Kim Dotcom – John Banks Song

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Published on May 6, 2012 by MrKimDotcom
Amnesia is a song about the John Banks donation saga in New Zealand.
For details watch this news story by John Campbell:
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48 comments on “Kim Dotcom – John Banks Song”

  1. Huginn 1

    Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So why did Kim Dotcom choose to put in a photo of John Key as well as Banksie.  And why does poor old Johnny look so glum?

    • Carol 2.1


      My thoughts exactly!

      Edit; Why has everything I’ve posted in the last few days gone instantly to moderation?

      [lprent: I’ll look at it later on. Last week of coding before shipping… My attention is a bit sluggish. ]

      • Carol 2.1.1

        Thanks, Lynn. No rush. Thanks for all your work keeping this site running so well

        [Carol – you currently share an IP range with an old troll, and were getting caught by that entry in our troll filter. I have removed it, your comments should go through now. — r0b]

  3. Colonial Viper 3

    Oh for this to get to no.1 in the charts and get played on every radio station in the land!

    • Roger 3.1

      It was already played on George FM this morning, first heard it there. Its a start.

  4. Rosie 4

    That made my Monday morning! So funny. Have been busy spreading the word. Guess you’ve all heard the “John key is dick” song that came out last year?

  5. deuto 5

    The Herald now has it up on their website! David Fisher is certainly on to it.

    The article also provides some updated information – Police apparently are to interview Dotcom this week re the donations to Banks.

  6. shorts 6

    as well as the laughs a plenty cleverness of the song… the music is pretty bloody fantastic – a nice slice of european styled house beats with some dubstep slices (the stupid farty noise) coupled with a very laid back & smooth vocal delivery

    its bloody good in other words – and very current stylistically

    • Colonial Viper 6.1

      A bit of money can buy good talent eh! So this is what Dotcom wanted his monthy allowance from the court for!

    • yeshe 6.2

      of course it is !! it is by Black Eyed Peas producer and songwriter !! I think Kim Dotcom should be nominated as Minister for Fun ! We should be thanking this new New Zealander for what he is willing to bring to light about our politicians. Maybe Dawn Raid records should release it ?? Tee hee.

  7. Te Reo Putake 7

    Whoops, video down on Youtube. Presumably because Banks or Holmes is claiming copyright infringement, which would be ironic given how Dotcom makes his money!

    • Colonial Viper 7.1

      I can still play it…might download a copy just in case though.

    • freedom 7.2

      YouTube can be oddly unreliable with new videos. It is probably techhie related. But if not, only the Media organisations from whence the recordings were sampled might have a right to claim copyright infringement, there is no way that the Two Johnnies have a say in this one. I suspect this is the work of another beastie at play, that slavering mangy pitbull called abuse of position, pulling a few strings behind the curtains. So very sad to have no sense of humour.

    • Vicky32 7.3

      I just saw it on YouTube now (ca 16.30, Monday 7th) and it was easily accessible. So, it’s fine! 🙂

  8. vto 8

    Why won’t John Key ask John Banks the questions about these donations?

    And why won’t John Banks answer any questions?

    Clearly they must both have something to hide.

    • Colonial Viper 8.1

      “Something” to hide – perhaps you should use the plural? 🙂

      • deuto 8.1.1

        Perhaps the something or things to hide are connected to the Sky City convention centre issue (and Sky City’s donation to Banks) alleged connections – see the link to a new post on Scoop re these at 12 below. A must read IMHO.

  9. Akldnut 9

    Good start to the week, but not sure if it’s amnesia or an early onset of alzheimers.

  10. Tiger Mountain 10

    Squillionaires just wanta, just a wanta, have fun….
    And with no illusions whatsoever about the rotund ones politics it is fun indeed!

  11. Richard 11

    Very glum picture of key. Bit of a contrast to his embarrassing giggling like a teenage girl when asked if he was aware of the asset sales hikoi. Love seeing the smile wiped off his face.

    • M 11.1

      Yes, funny how the shit-eating grin is gone – looks like someone took his train set.

      Beach FM in Kapiti played a song by a local guy the other morning with lyrics like Dotcom scratching Banks’ back if Banks would scratch his etc to the tune of “On the Banks of the Ohio” (nice touch Banks being in the title) but I cannot find anything on YT – not a bad effort though.

  12. deuto 12

    Wasn’t sure whether to post this here or on Open Mike, but there is some connection vis a vis Banks.

    Scoop has some interesting articles this morning and this one is a must read – Did John Banks ask SkyCity to donate anonymously?

