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About Judith Tizard

Written By: - Date published: 11:53 am, September 21st, 2013 - 125 comments
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Judith Tizard

A recent tweet by Matthew Hooton claiming that Judith Tizard is getting a position in David Cunliffe’s office was obviously meant to be destabilising spin.  There was a quick response that Judith was merely helping out an old friend by helping him move his office.  But Hooton’s tweet made me reflect on Judith’s treatment over the past few years.

Because Judith’s treatment by the media and the forces of evil was unwarranted and frankly appalling.

She is from very solid Labour Party stock.  Her father Bob was a high ranking member of the Labour Caucus for many years.  Her mother Kath was the first Labour mayor of Auckland.  Within that family is a huge history of dedication to the party.

My own impression of Judith’s contribution as a Minister in the fifth Labour Government, and it is an impression formed by considerable exposure to her work, is that it was significant.

As Associate Minister of Transport Judith was at the forefront of Auckland based projects.  When you think of the revitalisation of the rail system, the tidying up of Spaghetti Junction and the progress in completing the Western Ring Route these were significant projects that required deft handling which Judith provided.

And as the Associate Minister of the Arts I witnessed Judith give some stunning speeches highlighting the important role the creative sector plays.  The ongoing loyalty of the artistic classes including musos to Labour is a reflection not only of their appreciation of Helen Clark’s work but also of Judith’s work.

Judith did lose the seat of Auckland Central in the 2008 election.  She was struggling with her health at the time and was lacking energy.  And the seat is not a safe Labour seat.  The rising gentrification of the area has seen to that.

She was mercilessly attacked by the right and made a figure of mockery.  But these attacks were unfair.  When we tolerate this type of behaviour on one of our own then none of us are safe.

The “Judith Tizard phenomenon” was said to be a factor in the decision on who Labour’s candidate for the Mt Albert by election was going to be.  It seems that some within the party had bought into the right wing spin.

We need to be more protective of our own and more appreciative of their work.  And we need to counter the obvious attack lines that the Right throw up from time to time.

UPDATE:  Matthew Hooton has pointed out that I have Cath Tizard’s name spelt incorrectly and he is right.  I prefer not to use her title as my fierce republican nature refuses to recognise its relevance.  He is correct that any of us engaging in social media ought to make sure that we are as accurate as possible 😈

125 comments on “About Judith Tizard ”

  1. Matthew Hooton 1

    It’s Dame Catherine Tizard, not Dame Katherine Tizard. A C not a K.

    • felix 1.1

      Yes, yes, the spelling. That’s the real issue.

      Fuck you’re a pathetic little kunt Matthew.

      • Naturesong 1.1.1

        Wow, you really showed him Felix ….

        …. how small and petty you can be.

        Why do it?

        It makes any actual arguments you may subsequently have against his positions really easy to marginalise; people tend to ignore those who are frothing at the mouth irrespective of whether or not they are justified.

        That said, given he has a significant audience in NZ I find a fair amount of what he does irresponsible occasionally bordering on vile.

        He has the courage to post on the standard, so take him to task on his positions.
        Here’s a good place to start: http://www.nbr.co.nz/author/44974

        • Colonial Viper

          Oh gawd just save us from the concern trolling.

        • IrishBill

          I prefer to think of Matthew haunting the standard rather than commenting on it. One day when he outlives his usefulness here we’ll get in an exorcist.

        • felix

          Hi Naturesong.

          Given that you just posted ” people tend to ignore those who are frothing at the mouth irrespective of whether or not they are justified.”

          followed almost immediately by “he has a significant audience in NZ” without any apparent trace of irony, I’m going to have to insist that you go fuck yourself.

          • Naturesong

            The language Matthew Hooten uses comes across as very reasonable. It’s not until you look into the ideas he promotes within that reasonable tone do you realise how offensive his world view is.

            Combine that with the audience he has via various media outlets, this enables him to influence folks that don’t think too critically as well legitimise those that share his world view.

            It makes him a dangerous person.

            When you abuse him rather than showing how flawed his ideas are you play into one of his ongoing themes that those who tend toward the left are rabid, frothing crazies.

            If calling people kunts or telling people to fuck themselves achieves whatever goal you are after, good for you.
            I just think it makes you look small and petty.

            Nb. Apologies to Mickysavage for the derail. This is the last one from me on this subject.

