Iceland: not just a leader in cod

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Nicked from the Hand Mirror, who got the story from No Right Turn – hattips all round:

Next week Iceland’s going to get not only it’s first female Prime Minister, but also the first openly homosexual leader in the world.

And apparently the Icelanders are surprised that other people think this is a big deal. Here’s one such Icelander writing at The Huffington Post:

This small North Atlantic nation was the first to elect a female head of state when Vigdis Finnbogadottir became its 4th president in 1980. Although that event was widely publicized at the time, Ms. Sigurdardottir’s appointment has been met with general apathy both inside and outside the country.I guess I still have the attitude of most Icelanders when it comes to matters of sexual issues, because I failed to pick up on the newsworthiness of Sigurdardottir’s sexual orientation. “Oh, vow,” said an American friend of mine, “that’s really something! First openly gay world leader!”

Huh? Why, who cares? Even after living in America all these years, where hounding politicians into surrealistic hell about their private lives is the norm, it didn’t really ring bells for me. “I don’t see what her sexual orientation has to do with anything,” my mother told me yesterday. “It’s no one’s business but her own.”

It’s good to celebrate when barriers fall. And I look forward to the day when the walls are so stomped into the ground that we don’t even notice them anymore, as a friend of the above writer puts it:

“Johanna is very smart and not afraid to tackle difficult issues, and I think she can unite us,” my friend added. “Reasonable, sane people are not going to care about people’s gender or color. They just want the best person for the job.”

55 comments on “Iceland: not just a leader in cod”

  1. Redbaiter 1

    So which country was the first to elect a non openly homosexual leader I wonder??

  2. randal 2

    well homosexuality is a neurotic quest for affection so I suppose there is no wonder that it is so closely allied to politics

  3. Peter Burns 3

    No wonder the ice is melting. No doubt she is good mates with Helen Clark.

  4. IrishBill 4

    This is a warning to all of you to quit with the homophobia.

  5. Lew 5

    Peter: Why, because lesbians are hot?

    You might have more of an argument if you said that it was to do with all the Krona which are going up in smoke at present, but good luck connecting that to the election of a lesbian President.

    randal: How’s it feel to be on the same side as the KBR?


  6. Peter Burns 6

    Lew – thankfully the cod still taste normal.

  7. Lew 7

    Peter: Blue or red?


  8. IrishBill 8

    Lew, behave.

  9. Peter Burns 9

    I am a great fan of blue cod thank you Lew. Must go and visit another falsely accused father in prison due to a vicious man hating detective. Then I might go fishing and if I catch a red cod I’ll throw it back, because it will be fill of worms.

  10. Redbaiter 10

    Another question raised by the universal acclaim Iceland’s choice of PM has attracted is- What kind of miserable outfit of a country would, through a media/ political conspiracy, deliberately conceal the fact that the PM was homosexual??

    Anybody here know of one??

  11. Lew 11

    Redbaiter: Nope. You?


  12. redbaiter. you were offered the opportunity to drop the homophobia and join the rest of usin the 21st century. Instead, you turn into some conspiracy theorist. go back to kiwiblog

  13. I can’t see why, it should be issue, surly no sane person would change their vote because someone is gay or not?

  14. Lew 14

    BD: If one believes that, one can’t seriously believe that Helen Clark would pretend not to be gay in order to gain political advantage, can one?


  15. Pascal's bookie 15

    RB those rumors about Thatcher are baseless, anyway, who cares?

  16. Spectator 16

    “So which country was the first to elect a non openly homosexual leader I wonder??”

    Singapore, in 1959.

  17. Ag 17

    If one believes that, one can’t seriously believe that Helen Clark would pretend not to be gay in order to gain political advantage, can one?

    Or to avoid controversy. To be honest, I’m not sure why she hasn’t come out, since she’s no longer PM. Well, if she never does, that’s her business, and that’s about it really. The only people who really seem to care are right wing homophobes, as the rest of us don’t really care if Helen is gay or not.

  18. Redbaiter 18

    For the benefit of those indoctrinated at the expense of their education, “homophobia” (and its derivatives) is a made up word, one that was devised by an interested group as a means to propagandize for a political cause. There is no such medical condition as homophobia. Nobody has ever been diagnosed as suffering from it, or of course, cured of it.

