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Just in: photo from David Farrar’s march

Written By: - Date published: 3:04 pm, November 21st, 2007 - 61 comments
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From Kiwiblog:

Okay just got back from the march. Didn’t quite go as I envisioned. You see while I have promoted the march here, I’m not one of the organisers and my involvement was purely to stroll along at the back, and see how it goes. Not a large turnout (but around what I expected for a weekday in Wellington) and got to Parliament fairly quickly.

I heard what march there was got there fairly quickly too. Mainly rolled along by the prevailing wind.

So maybe the sky’s not falling after all Chicken Licken?

61 comments on “Just in: photo from David Farrar’s march ”

  1. Sam Dixon 1

    It pretty much looked exactly like that but with more signs referring to fascism.

  2. THE Weybridge Digger 2

    Pissed myself all_ your_base

  3. stop…i can’t laugh anymore it hurts too much.

  4. the sprout 4

    clearly the masses are outraged at this grevious threat to democracy.
    oh no that’s right, it’s only the corporate elite and their stooges who don’t like it.

  5. Billy 5

    “…the corporate elite and their stooges…”

    Are you being a parody left-winger? Are trying to be Rick from the Young Ones?

  6. Brilliant photo-shopping effort. A genuine moment of high humour at the standard. It will stand as a diamond in the big turd that is the rest of your efforts at being funny. Well done.

  7. Seamonkey Madness 7

    Yes, have to admit it, nice humour.
    The tumbleweed rolling through adds to it nicely.

    Pity you didn’t PS in the YL contingent though. Heh. 😉

  8. milo 8

    Nice photo. Yeah, there weren’t many. But I was still proud to march.

    Oh, and it seems section 55B9(d) will ban TVNZ from broadcasting political advertisements next year. Gee, its such well drafted legislation, isn’t it?

  9. The Double Standard 9

    Yup, nearly as funny as this one from Scoop


    Actually, it’s not that surprising that attendance is down in Wellington. After all, no-one who works for the state would risk their job by attending eh?

    Also odd that the hecklers were apparently masked. Maybe some of the Tuhoe stayed in town?

  10. Sam Dixon 10

    The counterprotesters were wearing John Key and Mr Burns masks to go with their satirical chants (money in politics, more more more was one I caught)… they took them off at Parliament and the joker who spoke gave his name.

    milo- drafting errors like that are really the fault of Crown Law who do the drafting.. it’ll be fixed in the readings, that’s one of the reasons we have subsequent readings.

  11. sam, shame on you. blaming fellow lawyers! that will get you baned from the friday biscuit club mate.

  12. THE Weybridge Digger 12

    No checked the link and the “standard’s” photo is funnier
    David you must feel like crap it must be like giving a party and no one turns up
    I hope there are some more planned the better news coverage the better

  13. The Double Standard 13

    I can’t help wondering how the war petition is going after all the outrage here? Last time I checked it was well behind the numbers wanting megadeath (or some other band) to visit NZ. I doubt it is higher than the numbers marching against the EFB.

  14. Lampie 14

    question- thats the Herald photo right? No wonder they didn’t have it on the website!

  15. Robinsod 15

    Bill you old sociopath – I see you’re back. Don’t you have puppies to torure or shotgun reviews to masturbate over? I’m surprised you’ve got the gall to post anywhere given your reputation. Oh and you see Whale can you ask him why the fuck he’s not suing me or the standard yet? It’s starting to look like he’s just a big lying fraidy cat.

  16. Robinsod 16

    Oh and DPF/Santa?dblstd – if you want to change teh topic how about we change it to the question of why you decided to use my wee joke as your new moniker. I mean it kinda looks like you’ve got a thing for me bro…

  17. tom-tom 17

    Beautiful – the march and the March Hare!

  18. Billy 18

    “I’m surprised you’ve got the gall to post anywhere given your reputation.”

    Yet yesterday you were imploring Robert Owen to continue posting, despite having been caught out in duplicitous double-dealing.

    Care to explain?

  19. The Double Standard 19

    Robbo – please keep your vile homophobia in check. Nothing relevant to add to the debate as usual I see.

  20. Leftie 20

    When is Megadeth coming to New Zealand?

  21. Nih 21

    Just after John Key apologises.