            • Colonial Viper

              Sorry mate, it’s not that you don’t make some decent points, but sounding ‘reasonable, considered and moderate’ against these fucking asshats is not my goal.

            • felix

              Oh fuck off Naturesong you tepid worm. I’m not here to impress you with my manners.

              Hooten is the most frothing, screeching, toy-throwing commenter in the public space in NZ. He has become a joke with all those who work alongside him. If you think he sounds “reasonable” then you either a) haven’t heard him or b) are concern trooling to stick up for him.

              He’s also a nasty racist, sexist, homophopic bigot who actively and deliberately works to make NZ a worse place for the vast majority of people to live.

              I don’t owe him any consideration or respect, not even the faux fawning crawly kind that you exhibit.

              • Rhinocrates

                CV and felix, you’re putting me out of a job. 🙂

                And FWIW, Naturesong: Indeed, we should all discuss things reasonably and honestly and in good faith with no ulterior motives or agendas… but the Goebbels wannabes like Hoots, the Penguin and Whalecum all see such things as weaknesses and limitations to be exploited.

                Your intentions are good, but naive concepts of gentlemanly debate and complacency are also our enemies, as was shown so well in that classic film by Powell and Pressburger, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp in which… Oh shit, you’ve made me become pompous again (not that I need any encouragement).

                I don’t want to see The Standard turn into “Hard News” – an interminably polite and dull dinner party discussion amongst the comfortable.

              • Naturesong

                I think you’ve misunderstood where I’m coming from.

                I agree that MH is “… also a nasty racist, sexist, homophopic bigot who actively and deliberately works to make NZ a worse place for the vast majority of people to live”.

                Most of the stuff I read of his couches this destructive and offensive world view in quite reasonable language.
                PB has helpfully pointed out my ignorance (making today officially a good day; I learnt something new).

                Also, I don’t think you owe him any consideration or respect. However it’d be nice if you didn’t give him any ammunition.
                Some of us knock on doors leading up to elections. As part of a broader left, having a reputation as being intelligent and reasonable is really, really helpful. https://i.greens.org.nz/values.

                I’m also polite because that is my nature.

                If you think that I do it falsely or that its crawly, that is your problem. Or to put it in language you may understand; fuck you.

                • Colonial Viper

                  Well, the Left can always do with individuals like yourself who wield a fine sense of diplomacy and utilise a hard to fault communications etiquette.

                  Just not frakking for me tho 😈

                • Rhinocrates

                  Or to put it in language you may understand; fuck you.

                  One of us, one of us, one of us…


                  (Old movie reference: Freaks )

                • felix

                  “Or to put it in language you may understand; fuck you.”

                  Why thank you kind sir. And a very good day to you.

              • Poem

                +1 Felix

              • That;s exactly what I think of all Tories felix. I’m a bit immune to them at my age but I’m still feel uneasy when they open their mouth and talk about “belt lightning or ‘Im not a racist but!!

            • Pascal's bookie

              The language Matthew Hooten uses comes across as very reasonable. It’s not until you look into the ideas he promotes within that reasonable tone do you realise how offensive his world view is.



              • billbrowne

                Ha, that is funny – he tried to cyber stalk me once, what a hypocrite.

              • blue leopard (Get Lost GCSB Bill)

                My my how very interesting.

                News Flash

                Matthew Hooton confirms publicly what we all knew to be true; the contents of the Hollowmen book’s accuracy.

                In reference to Mr Hagars excellent investigative journalism techniques Mr Hooton tweets:

                “In my life, that commo cunt has violated my privacy as a political activist more than any spook”

                People will provide information in order to stop traitors. This is fair and reasonable Mr Hooton, these are the risks you take when playing with mass sabotage of people’s interests. Stop your whinging.

                Ordinary New Zealanders do not do such things and do not have such ill-intent and this is why the spooks need to be curbed from a free-for-all of spying.

                Traitors, on the other hand, are whom the GCSB are ‘supposed’ to be targeting. And if they were doing their job acceptably, Mr Hooton, you would be top of their list.

              • Naturesong


                Wasn’t aware of that. I’m more familiar with his writing published in the main stream media; NBR etc.

                So, yup. I now understand that Felix wasn’t being rude or petty, just describing MH as accurately as he could.

                • Pascal's bookie

                  Yeah, the question isn’t “Why are people rude to Hooton?”, It’s “Why do decent media outlets carry a dishonest fuckweasel like Hooton?”

