Hollow man beachtowel

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Make your National MP’s holiday season with one of these fantastic towels.

Currently out of stock but don’t doubt for a minute that it’ll be back.


4 comments on “Hollow man beachtowel”

  1. I do like the Labour Party red around the edge of the towel. Says a lot about the hollowness of the Labour Party claiming to want to increase participation in democracy, while legislating to silence everybody.

  2. Benodic 2

    And yet another stunning contribution from Insolent Punter. Get back to work mate, you’re not impressing anyone.

  3. ak 3

    Oh but he is Rob. I’m very impressed. Ignorant Prick’s a fascinatingly accurate personification of the tory modus operandi: i.e. grasp any topic whatsoever with both hands, tiptoe briefly along the edges of some grotesquely distorted logic, then proceed to wail endlessly and repetetively about the corrupt and evil Labour government.

    This time the edge of a towel is red: were it any other colour, our Prick would have effortlessly swooped on a grain of sand, fashioned from it a platoon of jack-booted Labour stormtroopers and proceeded to post his prolific angst-ridden monologues replete with crododile tears, mock outrage, patriotic fervour, and of course deep and heartfelt concern for democracy.

    He’s off message with the hollow thing though: I do wish he’d read the emails from HQ more thoroughly. Letters to the editor would reach more swing voters, and they could use more publicity for The Hollow Men over there. We’ve all read it here Prick.

  4. the sprout 4

    i’m ordering 3 for Gerry Brownlee

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