    Not that I have said anything that could be considered as homophobic anyway. What is it with you guys at the Standard? What a bunch of fucken control freaks. People with your control mentality should never be permitted to come within a light year of government. Totalitarians. That’s all you are. No wonder Cuba is such an arsehole of a place.

    IrishBill: and yet oddly the Standard is a very pleasant place.

  19. Peter Burns 19

    How long can a lie run for Miss Clark?

  20. Felix 20

    Ok Redbaiter, no more made up words from you then.

    Which leaves you with just the naturally occurring ones. I expect your comments to improve vastly.

  21. Peter Burns 21

    How about answering my question Felix? Come on deary, surely it’s time to clear the air over this. Who is telling the truth?

  22. Felix 22

    I am. What question, Dad?

  23. Peter Burns 23

    Forget it Felix. How could everybody know but no one will go on official record?No wonder lies seems to be the norm from government. I am thankful I don’t live a lie.
    Case closed for now.

    Blue cod is always better than red cod unless you’re a worm.

  24. ben 24

    “So which country was the first to elect a non openly homosexual leader I wonder??’

    Possibly the US in James Buchanan, allegedly. 1857-1861. Not sure if he was the first homosexual to be elected.

  25. Felix 25

    I don’t know what you’re on about Dad but it sounds like gossip to me.

    Anyway I just got some fresh salmon off the wharf.

  26. PB,
    Blue cod is always better than red cod unless you’re a worm.

    Don’t forget tell Conficker about this..

  27. Redbaiter said:

    > For the benefit of those indoctrinated at the expense of their education,
    > “homophobia’ (and its derivatives) is a made up word, one that was devised by an
    > interested group as a means to propagandize for a political cause. There is no
    > such medical condition as homophobia. Nobody has ever been diagnosed as
    > suffering from it, or of course, cured of it.

    That’s just fucking sad. Television is a made up word, one that was devised by an interested group as a means to… What does whether it’s a medical condition or not have to do with it?

    By way of anecdote, you’re full of shit. When I was about 13 I used to walk home with someone from the same school year, who used to froth at the mouth about gays. I referred to it as homophobia, and he agreed (diagnosis). One day, purely because I thought it might shut him up, I suggested that often closet homosexuals put on an extremely homophobic front, to conceal their tewwible, tewwible secret. Wasn’t sure if it ‘cured him, but it finally shut him up.

    Years later I bumped into him, a young man, and he thanked me. Apparently this, and the fact that someone had talked about ‘homos’ in an accepting way had let him think about it from a different angle, and by now he’d come out. He certainly came across as a much healthier, warm and caring lad. Of course his parents couldn’t cope with it (hmm, wonder where his previous bigotry had come from…), but there you go.

    This is what irks me so much about the ‘nanny state/ social engineering’ bullshit we heard so much of back in ‘2005. One of the three things that seemed to get to people the most was ‘gay marriage in drag’ as if the state telling you who you could and couldn’t marry was some strange kind of liberty. This as well as the prostitution law reform were clearly the moral side of the Exclusive Bretheren’s decision to swing in behind Don ‘family values’ Brash. Obviously they thought that if the state discriminated less against gays they’d have a harder time bringing up their children to be bigots.

    Anyhow, returning to the post; weren’t many of the Greeks certified gayists? And sorta democratic?

  28. Lew 28

    Peter: Trouble is, blue cod isn’t actually a member of the cod family. It’s an oversized bully!

    But I agree they’re good fried with garlic butter and parsley.

    Poetry in science!


  29. Peter Burns 29

    “Peter: Trouble is, blue cod isn’t actually a member of the cod family.”

    Peter : Trouble is, you are part of an odd family without children.

    Poetry in facts.

  30. Oh friggin hell,

    I give up, this one is just to tempting.

    Hi Felix, I guess I’m back. I love the salmon of the wharf too. I do a mean cold smoke.
    And if that’s your art work at the old school it gets my vote. Perhaps I’ll see you on the market the next weekend.

    About that gay thing and which country voted for a closeted gay person.

    A couple of years ago a scandal erupted in the US of A. It made the Washington post and I put it to you that this not a news paper given to small talk. Well, it depends on what you consider to be small talk of course.

    It turns out that old Georgie had a discrete but fairly regular visitor at some stage. His name was Jeff Gannon.