                • North

                  In celebration of which vindication of Felix we will now in commendably austere unison……….“right-wing narcissistic fuck !”

              • Rhinocrates

                Well, since Hoots does read this blog and considers it important, perhaps he’d like to justify his “commo cunt” comment as he tried to justify “the Kahui murder is just so fucking hilarious” quip.

                Or his long associations with the Sounds Symposia, which Anders Brevik found so inspiring.

                Certainly he seems to have isssshyooos with people of the feminine and darker-skinned persuasion.

                The fact is, Hoots is a truly sick, evil individual…. and NACT pays him for it.

              • Murray Olsen

                Yuck. What a creep he seems to be. What lovely people NAct have doing PR for them.

              • Martin

                ranting on about how evil Nicky hager was for exposing him as hollow via his own emails.
                This from someone who had few problems with the GCSB getting more snoop powers.

        • Tim

          why do it? possibly because he is, and pathetic little xxxxx should be challenged at every opportunity.

    • Jenny Kirk 1.2

      The prolonged nedua attacks on Judith Tizard over the last decade or so were/are reminiscent of the Oz media attacks on Julia Gillard. Sexist pricks – the lot of them. And M Hooten included in that description.

      • Greywarbler 1.2.1

        Jenny K
        +1 Don’t know about Hooten though. But he would be making seemingly reasonable points, likely to have a touch of curare on them.

      • Anne 1.2.2

        Thanks Jenny Kirk.
        Just read the post and I was going to say much the same thing but instead I will elaborate what I know about a very dark period in NZ Labour’s history. That is the 1980s and 1990s.

        Who started the attacks on Judith Tizard? The Nats? No. The media? No. Commentators like Matthew Hooten? No. It was a bunch of her former Labour colleagues and their supporters. Yes, and they were the same ones who began the vicious rumours about Helen Clark – rumour and innuendo that eventually became a widely held public perception. I heard some of the more offensive stuff that was doing the rounds (thankfully none of it became public knowledge) and I can tell you some of it was disgusting.

        The colleagues of course were Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble, Michael Bassatt and some lesser known acolytes whose names I’ve already forgotten. They saw Judith as a suitable target because of her gender, her outgoing personality and the fact Helen had close ties with the Tizard family. Others in the Labour Party were also targeted because of their association with Helen/Judith including me, although in my case it was only in part related to them.

        I hope that one day someone writes the full story of that period and I will gladly assist with the knowledge I possess so that the truth can come out in the open for all to see.

        • Colonial Viper

          That will be an important addition to the history of the NZLP, and a further reminder to all why democratisation of the party must continue.

        • Jenny Kirk

          Interestin’ stuff, Anne. When I was on Nth Shore City council some high-up Nats supporters tried constantly to undermine Helen C by starting rumours that she was ill (she looked pale on TV) etc which i was able to scotch at that source (Looked after her skin – sunscreen – good complexion, very fit) but I hadn’t realised they might also have been coming from the old Rogernomics blokes . They were/are still very nasty blokes. Probably behind the ABCs re Cunliffe – if we only knew – because their tactics are so similar. They really do not want Labour Leaders to make moves which will benefit all NZers, not just the very rich. Sickening stuff.

          • Anne

            @ Jenny Kirk

            Not all of them blokes – but the 1 or 2 non-blokes that I know of… weren’t in parliament. These are the ones who started it all, but the rest (Nats, media, commentators etc.) got into the act when Helen’s star started to rise rapidly around the mid 1990s.

            Edit: You’re right. the tactics used are similar, but I think it’s more likely some of the ABCers learned the craft by observing the Rogernomes in action in the 1980s.

            • Jenny Kirk

              Anne @ – now I’m REALLY curious, and I wish I knew more. Tryin’ to think back to those years and those people – non-blokes – and starting to get an inkling ….. but memory fades and I’ve got too much else on at the moment – a crowded mind – will have to wait until the subconscious flicks on to illuminate.

              • Anne

                A group of Roger Douglas acolytes. Took pleasure in disrupting meetings. Undermined Judith Tizard in the mid to late 80s by disrupting her attempts to chair an Auckland Labour Regional conference. Made headlines up and down the country because they eventually reduced her to tears. Interesting that the media of the day were all in attendance. Somebody tipped them off? Did it again in the 1990s when ACT’s Rodney Hide stood against Judith in Auckland Central. Followed her around and disrupted her public meetings.

