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Here’s a cool interactive feature from the NYT – “I hope so too”:

 The New York Times asked more than 200 people in 14 states (half red, half blue) to identify their greatest hopes for what Barack Obama might accomplish during his time as president. Their answers do not represent any kind of scientific sample—they come from people who shared their thoughts outside supermarkets, at parks, in restaurants.

Here’s the full article.

22 comments on “I hope so too”

  1. thingsarelookingup 1

    I hoped john key would fall over and break his arm….maybe dreams can come true?


  2. Janet 2

    Before any of you righties jump up and down in indignation at that previous comment, remember when Helen Clark slipped over in the Christchurch Mall and Kiwiblog readers celebrated and relished it and urged each other to replay the video, with one particularly nasty person preferring the clip in which you could hear the contact with the floor.

  3. Felix 3

    Oh no, he might need some time off work.

    I clicked on “Hope” and heard “My single greatest hope is for the re-establishment of hope…”

    I’m sure if I’d clicked “I hope so too” I would’ve broken the internet. Or turned it into a big mushy pile of sop.

  4. Janet 4

    I wonder how long Key had to wait in the A and E Dept to have his arm attended to? And will he claim ACC?

  5. lprent 6

    ‘sod: I’m sure you didn’t…. You just hoped you did.

    But seriously, it’d be fascinating to do a similar one for what the expectations would be for the NACT government. I’d bet that they aren’t like roger’s ones (as discussed by Anita).

    There must be something about the holiday season. Phil Twyford was hobbling around with his leg in plaster at the summer school this weekend.

  6. Pascal's bookie 7

    I clicked on “Hope’ …


    I hope he says “ixnay on the ygonesbay GOP” and throws a bunch of war criminals in jail. But they dinnae have a button for that.

    2 days, 16 hrs, and 15 mins to get those pardons announced there shrubby.

  7. bobo 8

    A lame duck prime minister already…..

    Nice to read Fran O’Sullivan column wants Key to use Roger Douglas who knows how to handle recessions……. scary stuff.

  8. I’m surprised he had the intelligence to use his arm to soften his fall.

  9. the sprout 10

    and just when John W Key was beginning to shrug off his doofus image from the campaign, he goes and does this.

    there’ll be quite a few Chinese from the event that will consider his fall VERY inauspicious for the coming year.

  10. the sprout 11

    btw how’s this for classic Herald disingenuousness?

    The Herald ran one of their online dodgey “Your Views” polls on ‘who the greatest living New Zealander’ – which at present Helen Clark leads, followed by Willie Apiata, then Murray Halberg.


    No Herald story on this remarkable result of having an immediate former PM get this kind of endorsement, but then a single ‘Readers Views’ comment from yesterday’s-never-was man Don Brash, and they head up a whole item with his comment (unsurprisingly denigrating Clark).

    What a very smelly crock the Herald is.

  11. Carol 12

    Hmmm…. when Clark fell over, she was very resiliant, got up instantly and kept right on with what she was doing, without seeming to hurt herself at all. key falls over and breaks a limb. But of course the media managed to capture Clark’s fall and not Key’s more destructive one.

    My hope is that the neo-liberal reign is over and something better will replace it. From that some other good things should follow.

  12. higherstandard 13

    Sod are you Bill English ?

    Carol the reason the media capture HCs slip was that it was the election campaign and there were hangers on left right and centre.

  13. Camryn 14

    Sprout – Probably because Helen wasn’t close to leading it until a sudden jump. It was clearly hammered by someone, as is usual with most of the Herald’s rubbish polls.

  14. Tigger 15

    Well these sorts of things will happen when you elect Mr Bean as PM…

  15. Janet 16

    Hey, Tigger, don’t denigrate Mr Bean.

  16. Chris G 17

    That hope thing is pretty interesting.

    But at the same time awful scary. Some people genuinely think Obama will change the world.. if he attempts that he’s gonna last one term.

    Scary point 2: People are giving the thumbs up to stuff like universal health care, better education, better university funding….. Do these people also need to be asked if a tax increase to fund these is therefore fine?

    Besides, the righties need to go and preach the good word of the Market to these heathens! Look at how well the neo-liberalism worked in the U.S –
    The efficiency is astounding!

  17. Felix 18

    Sod are you Bill English ?

    Pure gold.

  18. Chris S 20

    Chris G, tax increases? Or stopping spending on a trillion dollar war that shouldn’t have been started in the first place?

  19. anyone kno which limb is/was calcium deficient..?

    Ya, we do need know the answer..

  20. SPC 22

    Usually when a new show hits the stage – you say break a leg.

    But its not surprising that someone who says we cannot afford to do R and D tax incentives, Fast Forward and the home energy efficiency insulation investment broke an arm instead.

    The reason you cannot afford it Prime Minister is that you chose to hand out more in tax cuts than the government could afford. How exactly will the taxpayer kick start the economy – buying big screen TV’s made overseas etc?

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