Herald documentary: Under The Bridge

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If you didn’t catch up with this in The Herald this week – Under The Bridge – you should take a look now. An excellent piece of long-form journalism (great work Kirsty Johnston and team):

Under The Bridge: ‘What I’m seeing is a frightening disparity in our society’

For a year, journalists from the Herald followed students from Papakura High School to find out what life was like in an underprivileged school.Some students faced homelessness, hunger, and poverty – which sometimes overshadowed their education. In this video, school staff including principal John Rohs discuss the impact of a variety of social issues on the students.

“Those who grow up in privilege find it hard to grasp what our world looks like. Our kids grow up with a world-view that is so narrow and so limited that it’s quite scary,” he says. …

9 comments on “Herald documentary: Under The Bridge”

  1. johnm 1

    Records show new Zealand now has the widest income gap between rich and poor since the 1980s

    I remember the 1980s, they were a paradise compared with now. The statement in my opinion is grossly manipulative something the Herald’s rep would indicate.

  2. The New Student 2

    Great piece. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could ALL have sufficient nourishment of our mind, body and soul?

    I suppose that’s something only rich people are allowed. Because they’re apparently so smart they always make all the right decisions. That’s why they’re rich and that’s why they’re allowed the privilege of living, rather than simply existing.

    • Red 2.1

      It would be utopia but unfortunately utopia does not exist and accepting there is no perfect system the system that allows for individual freedom and liberty with in strong institution protecting property rights, free trade and preventing cartels is the proven best system to provide as close to the ideal as possible . The left think just by decreeing a right some how every thing will be provided. Well the South African constitution bestows every right know to man and yet the place is a basket case as a system providing for its citizen The error here is the left definition of a right, you can not force any body to provide for somebody else, all government can do with rights is that all should have equal access ( ie avoiding over regulation and interference that distorts markets and market signals etc, the biggest contributor of housing issue in Nz ) to live a good life but not expect thier neighbor or state to be thier keeper, unless of course indivially one or the state chooses to do so. If and individual that simply freedom of choice and liberty to do so , in the case of the state well history has shown such system are totally inadequate and inferior to free markets

      • Lara 2.1.1

        Paragraph breaks.

        Organise your thoughts.

        And provide some bloody evidence. South Africa bestows every right to man? Not so at all.

        You confuse laws with interpretation, with the reality on the ground. That’s just stupid.

  3. Morrissey 3

    If you enjoyed Under the Bridge, you’ll enjoy this documentary too….


  4. saveNZ 4

    Is Granny just trying to get the lefties back – so they can influence them not to vote – like last election?

    • Carolyn_nth 4.1

      The Herald does have a small number of very good investigative journalists. It’s probably as much about trying to maintain some journo credibility as anything.

      But, they target the majority with (frequently right leaning) tabloid journalism front and top of their website and hard copy.

  5. Carolyn_nth 5

    It’s a very hopeful documentary. Follows 3 or 4 students at the school. It has an element of To Sir (or Miss) with Love.

    It’s a very people-focused documentary. And it’s also about community – and a sense of cultural belonging and valuing that.

  6. CnrJoe 6

    My English teacher from 1984 Mr Rohs. Lytton High School, Gisborne Tairawhiti.
    He’s mellowed somewhat 😊

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