                Your subconscious will do the rest Jenny Kirk. Some different people involved the second time around but all had been in the Douglas camp for many years.

                • Anne

                  @ Jenny Kirk
                  Hope you’re still around because here’s something that should assist your memory. A bit cryptic but…

                  Three break-ins and a house in Onehunga. All took place in the mid 1990s.

                  The first break-in at a private residence – nothing stolen as far as I’m aware so apparently no ordinary burglary. The second at the Auckland Central Alliance Party headquarters where one or two tapes (alleged to have information concerning Roger Douglas on them) were stolen. And the third at Labour’s Auckland Central headquarters where a copy machine was used to copy lists of names etc.

                  • JK

                    Anne – of course ! memory clogs starting to finally tick over ….. thanks for the reminders.

                    • Anne

                      Finally Jenny K – think about the house in Onehunga. Who was spearheading that particular controversy. I’m sure you’ve joined the dots now.

                      How I know these things is another intriguing story…

        • NickW

          Yes AGREE the tirade and campaign against Judith Tizard, was in fact started within the Labour Party, the idiot bloggers such as Hooten and right wing media NEWSTALK ZB etc just rode on the anti Judith labour bandwagon…Labour party’s biggest enemy is from within not the looney rightwingers

      • Jenny Kirk 1.2.3

        Sorry – the non-word “nedua” was meant to be media. Should have checked before I sent it off ! my eyesight must be going ….

    • mickysavage 1.3

      Thanks Matthew. Tell me, did you verify the accuracy of the information before tweeting it?

      • felix 1.3.1

        Of course not. He was also on the radio on Thursday afternoon repeating it.

        When it was proven live on air that he had been spreading lies, do you think he apologised?

        Nah, the nasty bigoted little prick tried to change the lie to ‘Tizzard has now been sacked from Cunliffe’s office’.

  2. Saarbo 2

    Hear, hear!

    The right wing spin machine is incredibly powerful BUT the blogs on the Left have elevated the cause of the Left in the last few weeks, with David Cunliffe posting comments on The Standard and doing live interviews on The Daily Blog. I’m sure more people than ever before will be turning to the Blogs, so we on the Left can communicate our own message, loudly and directly.

    • Colonial Viper 2.1

      Meanwhile I see the NBR online is progressing the future of our economy with:

      – An attack on the PPTA (Hooten)
      – A warning about the dangers of benefits and beneficiary parents (Rodney Hide)
      – A test drive of the latest BMW.

      Talk about a pack of fucking useless visionless gits.

  3. Craig GlenEden 3

    I agree with you Mickey I like your self have campaigned with Judith in the last two elections I have always found her great to work with and a really good team member. In fact I really like having her company during campaigning she’s always happy to do what ever is needed, she’s down to earth which has surprised me, she also has a wicked sense humor (sure sign of intelligence in my view) and of coarse she’s a foody.
    I look forward to working with her in the next general election.

  4. Rhinocrates 4

    It seems that some within the party had bought into the right wing spin.

    Possibly/probably, but it could also be symptomatic of Labour’s recent malaise which was that they thought that everyone had bought the right wing spin and they weren’t going to do a damned thing about it, hence Goff’s Pavlovian “Me too!” every time Key farted and Mumblefuck’s insistence that the party’s electoral salvation rested on getting the dead white male vote.

  5. Olwyn 5

    I agree with you wholeheartedly Mickey. Judith Tizard has been treated abysmally by some of the media, with no justification whatsoever.

    • North 5.1

      Yeah re Judith Tizard it’s the dirty bullying side of cowardly fucks in what passes for media in NZ. Known her for getting on 40 years (Jesus!). She’s a good sort. Fuck off the stalking wannabe leafy/trendy suburbs bullies !

  6. Delia 6

    Oh Matthew said, Matthew said, who cares and yes Judith Tizard is a good woman.

    • blue leopard (Get Lost GCSB Bill) 6.1

      Well said Delia

    • Rhinocrates 6.2

      Unfortunately some people do, such as lazy people in the MSM, so I think that the sheer toxicity of such people needs to be pointed out and I think that it needs to be shown how propagandists do their work until everyone knows. That hasn’t happened yet, IMO, and not everyone’s got the time to read Manufacturing Consent.

