It’s the men in black

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The SIS has made its yearly attempt to scare the crap out of MPs and get more funding. Apparently, New Zealand is under constant threat and only the SIS can save us.

Lucky they were there to hunt down those hippies in Aro Valley and Maori sovereignty activists in the Ureweras who were on the verge of killing us all.

If it weren’t for the SIS, Keith Locke would surely have been a modern day Guy Fawkes.

Pity they didn’t have a bloody clue when the secret service of one of our supposed allies committed the only act of terrorism in modern times on our shores.

So be afraid. That’s how the SIS wants you.

10 comments on “It’s the men in black”

  1. the sprout 1

    i guess they’ve got to “justify” their enormous, vitually unaccountable budget somehow.

  2. So no security at all huh??? Im not sure how much they want in their budget, but even a small country such as ours should be on the lookout.

    If Keith Locke had his way, every web blogger would be monitored just in case they dare to criticize communism.

    [lprent: Brett examines his rectum for more cutting insights. Sure can’t substantiate it.

    The SIS on the other hand have been monitoring Keith Locke since he was a kid. Perhaps they should have been looking at Richard Worth…]

    • Ari 2.1

      Being on the lookout is not the same as being told our property will be stolen, our intelligence compromised, and our government is going to be ousted if we don’t pay up on time.

      This is about the culture of panic in the SIS, not whether we should have security and intelligence services at all.

  3. BLiP 3

    Never ceases to surprise me that those who do most damage to our nation and society (i.e., Richardson, Douglas, Birch. Fay, Ritchwite and the National Party) are never considered a threat.

    • the sprout 3.1

      indeed BLiP, they get knighthoods instead

      • ripp0 3.1.1

        knighthoods ehhh?

        And just when I fort they was for a hole-in-the-head. Deliberate one, self-determined one… et cetera.

        see me (click) if yer dare..

  4. Matthew Pilott 4

    What is their budget?

    I think it would be foolish to discount the SIS and the GCSB, thouhg the recenttly exposed actions of the former haven’t done them any favours.

    I like the catch-22 in the article – “The report for the year to June 2008, tabled in Parliament on Tuesday, gives no details of the threats the country faces or where they come from.

    It says those details have been omitted for security reasons.

    ‘There are bad things out there but we can’t tell you about them’.

    So all we know is that they have protected us from the nefarious actions of various environmental and activist groups. I know some silly Righties (Dale, take a bow) might fund that a viable target, but we’re an open democracy and there’s really no cause to spy on them. I’d be equally unimpressed if they spied on the EMA or Business Roundtable.

    And yet that can’t tell us what they really contribute.

    • Ag 4.1

      I don’t know about you, but I am quite happy to take the supposed risk involved in abolishing the SIS.

  5. QoT 5

    Jesus, Guest poster, it’s not like finding hippies in Aro Valley is fuckin’ easy or anything! And spotting people interested in Maori sovereignty in the Ureweras can be really hard on cloudy days! Especially if they’re not wearing fluorescent vests, the sneaky bastards.

  6. Akldnut 6

    Ok I admit it, My daughters the cat and I are secretly plotting the overthrow of the NZ govt (to start with) on our way to total world domination.
    I can’t tell you where or when it’s going to happen cause then I’d have to kill you but be very, very scared cause we’re out there!!!!

    Captcha: revenue in – hahaha appropriate

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