John Key DVD – Director’s cut

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John Key is the epitome of “style over substance” and his DVD showed us just how desperately he wants to be everything to everyone.

This Production Shed.TV user-submitted video explores the man behind the mask.

17 comments on “John Key DVD – Director’s cut”

  1. Wayne 1

    Wonder if DPF will post this one?

  2. j 2

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant

  3. East Wellington Superhero 3

    The producer of this film is pathetic.

    In the end your irrational hatred of John Key will destroy your campaign against National. New Zealanders are getting sick and tired of smear and are beginning to dawn on the fact those that oppose Key are driven more by bitterness than by good ideas and compassion for Kiwis.

    I hope you don’t spend your whole summer counting the ways you hate John Key. There’s more to life than that.

  4. Benodic 4

    I thought it was great. The truth hurts eh Superhero?

    If you want to talk about irrational hatred of a party leader I’ve got a couple of websites you might like:

    Have a look, come back and we’ll have a chat.

  5. Robinsod 5

    EWSH – Key is engaged in an exercise od PR as politics. His aim is to run a campaign based on image and not policy – that’s because National’s policies are not attractive to most voters. Pieces like this use humour (albeit angry satire) to show what he is really up to. As for smear campaigns? Well National have been engaged in a four year smear campaign targeting Helen and the Labour party. As far as I can see they’re just getting a small taste of their own medicine from a couple of small blogs. Why the thin skin?

  6. East Wellington Superhero 6

    Sorry mate. Gotta work.
    Also, not a fan of smear politics. Yeah, Whaleoil is a bit rough but Farrar is fair and balanced.
    Let’s play the ball, not the man.
    Merry Christmas.

  7. Robinsod 7

    Farrar is fair and balanced.

    Why post on this? (Twice!)

  8. East Wellington Superhero 8

    Because it’s interesting. It’s not everyday a former Minister of the Crown gets busted for shoplifting. It’s hardly an attack on the Left if that’s what you’re suggesting.

  9. Billy 9

    It’s not as interesting as the leader of the National Party sniffing fruit, apparently.

  10. dictionary 10

    “fair and balanced”

    File under: we had to destroy the village in order to save it.

  11. East Wellington Superhero 11


    Politics is PR. It always has been and always will be. Modern technology has changed the medium that this PR works through but that’s hardly John Key’s fault, nor Helen Clark’s fault for that matter.

    National does have policies. Those that criticise National just choose to ignore it. I will concede that National has yet to finalise its position on certain high-profile Labour initiatives such as WFF, student loans and KiwiSaver. However, the election is still a long way off.
    I’d like to point out the Interest Free Student Loans was only released 6 weeks (actually, might have been 4 weeks) before the 2005 election. Thus, its a bit unfair to complaining about National’s lack of policy.

    What is Labour’s policy on tax-cuts? They don’t have one. They’re just playing the same game at National.

    And in regard to your comment – “National’s policies are not attractive to most voters”. I think I should point out that Labour only beat National by 2% last time – suggesting that Labour’s policies can’t be that much more appealing.

  12. Robinsod 12

    EW – it was a dog-whistle. Farrar knew exactly what reaction he would get when he posted it and yet he still did so. It wasn’t a post that was vital to the public good and I don’t believe he doesn’t know his constituency well enough to predict what would happen. But he posted anyway. As much as I would bait him while I was over there I actually had some respect for him as a human being before that pointless and cruel behaviour.

  13. East Wellington Superhero 13

    Well, even if on this case Farrar posted in a dishonourable manner, I believe that most of the time he’s fair and balanced. You may disagree, but that’s my opinion.

    My original point was that bloggers should put forward all sides of the argument and Farrar is usually good at doing that.

    Interestingly, when John Key was on TV talking about his DVD release, he made they point that one of the main reasons he did it so that the public could clearly see his message without it being chopped and changed by the media or opponents. The video that was posted above underlines his point.

  14. deemac 14

    according to the Chch Press, Key was still distributing his dvd after it was supposed to be withdrawn…
    Either he is stupid or he just doesn’t think the rules apply to him

  15. j 15

    East Wellington superhero – there’s smear and then there’s owning up to the things you actually said.

  16. r0b 16

    “Well, even if on this case Farrar posted in a dishonourable manner, I believe that most of the time he’s fair and balanced. You may disagree, but that’s my opinion.”

    Superhero, do you also regard Fox News as fair and balanced? I’m just trying to establish some kind of baseline here.

  17. East Wellington Superhero 17

    j and r0b,
    Cricket should be fun.
    Have a good weekend. Don’t focus too much on John – he’s not that great after all.

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