      • blue leopard (Get Lost GCSB Bill) 6.2.1

        Agree and will read the book, thanks for the suggestion Rhinocrates.

        One of the ways that the propagandists work is by repeating a slogan over and over again. Delia, here, provides a counteracting slogan for us.
        “Mathew said, Mathew said, who cares.”

        • Rhinocrates

          There’s a documentary too, which might be on youtube or piratebay.

          Indeed, that’s a good one – now if we can get everyone… to not even need to bother saying it, for some MSM creep to say, “Oh yeah, them – but nobody takes them seriously any more… is there anyone else? Hey, I’ve just had this idea! Perhaps we could interview someone who’s unbiased, isn’t in anyone’s pay and actually knows what they’re talking about, even if it isn’t in glib soundbites!”

          Well, I can dream.

          repeating a slogan over and over again

          From Animal Farm comes “Four legs good, two legs bad” followed by “Two legs good, four legs bad”. The principle is that some people think that if it’s easy to repeat it must be true. Remember that when you hear “talking points” being brought up, columns by the likes of O’Sillyvan, talk radio and so on.

  7. Stephen J 7

    Her utter refusal to listen to the ICT sector or anyone other than lobbyists for Big Copyright lost her my respect and that of many other people.

  8. Tim 8

    Next thing MH will be reminding us what a ‘grump’ Bob was. Seems to me he had a perfect right to be considering the antics of some of his so-called colleagues busy hijacking the principles of the LP over a number of years.
    Slightly better though than MH’s little hissy fits from time to time that even the regular gal Kathryn gets embarrassed by (should that be Catherine – with a C?)
    Sometimes I think Mathew has real isssssyooooos.

  9. Tim 9

    OMG! OMG! I think I droppped a ‘t’ for tit from Matthew’s name – never mind – have an extra ‘p’ for pillock to make up for it

  10. Lanthanide 10

    So what did Tizard do that was so worthy of mockery? Is it that she lost her electorate seat, or is there something more?

    • Ant 10.1

      She was made the face of S92A, obviously National’s focus groups showed some nerd rage on this so her return became the ever imminent threat that mhootz is always yabbering about.

  11. Danyl Mclauchlan 11

    My negative opinion of Tizard was mostly formed by a couple of her staffers, who took jobs with Labour because they, y’know, wanted to make a difference, and spent their lives arranging for their Minister to attend the opera and go on shopping trips to Sydney.

  12. tracey 12

    is this like his attempt to smear cunliffe over when he moved to herne bay which could have been solved with a quick and inexpensive title search… byt why let facts get in the way of a good smear. still very much the man described in hollow men, mathew.

    • Rhinocrates 12.1

      Tracey! You missed the second “t” and you didn’t use a capital “C” for Cunliffe or an “H” for Herne Bay… and there are so many more mistakes – mostly regarding capitals – that I can’t begin! How dare you! Was that malicious or are you an idiot?! In any case, that renders anything you said meaningless, poisonous nonsense and moreover, shows that I am tremendously witty in pointing it out! Applaud me and slink away in shame!

      [lprent: Please assist your moderator (and yourself) – add a /sarc tag. You know that I read what you say rather what you didn’t say. ]

      • Greywarbler 12.1.1

        I know that tracey appreciates irony.

      • Rhinocrates 12.1.2

        lprent: Please assist your moderator (and yourself) – add a /sarc tag. You know that I read what you say rather what you didn’t say.

        Yes, I was being sarcastic – no offence meant to Tracey at all, instead I was supporting them. I thought that what I wrote was so self-evidently silly (but like something Hoots would say, which is the same thing), no-one would think that I was being serious.

        Hi Tracey – I hope you get my point?

        [lprent: When I’m moderating I’m read comments backwards in time and without context. This is done deliberately so that I read what you say without the context. Most of the time that is all I moderate on. You can’t assume the context because (as you’re probably aware) being quoted out of context is not unknown. ]

        • handle

          And you say there’s no sense of humour on other blogs?

          • Rhinocrates

            Did I? Well, some, like [redacted] are distinctly lacking in humour…

            My fault is that I prefer/aspire to satire above straight mockery (though I use that often when I’m lazy) and the very best satire is indistinguishable from the sincerely serious (look at how often stories in The Onion get picked up as “real” news items).

            lprent’s being fair enough in demanding clarity, considering the number of right-wing trolls this site attracts.

