It’s not your government, it’s his

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From Key’s post-Cabinet press conference:

Journo: You don’t believe that the public have a right to know why a minister in cabinet would suddenly be booted out of cabinet and resign?

Key: No.

So, there you have it. This isn’t your government anymore. It’s his. You had the right to know under every previous government. Not now Key’s boss.

Promises he made of greater transparency? Just another trick to get you to vote for him.

Now he’s got power.You and any notion that you might have of the your right to have oversight of the activities of your government can go get stuffed.

[Worth wasn’t in Cabinet and even Key keeps getting that wrong]

12 comments on “It’s not your government, it’s his”

  1. Crazy huh? In this wee village its gonna come out in the wash anyhoo, whats he holding his finger in the dyke for….ah, of course they’re in government just now…

  2. Tigger 2

    Key has no one to blame but himself if this stink refuses to go away. He created this situation. His management of this is alarmingly misguided.

    Plus, he’s looking REALLY tired. Time for another month in Hawaii, John.

    • Maynard J 2.1

      “Time for another month in Hawaii, John.”

      Are you jealous?

      • slickrick 2.1.1

        you mean envious. Jealousy is the desire to keep others from having what you have, especially if you would then lose it. Envy is the desire to have what others have.

        – “Jealousy is the green-eyed monster that doth mock the meat it feeds on” when Othello thinks his wife Desdemona is knocking boots with another man, taking his place.

        – “You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God” – the Christian god doesn’t want other god getting worship that he thinks is rigthfully his.

        I’m envious of Key’s month in Hawaii. I also wish he would do the job we elected him for rather than lie in the sun.

        • Tigger

          I was suggesting our leader needs a holiday, something I would identify as concern rather than jealousy or envy. Key looks like the walking dead and such a state of health is possbily affecting his ability to make rational decisions.

          Are you jealous?

          • Maynard J

            slickrick – I think the two are synonymous. One take on jealousy is being envious of what others have. The version to which you refer is jealousy of a person – wanting to keep your woman from another man, keep your job.

            Tigger – why set yourself up for it? Obviously I am referring to the Hawaii part, not the holiday part.

            • Tigger

              As TVOR points out below Key has opted for a totally different type of escapism so he won’t be needing that holiday after all.

  3. scotty 3

    Ya gotta laugh ,Key was was going become so poplar,we were told by righty types that Key and National could be the govt for decades.Not a shit show .Key looks about as prime ministerial, as a dog having a crap in the middle of the vege patch,same guilty look too.

  4. snoozer 4

    “same guilty look too.” = lol

  5. The Voice of Reason 5

    He’s halfway to Hawaii, Tigger. Mr Floppy is currently in Samoa, doing drugs.

  6. Rex Widerstrom 6

    If Key doesn’t realise why that answer is wrong, he has no business being in government.

    Having said that… can we please forget Richard Worth and the equally tacky people making accusations against him?

    Being fed details such as him wandering about naked means I keep feeling like I’ve walked in on my parents having sex… only the people involved have utterly no redeeming features.

  7. ianmac 7

    I thought it was a bit off for John Key to start his letter re Protecting Super with:
    “My Government……” Oh? His Goverment? Really! I have my own car but the hills are not mine. Oh well.

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