  22. robinnome is not to blame for his vile outbursts, the “left attack blogging for beginners” only covered how to wind up D4J. I wonder if you talk to strangers that way face to face wee man? Due to your being able to type I suspect not. Unless you have one of those drumsticks taped to your head and you are typing from bed.
    I guess thread jacking here is about the only place left for you now.
    Anyway back to the topic, it was indeed the funniest pic I have seen on a left blog, I am sure DPF is also having a chuckle as well. He is quite able to laugh at himself. self deprecation is a trait commonly found everywhere but the left.

  23. Also, organising a march to protest against the govt in WELLINGTON was not the smartest proposition.
    The whole place is populated by civil servants who could not take part and spotty kids working retail.

  24. shreddakj 24

    Okay this isn’t even funny. You realise you have no sense of humour at all and this is…

    I can’t even begin to explain how pathetic and childish this is…

  25. Nih 25

    Meanwhile magnetic money continues to be funny no matter what.

  26. Leftie 26

    oh and shreddakj gallops in on his high horse.

  27. r0b 27

    Well well, today, DPF flexed his political muscle.

  28. milo 28

    I wouldn’t write off the marchers quite so quickly r0b. And I will believe that DPF is irrelevant the day that The Standard and Kiwiblogblog close down.

    Actually, that’s an interesting question. What do you call it without DPF. Blogblog? And maybe The Standard would have to start posting its own ideas, and discussing those?

    Heh heh.

  29. thomas 29

    I’m not sure what is funnier the pic or
    I am sure DPF is also having a chuckle as well. He is quite able to laugh at himself. self deprecation is a trait commonly found everywhere but the left.
    Mind you if you are from Barnsley that would explain a lot

  30. I missed the Robert Owen thing. What was that about? Is this the same Robert Owen who shared the same IP address as Robinsod?

  31. Gruela 32

    I actually saw DPF one night in a nightclub in wellington. He bowled up to a group of young ladies (none of whom could have been over 25) and introduced himself. If I’d had a camera phone I could have taken that exact same photo not 20 seconds later.

  32. Nih 33

    So if farrar isn’t over here posting endless tirades and abuse under various logins, who is? That’s why we invented the word crony. So we’d have something to describe a tool used to act when you don’t wish to be seen as acting yourself.

    You’d think a “hard core libertarian” would be against banning people, particularly on a pretext. RobertOwen was mystified as to why he was banned until farrar decided he’d called him a “fat cunt”. I personally doubt it.

    Farrar himself defends redbaiter’s far more vile abuse under the pretext of being a libertarian and believing in free speech.

    So basically boo hoo, only farrar’s cronies can act like juveniles with a list of swearwords to work through. Glad that’s settled.

  33. milo 34

    Nih. I read it. You’re wrong. DPF is right. Is was a particularly nasty piece of abusive ill wishing. Grow up.

  34. r0b 35

    I was expecting something – you know – larger.

  35. rogue_element 36

    Don’t know about you folks but I figure that pro-free speech protesters outnumbered Labour Party lackeys by about 50 to 1.

    Poor turnout by the left. What a pity. And after all those emails from LP HQ.

  36. Gruela 37

    Since when does pro-free speech equate to ‘whoever has the most money get to shout the loudest’? rorue, you’re a dick.

  37. thomas 38

    exact same photo not 20 seconds later.
    That was also really funny

  38. rogue_element 39

    Have you noticed that people won’t listen to those who shout?

    People aren’t stupid. They didn’t let large pro-National advertising (the EB stuff) sway them last time.

    I say let the dicks spend their money. I choose not to listen and to vote for what I believe.

  39. Gruela 40

    you may choose to vote for what u believe, but u can’t deny that your choice is influenced by what u see and hear. With unrestricted election advertising, this means that those with the most money have the biggest say on the outcome of the election. try and say it isn’t so.

  40. Gruela you are quite right… And the next election will be won by the party spending the most money just like last time…. Ohh hang on a minute ACT have only two seats!

  41. Nih 42

    Nih. I read it. You’re wrong. DPF is right. Is was a particularly nasty piece of abusive ill wishing. Grow up.

    So because you saw something I didn’t, I have to “grow up”? You people seem damn keen to reveal someone’s true identity. We call everyone DPF because, frankly, it’s fucking funny. Given the same situation you jackoffs work to take choice out of everyone else’s hands. Your lot has worked impossibly hard to ensure someone doesn’t have a voice.