  13. RedBaronCV 13

    The right must be scared – the first weekend and the smears are starting.

    It takes all sorts of skills to run anything and like all of us Judith probably has more in some areas than others.

    It sorta cheers me up when Matty blogs on here, means he thinks the blog is relevent and powerful.

    Now let me think where else Matty’s skills could be best deployed.

  14. TightyRighty 14

    So it’s ok for an labour minister from the old school to spend money on motorways? Just not anyone whom isn’t labour/green/associated left.

    • felix 14.1

      Indeed Tighty. If you argue against the merits of a particular roading project, then to maintain consistency you have to pathologically hate all roads and everyone who uses them.

    • mickysavage 14.2

      The tidy up of Spaghetti Junction has made a significant difference to it. And Auckland’s rail system is in way better shape than it was in 2000.

  15. blue leopard (Get Lost GCSB Bill) 15

    Hi Micky Savage,

    Of more interest to me is how much is it costing the New Zealand taxpayer for the PR campaigns that Key is setting up with old blondy, Doris, I mean Boris Johnson that those stupid enough to watch TV1 News (such as myself) were afflicted with last night? And the conservative party gathering too?

    Do the fees of textor-crosby come out of the Government coffers or are they simply provided for from private purses? How much do these people spend on these propagandists in order to fool NZers to vote against their own interests?

    I’m just trying to work out how National manage to clock up as much debt as they do, and how it is that NZers appear to be of the mistaken belief that Nats are more frugal in the regard to debt than Labour when I understand this is very incorrect.

    It was excellent to see Mr Cunliffe state this fact re Labour being less debt inducing, so plainly in his speech of the other day in parliament and am hoping this will be something that is made plain to every NZer on a regular basis…ad infinitum wouldn’t be too frequent.

    • mickysavage 15.1

      Aye repeat it like a mantra …

      Cullen and Labour gave us 9 years of surplusses …

      National and Blinglish has given us 4 years of deficits …

      • Matthew Hooton 15.1.1

        You can say that all you like, and then look at this document, signed as accurate by Michael Cullen: http://www.treasury.govt.nz/budget/forecasts/prefu2008/prefu08.pdf
        Take a look at figure 2 on page 7 in particular – Cullen announcing the decade of forecast fiscal deficits which was his ultimate fiscal legacy.

        • blue leopard (Get Lost GCSB Bill)

          …See Micky? You get a bite from the Hooton guy, you know you are saying something damaging….

          • Rhinocrates

            Someone forecasts bad weather, therefore they caused it. Riiiiight.

            Taking the hint Hoots? Who takes you seriously? Just fuck off, stop wasting your time, let the real people talk.

        • Colonial Viper

          Funny thing Matthew, in that document the deficit never increases beyond 1.5% of GDP. Key and English have steered us to a situation where it is at least twice that size. And that excludes Christchurch.

          • McFlock

            whoopsie hootsie pulled a cutesy,got shit all over his face…

          • swan

            Heard of the GFC? In any case actually they have steered us into a situation where we are looking likely to get back into surplus in 2014/15.

            • blue leopard (Get Lost GCSB Bill)

              “But But whatabout the GFC wee wee wee boo hoo!”

              Just as well Labour saved for that rainy day, aye Swan, else Nat would look even worse than they do already 😉

            • lprent

              …they have steered us into a situation where we are looking likely to get back into surplus in 2014/15.

              You’d have to be a fool to think that.

              That Bill English has asserted it, but has subsequently failed to hit virtually any of his economic targets on the way doesn’t give you a hint that he might be bullshitting? A year late on asset sales and returns that are way down on what was budgeted. The revenue growth that was confidentially expected in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 hasn’t come to pass. Virtually every measure that the treasury under his tutelage has been wrong and not in a good way. And you still believe that a statement first made back in 2009 will come to pass in a mythic future?

              Perhaps you should explain why your mother brought up such a credulous dickhead – one who thinks with his gonads rather than his brain?

            • Lanthanide

              You’re an idiot. The GFC was precisely why Cullen’s figures went from surpluses to deficits.

        • lprent

          Take a look at figure 2 on page 7 in particular

          Yes, do take a close look at that chart. The top line that did not predict deficits came from March 2008 budget, the one that announced and had tax cuts in it. That cut the government’s revenue significantly but was based on not having a severe drop otherwise in revenue.