    Now that in it self is not very scandalous but what if I told you that the same Washington post reported that Jeff baby was a homosexual hooker and not only that, he was using a pseudonym and that he was introduced as a member of the press corps without any previous experience as a journalist and that he came to the White house for briefings when none where planned and that on many of those briefings he did not properly check out perhaps an indication that he stayed longer than would have been appropriate.

    Let’s remember that this was the White house where every ant intend on stealing a grain of sugar had to have a proper pass to get passed the secret service.

    It turns out that Georgie was extraordinarily fond of our fake journalist gay hooker as the photo’s show.

    It’s all gossip of course but as gossip goes it’s pretty amazing seeing as it made the MSM Washington post and the amount of documentation is pretty conclusive compared to whatever has been suggested about Helen Clark.

    Just so you understand; I don’t give a flying f*&k about who loves who or who has sex with who but if we start gossiping let’s do it about someone who obviously has a few bees in his bonnet about his own sexuality an religion and not about someone who other than an expressed need for privacy has done nothing hypocritical such as selling her country on illegal wars through obvious lies or vote against laws which would give equal rights to gays (like the right to get married for example).

    Enjoy the links everybody and Peter I guess what I’m trying to tell you is that mister macho codpiece “mission accomplished” makes a far more likely candidate for a closet case gay president than Helen has ever done, seeing as you or any of the other misogynist assholes have never been able to catch her in the act as it where while it seems that old Georgie couldn’t keep his fingers to himself.

  31. Hey Tane said I was good to come back any time, not conditions, so why the purgatory?

    Captcha: Hosler rangers LOL. Sounds like a gay ranch brothel to me.

    [lprent: There are no automatics on the auto-moderation and it has been a unbusy day (ie relaxing very hard). I’ll remove it]

  32. Joshua 32

    Excellent comment blacksand. Nice to see someone not writing rubbish. This is a fairly momentous occasion I suppose, although I like the fact that all the Icelanders are like “really…. so what?”

    They certainly have bigger issues to worry about.

  33. Peter Burns 33

    “misogynist assholes”

    In what Ocean can I fish for these? Are they a bottom dweller species? Do they taste nice cooked in butter? Nice to see you are back travellerev.

  34. Felix 34

    Hi Ev,

    I’m not the only Felix at the Old School, there are two of us. Mine is the stuff with the circuit boards.

    I remember reading about the Gannon story and thinking isn’t that just like Bush – not even bothering with a proper coverup.

  35. Peter,

    Why thank you for your words of welcome, heartfelt I’m sure.

    That is an interesting question indeed. The “bottom dwelling” in conjunction with the asshole strikes a chord. However that is not the topic.

    The hypocrisy and inappropriate curiosity surrounding Helen’s perceived sexuality as opposed to Iceland’s “who the f*&k cares, we’ve got bigger fish to fry” attitude is.

    Funny how you avoid to respond to the fact that of all countries, the one with the biggest homophobic chip on it’s shoulder and which thought they voted (uem, no that is for another threat) mr. macho swaggereroony “let’s bomb a couple of countries back to the stone age” in and it turns out he appears to have a preference for big hunky male prostitutes. Not that this stops him from bombing said countries though.

    Oh I forgot, Bush is one of your all male, all right wing fantasy heroes with a big jockstrap and a propensity for “mission accomplished” theatre while killing millions of “ragheads” and as such he has earned the right to be a hypocrite.

    After all, he’s a neocon fascist gander while Helen is a left wing goose.

    But I digress. Who the f*&k cares about peoples sexuality.

    And why Peter are you still making such an issue out of Helen’s? She isn’t living a lie, she is guarding her privacy against people such as yourselves who seem to be somewhat obsessed with whom she does or does not sleep. I can’t blame her considering your comments.

    Hi Felix,

    Yep, it was the circuit board stuff I was referring too. Nice.

    Neh, Bush doesn’t need to cover anything up. He’s got the MSM to do that for him.


    I know that feeling. Thanks

  36. Ev,

    finally I get to see what this particular note jozinny leaves for us could mean. Reads: “Ev gone fishing”. I took it to mean voluntary recuperation, not a time ban..

    anyways, velcome again. I’m sure.

