Herald cartoonist bereft of ideas?

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Seeing some of Rod Emmerson’s cartoons in the Herald over 2009 thus far, you’d think we were into the Right’s nightmare of a fourth term Labour-led government.

With Helen Clark’s new position at the U.N of course she’ll continue to be in the news. But on Thursday all Emmerson could offer us was an image of a speeding motorcade through the desert. For goodness sake. It’s 2009.

With no National opposition peddling these silly non-issues anymore, you’d hope they’d cease and be seen for silly stunts they were at the time.

Come on Rod. The cartoon below shows you can hit the issues that really matter to ordinary Kiwis.


12 comments on “Herald cartoonist bereft of ideas?”

  1. vinsin 1

    Yeah rod’s having bad week, he’ll get better though.

  2. RedLogix 2

    Point being of course that in the current climate of fear and uncertainty, tax cuts will be saved or used to reduce debt. Which will be anti-stimulatory…. the exact opposite of the effect Bill English is claiming for them. Of course in private, them man already knows this, hence Key’s exhortations…

    In the meantime Vernon Small has got around to stating
    the obvious:

    Prime Minister John Key campaigned during the election on a three-year programme of cuts, but the deepening recession is biting into the Government’s income as it comes under pressure to bring ballooning debt under control.

    The Government has flagged a rethink of the 2010 and 2011 tax cuts, worth between $7 and $17 a week to most workers.

    Finance Minister Bill English is also investigating slashing the $2.3 billion needed to keep the Cullen superannuation fund on target.

    Next week’s tax cuts are skewed toward the better paid and those who do not already receive state assistance, such as single income earners without children.

    Somehow all the rabid screams about Dr Cullen’s ‘tax theft’, ‘overdue tax cuts’ … blah blah ad nauseam, have all been consigned to the memory hole.

  3. Ianmac 3

    I think that Rod has used up all his crtical thinking on Labour prior to the Election.. So now we will get the good kind side of his pennmanship. The garden is slow and dreamy eh?

  4. DS 4

    Well, at least he’s light years ahead of Garrick Tremain, the NZ cartoonist equivalent of Fox News.

  5. TightyRighty 5

    What are these silly stunts eddie? signing paintings she didn’t paint, speeding through the canterbury plains and then letting the cops take the rap, or the media for reporting it? IMHO The archbiatch’s failure to apologise for any of the arrogant acts performed while in office shows a complete lack of morals and ethics.

    • Smokie Joe 5.1

      Hilarious. The poor righties can’t seem to suffer living without Prime Minister Helen Clark.

    • gingercrush 5.2

      The point is its 2009 not 2004/2005 or whenever this crap happened. Its time to move on. We on the right can’t continue to cast Helen Clark and Liarbore (I use that simply for emphasis I too dislike the use) on what they were. They’re a new party with a new leader that is closer to the National party than under Clark. Soon Cullen too will be gone. Sure its rich that some on the left and Labour themselves constantly refer back to 1990s. They too could well move on. But its Key and National and its allies in power now not Helen Clark, Michael Cullen or other Labour members and NZ First itself is completely gone.

      Eddie is completely right when he says why can’t the cartoonist move on.

    • Kevin Welsh 5.3

      Or how about John Key using the privileges of Parliament to find out information about a company which he has shares in, and then lie about it constantly until a reporter puts the proof in front of him?

    • Felix 5.4

      I don’t want to be a pc nazi gone mad but I find “archbiatch” a bit offensive, Tighty.

      • TightyRighty 5.4.1

        it’s good you’ve moved on from being a grammar nazi. it’s not as obnoxious as being a pc-nazi. at least because i think you’ve got enough of a sense of humuor to draw the line moderately.

  6. Ianmac 6

    And to think that in a democracy, free speech, the worst that poor old righty can come up with is the above. Lucky NZ!!!
    I do hear that there is a politician who made millions of dollars off the back of suckers. But he just keeps on smiling but not up to his eyes.

  7. Julie 7

    Snap Eddie, I’ve been thinking the same about Emmerson, he has really gone off the boil. I like political cartoons, but many of them seem to be floundering a bit since the change of Govt. Maybe once the honeymoon’s over we’ll see some bite again? (And isn’t it over yet? Most people don’t go on honeymoon for more than a fortnight!)

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