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picture-15.jpgThe Guardian has launched a three year aid project with the objective of ‘together, lifting one village out of the middle ages’.

The village is Katine, located in northern Uganda.

The challenge is to see whether a newspaper, its readership, a bank and an NGO can make a significant and lasting difference to the lives of people who are essentially still living in the 14th century.

Natural disasters, conflict, and disease make life in Katine hard and short.

The project organisers started by asking:

Would it be possible to find a way of… connecting the ideas, goodwill, resources and expert knowledge of 15 million readers around the world and focusing them on one problem? Would it be possible to do all this in a way which avoided the classic trap of creating a temporary oasis in a desert? Of doing something both sustainable and replicable? Could there be a model for using web-based technologies – and the power to link and harness people – that could be developed by other western communities, whether businesses, schools or towns? Why twin your village with one in Belgium if you could twin it with one in Uganda?

It’s an ambitious three year project and they’re looking for help. If nothing else, check out their website.

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