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Half the population

Written By: - Date published: 8:51 am, October 6th, 2009 - 48 comments
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Poor DPF must feel like he’s through the looking glass these days. He’s got to defend a government that flip flopped on tax cut promises. He’s got to defend a leader that refuses to be open with the public (on why a Minister was sacked). He’s got to defend the blatant greed and hypocrisy of an MP, a deputy leader no less, dipping deep from the public trough. He’s got to defend an EFA that bears a strong resemblance to the death of democracy. And now he even has to defend a PM in a speeding motorcade! Basically, within a few short months, DPF has had to turn around and defend everything he has spent the last 5 years (incorrectly!) attacking. I’m surprised the cognitive dissonance doesn’t make his head explode.

No wonder he clings to some familiar territory when he can. Good old fashioned sexism. DPF doesn’t seem to be allowed to post so many boobie pictures these days, but the underlying attitude can still shine through, as in the opening words of this post: “I’ve finally discovered something useful done by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs. They have published a study…”. The trolls get to work on the red meat, first comment in the thread “…this joke of a government department…” and so on.

Clearly Ministry of Women’s Affairs is useless in DPFs eyes. After all, they only represent and advocate for half of the population. Here’s some of the useless things this ministry did in 2008:

Making a difference elimination of violence against women

This year saw some significant steps towards our long-term aim of eliminating violence against women…

Our work to end family violence has continued. A milestone this year was the publication of Ministry-sponsored research on protection orders. This work has contributed strongly to the review of the Domestic Violence Act 1995, and should have a major impact on the safety of women.

Increasing real choice for women in employment

The gap between men’s and women’s pay rates, and incomes, is a major focus for the Ministry and drives much of our work in this area…

Challenges for women in governance

Our nominations service has a big challenge ahead, to support government to reach its goal of 50 percent participation of women on state sector boards and committees by 2010…

International leadership

The process for New Zealand reporting progress on implementing its obligations under CEDAW continued with…

Engaging more strongly with women’s organisations and with women

This year we have increased our efforts to engage with and hear from those for whom we work the women of New Zealand. This has perhaps been most evident in our work on violence, especially in the way focus groups shaped our sexual violence research programme…

[and so on]

See summaries of other recent years here, and plans for the future here. Working to reduce violence against women, research to understand sexual violence, working to close the gender gap in pay, all of it useless in DPFs eyes? I can’t actually believe that he would really claim that. So why the throwaway sexist lines? Why the dismissive attitude to half of the population? Is the National Party happy that their semi-official blogger is alienating voters like this? I simply don’t understand it.

48 comments on “Half the population ”

  1. Sean 1

    Is there a Ministry of Men’s affairs? If not, then is that not sexism at its worst?

    • Maynard J 1.1

      Can you name a few mens’ affairs that need specific representation? Being the vast minority suffering abuse, and vastly over represented in such awful demographics as being CEOs, having the highest incomes, highest representation in managerial and high paying jobs, and high representation in New Zealand governance, oh pity us and advocate for us.

      There are ministries for specific races too, do you think we need a ministry for anglos?

      What about ministries that deal with disabled people? Are you going to demand a ministry for able-bodied people too?

      What about ACC – should we set up an organisation to deal with people who have not had an accidents?

      There is a Ministry for Defence. Where is the Ministry for pacifism?

      Youth Ministries and Ministries for the Elderly – where is the Ministry for the Middle Aged?

      You are like a jealous sibling – “she has one so I want one too”! Grow up.

      • nic 1.1.1

        “Can you name a few mens’ affairs that need specific representation?”

        Health and education.

        • roger nome

          Well hell nic – why don’t you get together with dad4justice and petition the Government for a ministry of men’s affairs?

          • Maynard J

            Why bother, when there is a Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education that cover them. Just another comment to display the ignorance of the function of MWA.

            • kiwiteen123

              Just contradicted your accusation, Maynard J! They are plenty of departments that deal with Woman’s issues.
              Online petitions are easy, Nic + Sean, I’ll definitely sign it! Post a link and send it to DPF.

      • mike 1.1.2

        “What about ministries that deal with disabled people? Are you going to demand a ministry for able-bodied people too?”

        So you are likening the relationship between disabled / abled bodied to woman / Men are you. How bloody condesending to the weaker sex MJ?

  2. In case you hadn’t noticed most of government is a Ministry of Men’s affairs.
    And mostly rich middle class white men’s affairs at that.

  3. Sean 3

    Oh please. The government, or the Ministry of Men’s affairs as you refer to it, have hardly reduced the abhorrent inequality when it comes to custody rights over children. I would argue that this custody rights inequality is more important than many issues that these women running around screaming sexism all day fight for. Before you get angry and upset, and accuse me of thinking that violence against women is not important, let me just say that this is extremely important. However, 99.95% of men know that violence against women is not ok, so do we really need that ministry consuming such significant taxpayer dollars to tell us. Is that not what the police are for?

    • Tigger 3.1

      Sean – go gay. Women troubles over.

