Key involved in Radio Live show

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Watch Grant Robertson’s question to Key today;

Robertson to Key on Radio Live

Key didn’t know his office was involved in the show that breached the Broadcasting Act, even though he personally chose the guests? It was a matter solely between the Electoral Commission and the broadcaster? Judge for yourself.

Full copy of PM’s office memos is here


25 comments on “Key involved in Radio Live show”

  1. Eddie 1

    Key looked awful as he first denied that his office had anything to do with radiolive askingthe electoral commission for permission, then, after robertson tabled the emails Mike got showingit did, trying to deny it again.

    • Kotahi Tane Huna 1.1

      Akshully, “Not to the best of my knowledge” means “yes”. I’m still idly wondering what Key regards as “the best” of his knowledge, and coming to the conclusion it is that which conforms to his world view or is “useful”.

  2. ghostwhowalksnz 2

    Apparently there is a parallel government in his office – that is if hes ever in his office !

  3. tc 3

    Getting bad for shonkey when he can’t even lie convincingly, that’s a major strength the Nats rely on and an essential skill In banking.

    • felix 3.1

      I’ve never found his lying at all convincing. But then I’m a cretin-whisperer.

      • Craig Glen Eden 3.1.1

        I have to agree felix his poor ability at lying was his one redeeming factor in my eyes. The sad thing is the media just let it all slide.

      • travellerev 3.1.2

        ROFL. Fuck, you’re funny Felix. Thing is he doesn’t care if caught out lying. He’s been doing it for so long and got away with it he doesn’t know how to speak the truth any more.

        • felix

          With guys like Key I reckon it’s just a matter of saying whatever they have to say to get the result they want. The truthiness probably isn’t even considered most of the time, except in terms of “can I be caught out for this?” but Key has become complacent even about that calculation.

  4. Bill 4

    I have no idea if anyone else has pointed this out previously.

    But there is a world of difference between a politician (any politician) being canvassed on their opinion of an actual event (even a ‘non-political’ event such as the World Cup) and being given a platform of their own design.

    That John Key was given an empty platfrom upon which to construct whatever he wished during an election campaign is beside the point. The point is that he was given (and continues to be given) any such platform at all!

    I might add that there is a debate containing some interesting parallels being had in the UK at the moment after the BBC banned the Scottish First Minister from taking part in the commentary/discussion panel of the recent Calcutta Cup match due to political considerations. (The debate has been sidetracked somewhat by the media focussing on Salmonds description of the BBC political advisor as a gauleiter.)

    Anyway, Iain Bell of the Glasgow Herald has written an excellent piece on the media policing a populations exposure to politicians of different stripes. Worth the read and some reflection.

  5. ghostwhowalksnz 5

    Its pretty clear its a Four Pinocchio Falsehood from Key

  6. Jackal 6

    National’s RadioLive jack-up

    This is yet another unacceptable subversion of the law and manipulation of the public by National.

  7. John Key does not care about New Zealander’s his only concern is for the financial markets that are under threat, At present he is into corporatising New Zealand with Americian companies in a vain attempt at propping up a finincial system in deep trouble.

    John Keys solution-
    Lets load them up with massive debt
    And indenture Kiwi labour for years and years,
    because I’m a millionaire and I’m okay
    I don’t have to think of anyone else.
    I sleep all night and I’m PM by day
    And Crosby and Textor tells me what to say.

  8. Boring Boring Boring

    History – stop living in the past. All negativity should be stopped. Life is in the future of all our children – let us be positive.
    The historical waterfront strikes are over – aren’t they ?

    When are we going to learn what the next Labour Government is going to do to increase the prosperity of all New Zealanders ?

    • felix 8.1

      The police are going to be relieved, you just cut their workload by around 99%.

    • bbfloyd 8.2

      in other words….. please stop pointing out the lies and incompetence of the current government…. it is causing me emotional upheaval not to be able to pretend the national party are actually governing for new zealanders…

      what a sorry little puppy….

    • Colonial Viper 8.3

      When are we going to learn what the next Labour Government is going to do to increase the prosperity of all New Zealanders ?

      Uh, its the end of the era of economic growth. The next 5 years will play out as a secular Great Recession / Great Stagnation, led by the EU and Japan, and by the time we are ready to emerge for strong growth, energy depletion will be in full downswing.

      As Grantham now says – the only growth available to us in the future is going to be qualitative growth, not quantitative growth.

    • mik e 8.4

      fortran an outdated computer operating software
      National an outdated political party operating outdated economic policy

  9. i do commentaries on questiontimes..i read today as a sea-change day for shearer..who was more than competnt at holding the blowtorch to key..(and relieved my doubts..)

    ..and i gave him performer of the day..

    ..and foss-the-hapless provided the humour..(what a find/treasure he is..!

    [email look alike deleted].

  10. chris73 10

    This issue is a load of cobblers, the only reason this is getting any air time at all is because Labour got their nose out of joint because no one wanted to listen to Goff

    • Te Reo Putake 10.1

      Ironic choice of words, Chris, given that this is actually about airtime. The reason this is being reported in the media is because it now looks like Key may have broken the law. In your world they may not be significant, but in a parliamentary democracy, it’s not a good look. Ok, at this point, nothing is proven, but Key looked guiltier than hell in the house yesterday. It’ll only take one email to bring him down.

      And then, if it is proven that Key has breached electoral law, Key has to go. That leaves this already limping Government on its knees and probably unable to avoid a snap election. And then it’s bye bye blue, hello rainbow coalition.

    • mik e 10.2

      c73 $44 million reasons to disagree with you!

  11. Tom Gould 11

    How long is the brain dead MSM going to keep covering up for this creep? He seems to be able to lie with impunity. The MSM decided Bob Parker was the man, and he turned out to be a fraud, and they decided Peter Whittle was the man, and he turned out to be a fraud, and they decided John Key was the man, and he is turning out to be a fraud. When will these craven, lazy, indolent chooks wake up and do the work of their calling?

    • Bill 11.1

      But Tom, they are doing the work of commissars; their calling.

    • Anne 11.2

      Minor correction Tom Gould. You should have mentioned John Key first. He was a blatant fraud before he became PM.

      • tc 11.2.1

        Tax cuts north of 50/wk, no GST rise, beemers, love to see wages drop, S&P ratings downgrade, this latest porky adds to an impressive CV of deception, misdirection and outright lies.

        The MSM prove what a bunch of NACT lackeys they are and wonder why they’re in decline in readership/ viewing…..oh duh could it be the lack of credibility….O’sullivan/Armstrong/ Holmes/hosking etc etc

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