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Stuff reports the stolen military medals have been returned. I had expected they would never be seen again but when I think about it nearly every high-profile theft of art or artifact I can remember has resulted a successful return. Kudos to the police for making sure we get to keep a part of our history.

16 comments on “Good news”

  1. yeah i never thought we’d see them again.
    great news

  2. outofbed 2

    Its a conspiracy to keep Owen Glen out of the Headlines

  3. Ha! Yeah – I have it on good authority that Klark had stashed them in her handbag ready for just such an occasion.

  4. Murray 4

    Police closing in on the suspect(s), some beneficiary labour voter is going to be in big trouble

  5. IrishBill – we may have our political differences, but I’m with you 100% on this one. I just hope that the police quickly “feel the collars” of the thieves, and that the return of the medals, as good as it is, is not the end of the story.

  6. AncientGeek 6

    That is good news. You have to wonder about people who would steal such items that were paid for so heavily in blood.

  7. Joe Bloggs 7

    As my previous post was removed or censored…..

    This is an absolute brilliant outcome for the people of New Zealand, though it is a shame that it was only possible to recover these through the generosity of two Rich Pricks who offered a reward instead of the Government.

    [lprent: Unlikely unless you match with someone who is currently banned.
    More likely that you were not careful enough with reCaptcha.]

  8. outofbed 8

    Or maybe the filter just catches inane comments

  9. Hopefully not – I’d never get on through!

  10. outofbed 10

    Yeah well that blows that theory out the water

  11. Matthew Pilott 11

    This is an absolute brilliant outcome for the people of New Zealand, though it is a shame that it was only possible to recover these through the generosity of two Rich Pricks who offered a reward instead of the Government.

    Maybe captcha has been modified to stop the gramatically inept.

    So, distinctly Average joe bloggs – how would these ‘rich pricks’ (one of whom wasn’t rich at all, you dumbass) have been able to offer “the government” instead of “a reward”?

    Dumb troll doens’t realise that the Government’s contribution (also known as the police) might have cot a fair bit, and contributed a fair bit of investigation, even if their efforts didn’t achieve the eventual outcome in this case.

  12. the sprout 12

    medals back > good
    medals back free > bad

    gummint saves > bad
    gummint spends > bad


  13. Adam Smith 13

    Based upon my reading of the press articles, Mr Comesky who is a lawyer managed to locate the thieves within a week. The police do not seem to have been of much assistance, as they were still chasing their tails at the museum then.

  14. Joe Bloggs 14

    No lprent I’ve not been previously banned so lets pretend the Standard doesn’t just delete opinions it doesn’t agree with.

    Matthew Pilott: You’re right reCaptcha doesn’t seem to block the “grammatically inept”. It doesn’t seem to have a problem thought with tossers such as yourself though does it?

    As for your comment about one of the donor’s not actually being a rich prick could you tell me which one was that? Was it the British Lord who offered $200,000 or the Nelson Businessman who Donated $100,000 for the reward? Either way I don’t know many people earning the average income in this country who could afford to just give away $100,000 let alone $200,000.

    Don’t trouble yourself with responding Matthew I can’t be bothered with you.

  15. I also see the criminals will get the reward money. What a great message for the Youth of New Zealand.

  16. yes Brett it’s a catastophe for the nation getting those medals back.
    when you’re in opposition every cloud has a silver bullet.

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