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Ah, Iraq invasion satire. thank god that war is over, eh John?

[GWOT – Global War On Terror, official acronym. You can’t make this stuff up]

8 comments on “GWOT comics”

  1. Pascal's bookie 1

    get your war on

    captcha: pacifist blair. FFS

  2. Heh. That more or less sums it up!

    Stay tuned for the next episode if either Israel or the US bomb Iran sometime after July 31st. The recent IAEA moves, prompted by documents that could easily be fakes, and the secret “alliance” agreement being “negotiated” between Iraq and the US (50 bases and immunity from Iraqi law) by July 31st all suggest someone is working to a deadline. Maybe it is the expiry of the UN mandate in Iraq at the end of the year. maybe it’s something else.

    We’ll see. A national emergency during the US presidential campaign could take the focus off Obama and make McCain look like a REAL leader.

    October Surprise?

    It’s a plan. Let’s see if that is what happens. More opportunity for cartoons if it does.

  3. djp 3

    tis sad,

    people need to stop watching fox & cnn

    An interesting doco free to watch is PBS’s “Bush’s War” ->

    oh and for the captcha record: continues chains

  4. Felix 4

    Is there a name for acronyms which take longer to pronounce than the original words?

  5. What a load of BS.

    If ya going to post a comic strip, how about some Calvin and Hobbes?

  6. Brett. If you want a comic strip posted how about doing it on your own bloody blog?

  7. Temper Temper, ya must of read the latest poll numbers?

  8. Pascal's bookie 8

    Oh wassa matter Bretty boy?

    Are you a fan of torture? Or is it the arbitrary arrest and detention without hearings that is more your bag?

    If it’s the latter I guess today was not a good day for you. Never mind. The CIA can still torture people Brett. At least you’ve still got that!

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