      • Sean 3.1.1

        Oh I get it. Any man who thinks the Ministry of Women’s affairs is a crock must be gay. BTW, wasn’t Tigger a gay tiger with a lisp?

        • Zorr

          ummm… no, that wasn’t his point and you missed the joke completely.

          He told you to go gay so that therefore womens troubles would be over (as in, removing yourself from relationships with them). Congratulations on being stupid AND having no sense of humor.

          • Sean

            So I must get a sense of humour and yet no one here at The Standard can handle a few posts about boobs over at Kiwiblog? And the joke was funny…how? I don’t think a sense of humour would have helped.

            • Tigger

              Sean, clearly you have issues about anyone even suggesting gayness in your direction. And word to the humourless, suggesting that a gay man’s screen name is camp is not an insult…

    • Maynard J 3.2

      The police are the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff, sean, why settle for that approach? You think that the best approach against abuse is to catch people after they have done it, when one in three women face some sort of domestic abuse over their lifetime, it is hugely underreported and even when reported, many women cannot go through with a prosecution for many reasons?

      But hey, sean feels unhappy about it – forget all about that and leave the police to do what they can. Good plan.

      Tell you what – I am happy for you that you are interested in one issue facing men. But by your standards, “can’t the courts deal with it?” Why waste our tax payer dollars on it? Taking your short sighted view aside, why not suggest the best way for action on this issue you feel strongly about, instead of complaining. Is a Ministry the best way to deal with this one issue?

      • Sean 3.2.1

        Well forgive me if I am mistaken, but I think the police have done a hell of a lot more for reducing violence against women than the Ministry of Women’s affairs.

        No, I don’t want a Ministry of Men’s affairs to deal with the imbalance of custody rights which favours women. That would achieve next to nothing, just as the Ministry of Women’s affairs have achieved next to nothing for women. What I do suggest is that the courts do their job, and do it properly.

        • Pascal's bookie

          Before we had a ministry of women’s affairs researching into and advising on things, the police, courts and the system as a whole did a much worse job. Funny that.

  4. Hilary 4

    New Scientist (26 Sept) reports on a ‘virtual census’ of video games which revealed 85% of game characters are white adult males. I think that must be the world the Kiwibloggers live in.

  5. HitchensFan 5

    Excellent post, r0b. I was so outraged when I read the first sentence of that post by DPF. He’s no better than the cretins that comment on his site.

    • kiwiteen123 5.1

      Accusations are nasty Hitchens! Perhaps you should stop hiding behind the internet and come out in the open to make these defamatory comments.

      • Captain Rehab 5.1.1

        Yes HF! Revel yourself as the lowly bank auditor you are. Timmeeegghhhhhgghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The good folk at kiwiblog have every reason to smile, National is in power, The Greens have been made out to be the hypocrites, Labour is at historical lows in the polls, John Key is hugely popular, they are going to be able to past their policies with ease.

    If your center right in your politics, you must be over the moon.

    • Zorr 6.1

      And if you are interested in preserving English in written form, you must currently be in the pits after reading your post.

      And, actually, the people at Kiwiblog have only a small amount of reason to smile and I would think that the amount of “Center-Right” readers over there are about the same as the number of “Lefties” – that is, very few. Most of the population seems to be “hard Right” who are actually getting their belief in this current government undermined by the fact that they won’t implement some of their more favored policies.

      • TightyRighty 6.1.1

        another grammar dick!! it cracks me up, whenever petty minded people on the left have nothing better to say………..

        • Zorr

          So you focused on my opening sentence.

          And then failed to read the following paragraph of response to the actual article of discussion. However, seeing as this part came after the opening sentence I will just assume you won’t read it.

          • Maynard J

            When it takes a couple of goes to read the bloody post it is fair enough to comment.

          • TightyRighty

            Oh, I read it, but whenever someone leads in with something grammatical, rather than follows their main point, it looks like you’ve really got nothing better than felix’s small minded pettiness.

            • felix


              People who can read generally like to read things written by people who can write.

              If you’re not willing to learn a few rudiments of language then you can expect to have your shortcomings pointed out in hope that you’ll improve and thereby make the whole world a better, more legible, more literate place in which to communicate ideas more easily.

              People who are offended by having their poor grasp of language pointed to are usually those who are either too stupid or too lazy to bother improving their (and all of our) experience.

              Brett gets given a bit of stick now and then but his writing has actually improved quite a bit in the last year or so.

              Can’t say I hold out much hope for yours. It’s your attitude that holds you back.

        • Tigger

          TR – and Zorr’s other point? At least Zorr made one…unlike you.

        • Maynard J

          “Another dick! It cracks me up whenever petty-minded people on the Right have nothing better to say ”

          Fixed (yes, talking about you, not to you, TR).

          • TightyRighty

            oh being called a dick by a toerag like maynard really hurts. it should be tryhard j the way you blow everyone who you think is cool.