    I still don’t see redbaiter getting banned for prompting anyone he thinks is ‘left’ to kill themselves. I don’t see you calling him to task. Worse, he’s only one dozens. Look to your own crowd before admonishing me and mine.

    Yeah, me and mine. Because the more you assholes act like dipshits over your prized political views, the more I’m forced to rethink my view of national in general. Thank god none of you are polluting Act for me.

  42. Gruela 43

    I’ve just gotten back from some years in Europe and can someone please tell me when Helen Clark was taken over by the Central Spirit? When I left I loved her cause she had balls bigger than the MacKenzie Country, but now she seems to be a shell, (occupied by the hermit crab of expediency.) Next thing I’ll be hearing that she’s been having late night whiskey’s with Winston, has moved to Te Kuiti and has 18 kids. Also, how can we make fun of the Americans for voting in GWB, when we’ve gone back to John Banks? WTF has happened to my country?!?

  43. burt 44

    That’s a very funny picture. Who says the left have no humour!
    Well done.

  44. burt 46


    I think the satire from the McGillicuddy Serious Party with their GREAT LEAP BACKWARDS© was on the money in 1999.

    40,000 people ran away last year. Thankyou for coming back, the recipients of middle class welfare need your tax dollars.

  45. Gruela 47

    I don’t see it as welfare. I see it as investing in my community, and I like living in a community where I can sit on my deck in the afternoon, sipping a G’n’T and hearing the laughs and screams from the playground at the local primary school. I don’t know any of those kids, I may never meet any of them, but I appreciate that some of my ‘middle class welfare’ went towards that sound of laughter and fun in the warm spring sunshine. I really don’t mind contributing towards the education of random Kiwi kids, or the hip operations for Kiwi oldies in Southland or the East Coast, or WINZ workers in South Auckland. I’m not starving, I have a roof over my head, and at the end of the day I want to live in a society where people look out for each other. That includes financially as well.

  46. burt 48


    Perhaps you have missed the detail while you were away that welfare extends to people earning up to $120K now and the rich bastard top tax threshold is still $60K as set in 1999.

    If you are well aware of this and still have the same views as you express then that’s all good. You have chosen a good time to move back to NZ.

  47. Gruela 49

    Obviously this is a good time to move back, so I can put up counter arguments to posts like yours, burt.
    You make it sound like there’s people on $120k somehow getting housing subsidies or community service cards. As I understand it, to be getting welfare, (or state assistance, as it could equally be termed, or how about social security?), you’d have to have about 6 kids, and even then you’d still only be getting a fraction of the amount that the guy working at the local supermarket would be getting. Do his kids not count as much as the lawyer’s kids? I think they do.

  48. r0b 50

    “I’ve just gotten back from some years in Europe”

    Hi Gruela. I left Muldoon’s NZ, did my time in Thatcher’s England, and returned home to Roger Douglas’ (and David Lange’s) NZ. What a long, strange trip that was!

    “and can someone please tell me when Helen Clark was taken over by the Central Spirit? When I left I loved her cause she had balls bigger than the MacKenzie Country, but now she seems to be a shell”

    Please don’t worry about HC and her government. Give it some time to settle back in here, and you’ll find that the Labour government has the same heart and soul as it always had. What has changed is the pragmatics of MMP in the current parliament, and the extraordinarily virulent nature of the attacks on Labour which have followed their third consecutive election victory.

    But look past the politics to the achievements: unemployment is at record lows, the minimum wage has increased hugely, household incomes have increased, fewer are on benefits, crime rates are down, industrial action is down, the economy is strong and growing, the environment is taken seriously, there are many initiatives to support families, we are making provision for future retirements, the list goes on and on. Labour is still delivering to the people.

  49. Peak Oil Conspiracy 51

    Sam Dixon:

    milo- drafting errors like that are really the fault of Crown Law who do the drafting.. it’ll be fixed in the readings, that’s one of the reasons we have subsequent readings.

    Your law credentials have been letting you down in recent times. You’ve never heard of the Parliamentary Counsel Office?

