If we stick with the status quo

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14 comments on “If we stick with the status quo”

  1. Lucy 1

    Too right. The status quo needs to change.The last year has shown that Business As Usual is most definitely no longer an option, especially in terms of the economy and the environment.

    Want to find out what political parties and candidates think about the most important issue facing NZ and the world today?

    Go to http://www.electwho.org.nz to find out.

    • Gosman 1.1

      Really??? Can you name me one country in the Western world that is bucking the trend in terms of following standard right wing economic policy in dealing with difficult economic times?

  2. Vicky32 2


  3. ianmac 3

    Horizon Poll out. Be interesting to compare with the after Election results. Note the Conservative Party and NZ First and National for that matter:

    The November 22-23 survey finds parties with the following Definite Voter party vote shares:
    ACT New Zealand 2.7%
    Conservative Party of New Zealand 5.2
    Green Party 12.4%
    Labour Party 28.6%
    Mana Party 2.8%
    Maori Party 1.1%
    National Party 33.4%
    New Zealand First Party 10.8%
    United Future 0.9%
    Other party 0.7%
    Choose not to vote 0.0%
    Don’t Know 1.3%


    • Vicky32 3.1

      Fatty Garner is just telling us on 3 News that National can govern alone, and Labour is on 20-something %… Evil little man!

      • Tom Gould 3.1.1

        Duncan Donuts is a media anarchist. The real villans are Espiner and Flannery, who gave the MonKey man a 4 minute party political broadcast tonight, complete with key message of the day … ‘get out and vote fellow Tories or the red peril with come eat your babies’. Lovely pictures of MonKey with a cute puppy, and handing out candy to his peeps. So sweet. No balancing Goff story, of course. That might start to look fair and even handed, and would not see their boy elected unopposed. And guess what Espiner’s big job is after the election, folks?

    • Barb 3.2

      I really, really do hope this is the more accurate poll.. It is so crucial the left win this election! Wake up NZ..

  4. dd 4

    Come election day HP will either be seen as the only accurate poll or the least accurate.

    I am dearly hoping it is the most accurate.

  5. ianmac 5

    Horizon writes that about 5% of respondents are self selected. The rest are drawn from the 2006 census.
    On Landline polling. Puts some data into the suppositions:
    Horizon Research earlier this year found 6.4% of New Zealanders 18+ do not have a landline telephone at home. This rises to 19.6% among 18 to 24 year-olds; 18.8% for those earning $100,000 to $200,000 a year and 12.5% for those earning less than $20,000 a year.

    12.9% of business managers and executives no longer have a landline at home, along with 17.2% of students and 14.6% of labourers, agricultural or domestic workers. 13% of those flatting and boarding and 11.6% of one parent families have no landline at home.

    HorizonPoll research finds 95.5% of its panellists have access to the internet at home, 39.3% at work, 19.1% by mobile, 7.3% at an internet café and 8.4% at a wireless hot spot.

  6. fender 6

    Yes lovin them numbers, be good to see Nat with 33% or less. Early xmas gift to the nation thats for sure.
    And please Santa keep Act out completly.

  7. Jan 7

    Status quo is being screw-driven then!

    As for hte landline phones those numbers sound overly conservative. I did a pen and paper exercise for the region covered by the Wellington phonebook a while ago. I estimated there are somewhat shy of 100,000 entries in the white pages of the 2011 phonebook. Of course a proportion will be unlisted. However in the same region (Stats NZ 2006 census) there are about 145,000 households i.e closer to 70% coverage if not lower. For pollsters there is also the time lag for data matching electoral roll entries to homes that do have landlines which will reflect in predominantly on the capture of data for the young and mobile. Intuitively the fall off of land-line ownership since 2008 has been significant and much faster than the rate between 2005 and 2008. The landline in 2006 covered about 97% of households. Hard to believe its not statistically significant.

    • jaymam 7.1

      One of the largest polling companies very likely still uses a program that selects phone numbers randomly from all of the numbers in each exchange around Auckland and probably other cities. So it would dial even unlisted numbers. The highest numbers actually used in each exchange are contained in a table. I don’t believe that table has been updated for nearly 30 years because the company doesn’t know how to do that. So all new subdivisions and new exchanges in the cheaper outskirts of cities wil not be dialled. I suspect that is why that polling company always has a bias against lower income people.

  8. mike 8

    These numbers are wildly different from what the TV man says…

    Conservative Party of New Zealand 5.2%?? Shit could get weird…

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