          Less than 6 months later in the pre-election forecast, those same taxcuts combined with a worsening business and employment situation had pushed into a forecast of deficits from lack of revenue and higher expenditures until 2018.

          Any responsible fiscal management like the one that Cullen ran would have reviewed the taxcuts and done what was required to perform prudent fiscal management in the following years budget.

          Rather than Cullen, we had a fiscal fool in charge who increased the taxcuts and announced that this would cause growth – which naturally it did not. So we are still limping along and looking at fiscal deficits that are likely to last until the mid-2020s when the cost of servicing the debts will be in a race with the rising costs of superannuation to be the largest cost on the government’t coffers.

          That is currently the Bill English and John Key legacy… Having the government with the record amount of debt and it is still increasing.

          BTW: Lying with numbers is easy for anyone to do – not just a skill you possess. All you have to do is to leave out relevant factors.

        • Saarbo

          Come on Matthew, you really are a major bull shitter, even Bill English acknowledged the legendary job that Cullen did in charge of the Finances. Of course you are very aware of that.

          But there are some big question marks over the way National are running things: National have done their best to tank the NZ economy post GFC…EVEN THOUGH since 2008 NZ has had record dairy payouts in 2009, 2010, 2011,2012 and another coming up in 2014 (Its a commodity so zero to do with the National Govt)…a Christchurch earthquake bringing in billions in insurance payouts, selling assets that would have provided a bigger return than money saved in financing costs avoided…National have chosen to divert billions into useless highways (think useless highways in Hamilton and Tauranga) that benefit large trucking organisations but really are of only marginal benefit to the economy if any, alternatively if this ROAD money was diverted into social spending, education or health we would have seen material differences in our growth rates, not the pathetic 0.2% we saw in the last quarter. National are not good at running the economy, lets be honest they are fucken useless and you know it. You’ve been able to bullshit a compliant and economic illiterate msm (John Armstrong really is a joke)…but Labour has a very different team in charge now, both Leader and Deputy who I would rate ahead of Cullen, particularly in the area of economic development (an area that National score a big fat ZERO)…I reckon National wont come close in election 2014, even with you spinning your bullshit in overdrive.

        • QoT

          Ooooh, a Treasury forecast, there’s a reliable document.

      • Greywarbler 15.1.2

        With a few adjustments blinglish could turn us into bangladish.

  16. Ramsay 16

    “She is from very solid Labour Party stock. Her father Bob was a high ranking member of the Labour Caucus for many years. Her mother Kath was the first Labour mayor of Auckland.”

    I’m sorry, but this kind of thing makes my blood curdle. There isn’t, and never should be, a Labour party aristocracy. Rightly of wrongly, J Tizard became a symbol of entrenched interests and the professionalisation of politics. She was hardly an Ernie Bevin and the fact that, post de-election – she spent her time attending funerals and chronicling her dynastic history instead of being in gainful employment didn’t help that perception.

    The people didn’t like that and it’s healthy for them not to. Ultimately, politics has to be about more than the individuals in it.

    • billbrowne 16.1

      I think if this was about aristocracy rather than environment, mention might have been made of that other job her mum had for a while.

    • just saying 16.2

      “She is from very solid Labour Party stock. Her father Bob was a high ranking member of the Labour Caucus for many years. Her mother Kath was the first Labour mayor of Auckland.”

      I’m sorry, but this kind of thing makes my blood curdle. There isn’t, and never should be, a Labour party aristocracy. Rightly of wrongly, J Tizard became a symbol of entrenched interests and the professionalisation of politics.

      My sentiments exactly. Frankly I was pretty horrified to read those first two sentences in a blog from you Mickey.

      There have been far too many examples of this in the Labour Party. Labour “dynasties” have produced some outstanding socialists, but frankly, also some entitled princes and princesses complete with silver spoons and rank hypocricy.

      By all means sing her praises, tell us of her left-wing credentials, her outstanding work, her razor sharp intellect, her tireless championing of those with less privilege – well away from the cameras and the kudos….. but leave her ‘bloodlines’ and high-faluting connections out of it.

      You’ve done her absolutely no service in the way this has come across. In some ways you’ve countered your own argument.

      • Anne 16.2.1

        She is from very solid Labour Party stock. Her father Bob was a high ranking member of the Labour Caucus for many years. Her mother Kath was the first Labour mayor of Auckland. Within that family is a huge history of dedication to the party.