  50. Gruela 52

    I’ll agree with what you’re saying, but so many of positive trends have little to do with Labour, especially the economic aspects. (I think, anyway) And the environment? Bah ha ha! When you’ve been living in Europe, coming back here to the laissez-faire attitude Kiwis take to their natural surroundings is astounding. Friend, I hate to break it to you, but we are BIG polluters, and the only changes to this I see coming from Labour are cosmetic.

    My intended point, however, was that the big HC seems to have lost her mojo. Her spark. Her passion. She doesn’t lead anymore. She seems scared to put her foot down on any position. Dare I say it, she’s become a bureaucrat. A civil servant. Grey.

  51. r0b 53

    “I’ll agree with what you’re saying, but so many of positive trends have little to do with Labour, especially the economic aspects.”

    For some things we can’t know for sure how much of the benefits are specifically as a result of a Labour government. For other things we can be pretty sure – raising the minimum wage, the Cullen fund, KiwiSaver, working for families – those aren’t just good economic luck, they are Labour values in action.

    “the environment? Bah ha ha! When you’ve been living in Europe, coming back here to the laissez-faire attitude Kiwis take to their natural surroundings is astounding. Friend, I hate to break it to you, but we are BIG polluters, and the only changes to this I see coming from Labour are cosmetic.”

    I agree entirely about our poor environmental record. I don’t agree that Labour’s only changes are cosmetic – the new carbon trading system seems to be somewhat world-leading. However, yes, Labour could and should be doing more in this area I feel.

    “My intended point, however, was that the big HC seems to have lost her mojo. Her spark. Her passion. She doesn’t lead anymore. She seems scared to put her foot down on any position. Dare I say it, she’s become a bureaucrat. A civil servant. Grey.”

    Nobody who saw Helen’s speech to the Labour Party conference (or the one before that, or the one before that…) would have this sense of worry. Helen leads all right. I think (just guessing) that it’s a deliberate party policy to keep her lowish profile between election campaigns. My prediction – look out for Helen Clark in 2008.

    Anyway Gruela, pleasure chatting to you, welcome to The Standard. Hope you’ll be sticking round a while. Goodnight…

    captcha: social leadership – you can’t make this stuff up.

  52. milo 54

    Nih: “Grow up” was a step too far. Sorry, I take it back.

  53. Visitor 55

    Some Friday fun – a late report on the Auckland march (which now looks set to be fondly remembered as the high point of the Great Popular Uprising)


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    Minister for Internal Affairs Jan Tinetti has today received the Royal Commission of Inquiry report into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch Mosques, and will table it in Parliament on Tuesday December 8. “I know this will have been a challenging process for whānau, survivors and witnesses of the terrorist attack ...
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    Speech to the CAANZ conference - November 19, 2020 Thank you, Greg, (Greg Haddon, MC) for the welcome. I’d like to acknowledge John Cuthbertson from CAANZ, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue Naomi Ferguson, former fellow MP and former Minister of Revenue, Peter Dunne, other guest speakers and CAANZ members. I ...
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    1 week ago
  • Expert independent advisory group appointed to strengthen the future of Māori broadcasting
    A panel of seven experts are adding their support to help shape the future of Māori broadcasting, Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson has announced today. “Today I will meet with some of the most experienced Māori broadcasters, commentators and practitioners in the field. They have practical insights on the ...
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    1 week ago
  • Government to review housing settings
    New Zealand’s stronger-than-expected economic performance has flowed through to housing demand, so the Government will review housing settings to improve access to the market, the Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced today. “Our focus is on improving access to the housing market for first home buyers and ensuring house price growth ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Crown accounts reflect Govt’s careful economic management
    The better-than-expected Crown accounts released today show the Government’s careful management of the COVID-19 health crisis was the right approach to support the economy. As expected, the Crown accounts for the year to June 2020 show the operating balance before gains and losses, or OBEGAL, was in deficit. However that ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Community launch marks next step in addressing racism in education
    The launch of Te Hurihanganui in Porirua today is another important milestone in the work needed to address racism in the education system and improve outcomes for Māori learners and their whānau, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis says. Budget 2019 included $42 million over three years to put Te Hurihanganui ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Government to consider recommendations on DNA use in criminal investigations
    The Minister of Justice has received the Law Commission’s recommending changes to the law governing the way DNA is used in criminal investigations. The report, called The Use of DNA in Criminal Investigations – Te Whahamahi I te Ira Tangata I ngā Mātai Taihara, recommends new legislation to address how ...
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