            • Maynard J

              “tryhard”? turn off the back street boys, tighty, and welcome to the new millenium.

            • felix

              “it should be tryhard j..”

              I bet that one sounded really good in your head.

      • Richard 6.1.2

        “And, actually, the people at Kiwiblog have only a small amount of reason …”

        Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

    • SMSD 6.2

      The Labour Party are not at historic lows in the polls. They are current polling in the low 30s. Far higher than at times in the early 90s. Incidentally also higher than the Nats polled in 2002.

  7. randal 7

    [Too far randal – r0b]

    • Maynard J 7.1

      Thanks r0b. I am getting pretty sick or reading these type of comments from both sides, but especially the left. Randal – go play in the sewer if that is the kind of comment you want to write.

  8. Ianmac 8

    I do realise that John’s speeder-gate is a non-issue but the Espiner write up of Key’s response is worth a read.
    “Asked why his officers had asked for the cars to be slowed, Key said it was because of the length of the motorcade and because a van carrying media was struggling to keep up.” But of course they “did not exceed 70kph.” Funny how the van was travelling at 100+ but could not keep up with < 70???
    Key perhaps should have said nothing.

  9. Gosman 9

    Why is there such an obsession with DPF and Kiwiblog here amonst the main contributors?

    Why can’t you guy’s be happy with your Number Two position in the Kiwi Blogosphere?

    [lprent: Clearly you don’t read the site. If you had, even your moronic little mind would realize that we simply like pricking the bubble of pretentious pontificating ego’s. Writers here have criticized virtually everyone who offers commentary or ‘news’ in the MSM or the blogs. Offhand, I think that the only person I can’t remember a post on, and being critical of, is Gordon Campbell.

    Because of a certain degree of pomposity, especially now he can’t dog-whistle as easily and his posts have been getting steadily more insipid, DPF just makes an irresistible target to poke needles into. Especially when he tries to provide meat for the idiots of the sewer.

    BTW: The ratings are pretty subjective. Just look at the difference in the rankings between Tumeke, Open Parachute, and scubones one. The latter for instance seems to attribute a weighting about how close to god sites are. However I haven’t seen any evidence that you’d be capable of understanding the issues with blog rankings either. ]

    • r0b 9.1

      I think you’ll find that the various authors here comment on a range of opinion writers, from The Herald to media bloggers like Espiner to other blogs. DPF is just one of them, but he does tend to make himself an easy target.

    • Gosman 9.2

      If you don’t like the Blog ranking system why do you participate in them? They are voluntary after all.

      The thing with the contributors to this blog obsession with DPF and Kiwiblog is that it is not just an occasional thing every so often, which I could understand. Virtually every other day someone here is either starting a thread about something he has written or at least quoting him in some form or other. I would classify that as an obsession.

      The other thing about it is it is kind of the blogging equivalent of the media interviewing themselves. You are essentially trying to make an issue of the fact that DPF has center right opinions and generally supports the current government on his blog. Ummmm…. big deal, none of your points have really been king hits anyway.

      You can discuss whatever you like here of course but don’t you think it it more interesting to blog about your own opinions rather than attempting, (and on the whole failing) to rip someone elses apart? That is what the comments section is for isn’t it?

  10. HitchensFan 10

    Brett Dale, are you actually literate? It doesn’t appear so from your posts. Little wonder that you defend Fat Boy and his troop of rednecks.

  11. jackryan 11

    “He’s got to defend the blatant greed and hypocrisy of an MP”

    When I first read that statement I thought you were talking about Chris Carter’s newly uncovered expense claim. But then I remembered what site I was on. Silly me.

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    5 days ago
  • Big online platforms to pay fair price for local news content
    The Government will legislate to require big online digital companies such as Google and Meta to pay a fair price to New Zealand media companies for the local news content they host and share on their platforms, Minister of Broadcasting Willie Jackson announced today. The legislation will be modelled on ...
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    5 days ago
  • Government to remove entrenchment from Three Waters legislation
    The Government will fix the Water Services Entities Bill this week by removing the entrenchment clause that was voted on during committee stages, Leader of the House Chris Hipkins announced today. “It was a mistake to put the entrenchment clause in and the Government will fix the issue as soon ...
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    5 days ago
  • 10 new whare for Ngāi Tāmanuhiri kaumātua and whānau in Te Muriwai
    Associate Minister of Housing (Māori Housing) Peeni Henare joined Ngāi Tāmanuhiri and the wider Toitū Tairāwhiti collective, at the opening of 10 new homes built for kaumātua and whānau in Muriwai today.   “Every whare that is built and whānau that is transferred from inadequate housing to a warm dry ...
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    6 days ago
  • Joint statement: Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand Foreign Minister Consultations
    Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator the Hon Penny Wong welcomed Aotearoa New Zealand's Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon Nanaia Mahuta to Canberra today for biannual Australia – Aotearoa New Zealand Foreign Minister Consultations. The Ministers acknowledged the unique strength of the relationship between Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, reaffirmed the shared ...
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    7 days ago

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