bid to encourage Pacific Island women to overcome their reluctance to talk about such issues.

Good luck Winnie, and we love your new look!

13 comments on “Good luck Winnie”

  1. MikeE 1

    Don’t agree with her politics, but wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Best of luck to her, and anyone else with horror that is cancer.

  2. You know, I half-expected to find some idiot troll saying something horrible here. But neither here nor under DPF’s post on Kiwiblog has anyone done anything of the kind. Gives me hope.

  3. r0b 3

    Gives me hope.

    Amen! And all the best to Winnie and family…

  4. Phil 4

    Any kind of Cancer is a tough thing to live with, and doing so in the public arena must make it even more difficult.

    I have to ask though, will we ever get to a point where mens health issues are given the same prominence an Cervical Smears and Breast Screeings?
    If I recall the numbers correctly, Testicular Cancer kills as many Men as Breast Cancer does women, yet it doesn’t get anywhere near the coverage (with the exception of positive moves during Movember)

  5. outofbed 5

    yes good luck Winnie again

  6. outofbed 6

    Russell, Your optimism was misplaced

  7. Miss Brown 7

    My husband has cancer but who cares?

    [lprent – junk warning – this is probably dad4justice under yet another alias. It is in his usual IP range and with the usual comment type.]

  8. r0b 8

    My husband has cancer but who cares?

    You do Miss (?) Brown. Presumably so do your family and friends, and the health system. Good luck to your husband.

  9. outofbed 9

    And if you are not D4j I care too

  10. Miss Brown 10

    I am not d4j and I am deeply offended that Lynn would say that I am.

    What kind of sick blog is this?

    [lprent – junk warning – this is probably dad4justice under yet another alias. It is in his usual IP range and with the usual comment type.]
    [lprent – thank you dad – I was wondering if you had another link]

  11. Yep – that’s dad alright (I’ve got a sixth sense for him nowadays – it’s like we share some deep mystical bond…)

  12. lprent 12

    Get well soon Winnie. I’d be heart broken getting dragged to those tedious political meetings, without seeing you brightening up those serious political people with the smile and presence.


    How did I miss this post… Probably while I was nailing d4j with bulk edits.

  13. Stef 13

    I was sorry to hear that. I wish Winnie a speedy recovery.

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