It’s 3am again

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Armstrong’s a little more charitable in relation to National’s dithering on the evacuation of Kiwis from Bangkok than I would have been. Yes, Key got there in the end but we had to endure yet more of the painful “there are a range of options that we’re considering” BS he’s so prone to.

I’m sure Goff’s cheeky suggestion that Key give him a ring for some advice was only intended, as Armstrong suggests, to rub salt into the wound but you might wonder what would have been so hard about picking up the phone to Kevin Rudd to hammer out a joint solution with the Aussies. What’s that? You didn’t get his number at APEC John, just his autograph?

10 comments on “It’s 3am again”

  1. Anyone see Paul Henry interviewing Goff this morning and ridiculously demanding an answer as to why he hadn’t contacted John Key? Goff’s response was great “its not my job to tell the Prime Minister how to do his”.

  2. tsmithfield 2

    So, someone remind me why there was a panic about tourists in Tailand?

    They weren’t in any danger. There has not been the slightest hint of tourists being attacked. In fact, tourists I have seen interviewed have said that Tai hotels etc were falling over themselves to try and make it easy for inconvenienced tourists. More time at beaches, cheap shopping etc. Yeh, that sounds like hell.
    They had alternative ways of getting out of the area; trains etc.
    They knew the risks when they went in there; this situation has been simmering for a while.

    So, there was no need whatsoever for an emergency evacuation. The government has done more than enough by sending a Hercules on standby. It is a pity that there was not better management from the prior administration to ensure that the two jets weren’t away at the same time.

  3. insider 3

    Exactly what measures did Rudd put in place to ‘evacuate’ Australians?

  4. coge 4

    Why in the hell is it the NZ govts job to organise expats lives? Most of these travellers have insurance & the Thais are being very accomodating to them, as is their way. An extended stay in a five star hotel in a tropical country, room service swimming pools etc, what exactly is the problem? Thailand frequently has political beakdowns, all have been resolved in a week or two with little or no violence. Just look at it as an introduction to Thai culture. Yet again the left & Goff are embarrassing themselves with this beat-up. BTW Goff needs reqular haircuts in preparation for the inevitable chop.

  5. I reckon that’s the best vid we’ve had

  6. insider 7


    yep that’s how I found this story

    it appears to me Qantas are doing the work for their customers as any good company should, and the govt was assisting that arranging landing rights as they should given they are usually govt to govt agreements.

    Interesting that Thai and Silk were running flights without hysteria and that Australians seem capable of travelling 150km without assistance but NZers can’t. Sad really.

  7. all_your_base 8


    To: insider
    From: National Party Leader’s Office
    Perhaps you missed the original missive in the boozy hysteria since election night but the “NZ sucks campaign” we’ve been running is officially over. Don’t worry though, C|T are working on a new angle – to follow shortly.
  8. insider 9


    you’d know a lot more about working in leaders’ offices than I would…

    Jeez Tane, you guys need lighten up ever so slightly…

  9. Tane 10


    I didn’t realise anyone still took Cameron Slater’s laughable detective work seriously, but I thought you knew better than that.

    You’re free to believe what you want to believe, but you should be aware you’re in breach of policy. However, I’m giving you leeway in not banning you because you’re a regular commenter who’s held in good standing.

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