Half truths

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Across the Tasman Kevin Rudd has announced a huge recovery package. Here at home, National is merely tinkering around the edges. Key’s standard response to this criticism is that ‘his’ package puts us amongst the top few countries in the world in terms of spend to GDP.

Someone needs to ask him how much of the total package is new and how much was the legacy of the previous government.

10 comments on “Half truths”

  1. gingercrush 1


    Sorry but Kevin Rudd’s stimulus package is a complete and utter disaster and if anything will do more damage to their economy than fixing it.

  2. TightyRighty 2

    Across the tasman, Kevin Rudd’s recovery package looks like going nowhere, as his socialism by stealth method has been found out. Good on the Liberal opposition in australia for pointing out that these things need to be thought through properly, and rightly diagnosing K-Rudd as having caught G-Browns chicken sans head disease. Lets just hope we don’t have an epidemic.

    Captcha: picking fight

  3. As a matter of interest where would Key get the money from to do what Rudd has done?

    What amount would you suggest?

    If such a package fails what would you suggest the Government did next?

  4. Pat 4

    Someone needs to ask John if he needs a panadol. When those two fellows were pulling on his injured arm, it must have been bloody sore.

    Still, he kept his dignity as much as he could.

  5. Felix 5

    gc, “And”?

    As in “and why then is Key bragging about doing the same – especially if he isn’t?”.

    Come on, it’s not that hard.

  6. BeShakey 6

    They might also start questioning him about what is new in his recovery package. The vast majority of it seems like things they promised at the election (and virtually every election before that), but which is now apparently needed to save us from the recession.

  7. ghostwhowalks 7

    I think keys comparisons are out of date all ready as Australia and US have announced vastly increased boosts to the economy, which are intended as short term infusions of cash. All the while Key includes labours tax cuts last year as his .

    I think ACT , who are the new Greens, in that they have been stiffed over the RMA changes, will baulk at increased government spending, while the Maori party have their own wish list.
    Meanwhile the minister of Tourism will not doubt visit more overseas countries this month to give the appearance of activity

  8. gingercrush 8

    Well Key is fast tracking infrastructure. Most of which is planned. Unlike all these other countries that seemingly are getting their cheques (ugh I can’t spell) and putting their countries in a dangerous position. Key’s plan still stimulates the economy. What it doesn’t do is waste money and put us so much into debt that we’ll never recover from it.

    Of course if you’re not a fan of roading. You’ll see it as a waste of money. And ugh I can’t think straight. But quite frankly, I’d rather we conservatively spend than just go out all-blazing and spend, spend, spend. Especially since Obama’s plan in particular doesn’t point to two million+ jobs whatsoever.

  9. Mike 9

    And the other factoid which gets forgotten is that permanent tax cuts are by their very definition not a temporary economic stimulus.

    That’s before we even into what gives the most bang per buck, tax cuts or increased government spending on public works that have a social good.

  10. BTW: is the GDP so-related, greater or lesser..?

    The lesser could indeed be used to look good… yes?

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