  37. Julie 37

    Bit startling this thread. Not just the homophobia, but also the continuing attacks on Clark. Is this post about Helen Clark? No, yet some people hate her so much they can shoe-horn their bile into any forum it seems.

  38. Joshua 38

    Remember Helen is our “greatest living New Zealander” though. The “silent majority”, even on the herald website (which generally gets close to kiwiblog for its percetage of rightwing nutters) seems to think she’s pretty cool.

  39. northpaw,

    I never read jozinny’s comment (Wouldn’t mind the link) but I can assure you it was me who decided to give this blog a miss and I was never banned. Tane specifically stated that I was welcome any old time should I decide to start commenting again after my announcement to ban myself hence my surprise about the moderation.

    It’s good to know though there was some mystique connected to my voluntary withdrawal. Gives the old ego a bit of a boost. LOL.

    And to get back on the subject: Julie, it’s just a few of the the usual suspects turning up when ever the word gay or homo is uttered on this site, in fact this is a rather light footed bit of banter on the subject. There is even a sense of humour. LOL.

  40. gingercrush 40

    Are you really going to care if your Prime Minister is blue, black, green, gold or omg gay when your country is basically bankrupt?

  41. GG,

    Are you really going to care if your Prime Minister is blue, black, green, gold or omg gay period!

  42. Graeme 42

    why does everyone ignore Hadrian?

  43. Felix 43

    The people who give a shit about the sexuality of politicians have a collective political memory of about 4 years, tops.

    Hadrian doesn’t get a look in, sorry.

  44. Lew 44

    Peter: Peter : Trouble is, you are part of an odd family without children.

    Presuming you’re referring to Mr Davis rather than me (since my name isn’t Peter), I’d say that an immediate family of two people is entirely even.

    Poetry in mathematics!


  45. Peter Burns 45

    I could say something that will see me permanently banned , however I will think about it, as my evidence is more than enough to obliterate any libelous suit. All I want is the truth. I will not stop until it is common knowledge. Ask anybody that knows me.I am NOT playing games here, New Zealanders have a right to know.
    Bring it on eh? I got nothing to lose, but she and Peter will face the wrath of the people.

    Poetry in the truth!!

  46. Felix 46

    Out with it then Dad.

    If, as you say, you’re telling the truth and you’ve got evidence you’ve nothing to fear, eh?

  47. Lew 47

    Peter: she and Peter will face the wrath of the people.

    Didn’t she already?


  48. Peter Burns 48

    Lew – you ain’t seen nothing yet boy.

    Felix, a wee bit dangerous at moment with the police force and judiciary the way they are, corrupt. They should be feared because they’re so bent. I’m happy to wait, as payback is sweet and I got lots of patience. It will come out in the wash.
    I will speak no further about the subject.Goodbye.

  49. Lew 49

    Poetry in psychology!


  50. Redbaiter 50

    “There is even a sense of humour”

    True, its funny the way all the knee jerk pseudo liberals can’t wait to get their knickers knotted the instant they perceive something nasty being said about queers. Even when nothing nasty has been said at all. Its seems as if they’re all waiting with bated breath and a hair trigger to start shooting the millisecond there’s any chance of anything they might understand to be bigoted.

    “Oh the horror the horror. I think, well, I’m pretty sure anyway, that that nasty Redbaiter said something insulting about homosexuals. Well, he referred to them you know, and he not being a leftist, what he said has just have to have had some kind of insult woven into it somewhere. Even tho I can’t actually pin down an insult, I ‘ll proceed on the basis that there is something nasty there somewhere. …and (breathlessly) the more times I can slip in the made up word “homophobia”, the better. I’m just so tolerant don’t you know??”

    Yep.. what a fucken dag.

    On the other hand its quite sad to see these teeth grinding nutters so fixated on such politically correct shit, when real issues like liberty freedom and individual rights are something that in general they couldn’t give a flying fuck about.

  51. Lew 51

    RB: Did it ever occur to you that denying that there is such a thing as homophobia is itself homophobic?


  52. Redbaiter 52

    Lew, did it ever occur to you that 99% of what you write here ain’t worth shit???

  53. Joshua 53

    That’s one less percentage point than you Redbaiter.

  54. Lew 54

    RB: No, it’s worth much more than shit.


  55. EV,

    mentioned your request for link.. gimme click.. there’s a new post there.. for you and all other financial type interesteds..

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