Judith Collins – nascent Minister of Embarrassment?

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Should have seen it comingShould have seen it coming

Judith Collins has been vying politically with Rodney Hide to become the NACT’s Minister of Embarrassment (and Comedy). This is creatively portrayed in today’s Mike Moreu cartoon, as he ties her last weirdo play for the kneejerk vote to her current one.

For a background on this current Judith Collins SNAFU, it’s worth having a read of Martin Kay’s “Corrections row looks expensive either way” in today’s the Dominion Post. Suffice it to say that Judith seems to have a personal inability to understand her role and powers as a minister, as I’ve commented on previously.

Now I’m sure that the wingnuts will go ape with this story because it appeals to their syndrome inability to look beyond the excitement of the bloodhunt – like Act and Winston. As Martin Kay says,

Like Ms Collins, the public is likely to demand accountability at the top, but unlike her, it will be less appreciative of the nuances of due process. After years of continuing failures across the Corrections system, voters are probably clamouring for accountability to be laid at the very top, but are unlikely to be happy about having to pay for it.

But as every employer knows, you need to follow the due process of employment law, you don’t just try to bully your way through. Judith should be aware of this given that “after leaving university, she worked as a lawyer, specializing in employment, property, commercial, and tax law.” (emphasis added).

I’m sure that she would not have given advice to her clients to act in the way that she just has; she has given Mr Matthews clear grounds for complaint. Perhaps she should seek her own advice before acting? It would appear that she was just looking for a quick scapegoat. If so, then this is going to be expensive.

6 comments on “Judith Collins – nascent Minister of Embarrassment?”

  1. Martin Kay. Martin Key is John’s long-lost half brother (no foolin’ -http://www.nzherald.co.nz/audrey-young/news/article.cfm?a_id=164&objectid=10544851 – Ok, it’s Martyn, but pretty close)

  2. Murray 2

    You lefties don’t like Judith cause she doesn’t like beneficiaries. Don’t worry people, your benefits are safe while Bennett is the Minister of Social Development.

  3. lprent 3

    Don’t be silly Murray. You’re projecting your strange view of the world on to me again. It doesn’t work.

    I’ve never received a benefit apart from a student allowance. Incidentally that was less than the taxes I paid from working while I was student.

    So I’d suggest that before you want to describe me in those terms that you’d please attempt to turn on that pathetic excuse for a brain first, and consider who you are talking to. Then you can avoid getting some of my opinions of you..

    I’ve never met JC. I don’t like her because she always seems to lead with her rather strangely unthoughtful opinions rather than her training and intelligence – just like you do. I’d suggest that you are an idiot trying to become a fool from your behavior here. Judith appears to be trying the same as a minister from her behavior in the role. Fool likes fool – that is hardly surprising. You are who she is sending messages to.

    But she is no longer in opposition, cannot act the fool as a minister, and consequently she isn’t measuring up as a minister.

  4. Murray 4

    Iprent, email me your address and I’ll courier a box of tissues to you. You can use them to dry your eyes, and wipe the shit off your chin.

    IrishBill: And you’re banned. Don’t bother coming back.

  5. Tigger 5

    Collins will never get Social Development if she keeps slipping up like this…

  6. Rich 6

    Collins is full of it.

    But I guess there is a case (I said this when Labour were in power) for very senior jobs like heads of government departments, senior police and the like to be outside the normal employment procedures. They are after all paid enough to cushion the blow if they get fired due to a falling out with ministers.

    After all MPs can’t claim that the electorate acted unfairly when they get voted out.

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