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Hiding from the hakapiks

Written By: - Date published: 9:17 am, April 3rd, 2008 - 6 comments
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sealnovotel1.JPGThere is a Novotel hotel beside the Canadian High Commission on The Terrace in Wellington.

Check out this billboard on the wall of the hotel nearest the High Commission, you can see the Canadian flag in the bottom left corner.

So, that’s where the baby seals are hanging out during the hunt.

Good on the Novotel for a cheeky bit of activism and cheers to the reader who sent us the photo.

6 comments on “Hiding from the hakapiks”

  1. all_your_base 1

    I’d be prepared to donate a room for a few seals. Maybe we start a fund? The minibar’s off limits though – those little buggers can drink like you wouldn’t believe.

  2. outofbed 2


  3. If a company did this sort of advertising, aimed at a socialist nation, you would be outraged.

  4. Wilson 4

    Which country’s that Brett?

  5. Matthew Pilott 5

    I’m not sure who the ‘you’ is, Brett, but then maybe you’re one of those people who think all left wing people have a unified collective mind-set. That aside, I hope that comment doesn’t acurately reflect the depth of your potential comments here, there are enough trolls about.

  6. James Kearney 6

    Brett’s not a troll he’s just a bit slow. Give him a break and he’ll learn eventually.

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