        Sorry just saying and Ramsay, but I think you are both misinterpreting what ms actually said. Where does he talk about “aristocracies” and dynasties”? He merely mentions the truth. Judith comes from solid Labour stock. Recently at a memorial service, Bob Tizard talked of his solid working class back-ground. Guess what. He’s proud of it.

        Funnily enough, the “dynasty” label originated from the Tizard/Clark detractors that I talk about at 1.2.2
        Sounds like you may have fallen for it but you’re far from the only ones.

        • just saying

          No I’m not Anne. Mickey mentions that she comes from solid Labour stock and then goes on to list a particular pedigree. If he wanted to merely say she grew up Labour the first sentence would have stood alone.

          I would point out that while Judith’s father may have come from a solid working class background, Judith most certainly did not.

          I’ve said nothing whatsoever about Helen Clark, please don’t imply that I have.

          And yes, I don’t like Judith Tizard, but for reasons related to things I’ve heard related to her time down my way, as well as what I saw for myself of her public face.

          • mickysavage

            You read too much into it. I did not mention the GG stint because I did not think it was relevant. Bob’s stint as an MP and Cath’s as a mayor were welcome contributions to the progressive movement. Dynasty was probably the wrong word to use, I wanted to emphasise the Tizard tribalism.

  17. Ramsay 17

    I hardly think it should have much to do with anything. There are plenty of rock ribbed Labourites who grew up in National voting environs. Ian lees galloway?

  18. tracey 18


    he does get his undies quite knotted if anyone leaves out the ‘t’.

    its amazing to me that anyone can be paid to make up shit for a living and not be employed by womens day.

    • Pascal's bookie 18.1

      That’s unfair. There are a number of good honest journos writing for the NBR.

      “2” is a number, for example.

  19. peterlepaysan 19

    hooton thinx spellin mattas?

    Maybe it was the honorific bit.

    The Nats luv brown nosing British Royalty.

  20. Murray Olsen 20

    Speaking of the Tizards, I quite liked Bob.

    • ZET 20.1

      I thought this was rather good at the time.

      “Veterans have demanded that their governments boycott the funerals. New Zealand’s Defense Minister, Bob Tizard, said Hirohito ”should have been shot or publicly chopped up at the end of the war.””


      • Murray Olsen 20.1.1

        MacArthur had a look at Japan at the end of the war and saw two possibilities – a takeover by local Communists or the entrenchment of feudal property rights and the rehabilitation of Hirohito. He chose the latter.

        I agree with Bob Tizard on this, or maybe life imprisonment since I’m not a fan of capital punishment, but I do wonder if GG Cath would have also agreed. She came across as a bit too much of a fan of all the royal rubbish for my liking.

  21. tricledrown 21

    Just another episode of the daily opera our ego driven narcissistic Prim minster.
    Who,s writing the The Outrages Fortune script Hooten and Joyce.
    Just beware of the Wolf in sheep clothing!

  22. Boadicea 22

    Anne at 1.22 writes:
    “Who started the attacks on Judith Tizard? The Nats? No. The media? No. Commentators like Matthew Hooten? No. It was a bunch of her former Labour colleagues and their supporters.”

    This is no different from what has been going on for the past five years with regard to Cunliffe. We now have a strong Labour Leader who has to fight against lies fed to the media by Mallard, Cosgrove and Robertson.
    The Labour party should NOT forgive that group of arse wipes and their acolytes. Flush them into lowly rankings and de-select them at conventions.

  23. Judith Tizard was a guest at our Cambridge Branch pot luck dinner .She was a delight and a great speaker. She has never forgot my wife and I even though it was many years ago.
    The Crosby-Textor led Tories will attack anyone who is Labour if they think they can get away with it.We need to answer every slur and do a bit of attacking them instead of our own .The Tory dirty tricks brigade through Crosby -Textor will be working full time to make sure Labour does not win the next election. Just what do you all think was discussed behind closed door with Crosby and a 100 Rank Tories including Key , How to win the two coming elections for the Right that what !and by all means

  24. Sable 24

    Does anyone really care about Hooton’s tootin? If the best he can do be way of insulting Cunliffe is to make a vague reference to the rather harmless Judith Tizard then I’d venture to say he’s pretty much run out of ammo and has resorted to throwing very small non lethal stones. Its all a bit pathetic really.

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