    This article suggests that Banks was probably involved with the Sky City / convention centre whole scenario for the start. Scoop has asked Sky City a range of questions re this but without success in getting any detailed answers.

    The mud gets murkier and murkier – and the dots start to connect…………..

    The article also provides a useful timeline summary.

    • rosy 12.1

      Good article. It certainly reads like a done deal between Banks, Key and SkyCity from before May 2010. So SkyCity does not normally donate to political campaigns but did this time to ‘facilitate the democratic process’ [sic]. How much did they donate to National and Act in the general election, I wonder?

  13. captain hook 13

    its just so dynamic man.
    soon banks will spin so fast and so dynamically he will disappear into his own fundamental orifice and be gone forever.

  14. Penny Bright 14

    Will be out today from 3.30 – 5.30pm in the wilds of Epsom (Remuera Rd) with new banner “DODGY’ John Banks protected by SHONKY John Key?’

    Cheers! Penny Bright

    INDEPENDENT candidate in upcoming Epsom by-election.

  15. Bankzee 15

    Hey, I am world famous now, Dotty old Dotcom has just released his top techno hit, which is about MEEEEEE! I will earn royalties, get ACT finance and we will get over 15 per cent next electuring.

    Wow, wow, wow, this is cool now, just sorry, but do not get me wrong, I only meant good. I honestly remember nothing at all. Hence my honest statements, at last. I remember nothing, whoops, what’sa my name?

    I am cool, I am honest, I am integre, and I am the majoriteeeee!

    I look after John the Leader, we made an oath of allegiance together, we are all in this together, a bit like the old Waffen SS kind of oath, but do not get me wrong, it is all for the good of the NATION!

    If things go wrong, I must ask, please, give me AMNEZIA AMNEZISTEE, please. I may have to go to the embassy of Fiji for that, ah, do they still have such in NZ???

    Or do I better try Zimbabweeee?

    Amnezia Amnezistee, please, amnezia, amezistee, please!

    This is Bankzee, needing some help, quick. Give me a ticket, an open door, also for my family and bags of NZ Dollars (and the other currency stuff in there).

    Please, please, I am a good guy, all good now.

    Good bye, NZeeeland, Amnezia Amnezistee!

  16. hoom 16

    Not a fan of the music though.
    On the other hand is it sensible for someone currently up for extradition (on questionable grounds) to put out a song where the phrase “you’re dead meat” asked to a sitting Minister is repeated?
    Kinda curious the extent to which Dotcom has all this stuff so well documented.
    Seems intentional rather than incidental.

    • felix 16.1

      Has what well documented? You mean the audio of the news broadcasts?

      You could find all of those in half an hour.

    • coolas 16.2

      WTF – Dotcom got dumped in his time of need by his mate Banksie, the friend he wined and dined, and gave a whole pile of dosh.

      Now, he’s taking his revenge. Think this is the end? I reckon it’s just the start. Dotcom will have heaps of juice on Banksie and will slowly drip it out.

      And how brilliant to rap it out. Thumbs up to the Fat Dude.

  17. DonKey 17


    This is getting up my nose, this is not fair to my mate Banksie. I will now consult the security services and police, because it is clear, Dotcom is posing a major security threat to our Nation.

    Our National (Party) Nation is under threat by people abusing law and regulations, NZ’s domestic and economic autonomy, and we will act now.

    I am going to do all to have Kim Dotcomatose arrested again, charged with treason, or otherwise under the terrorism act, which we tried on the Tohoe lot.

    This man is a threat not just to me, but for “the nation”. He must be arrested, silenced and removed immediately. He is a criminal, he is wanted by the FBI, he is owing us all a favour and tax returns.

    Banksie is my buddie, leave him alone, he is a real good guy. If you STANDARD and other stirrers keep getting at him, wait and see, you will regret ever having written or comented about this.

    WE are a free country, full of (ourselves) human rights and deserve to protect the NATION from threats from subversive elements, especially of ethnic German descent. We know what they are like, do we NOT?

    U-Boot, Gestapo, gas chambers, work camps, violation of human rights, Stasi, capitalist dominators of recent, get a life, we must get rid of this subject that is corrupting NZ society now. He must be locked up and away, expelled and sent off with a feather up his bum.

    He got a big UN too, don’t he? So be full of solidarity for my solidarity government for all (brainwashed) NZers. We are winning and on top of it. The economic miracle is around the corny corner. JK

  18. Bankzee 18

    Damned, how many days to the Budget? Damned, got to see my doctor now, nerves getting a bit blank and on edge. Never was depressed, but now understand Kirwan. OOhh, what next? Give me some prozac, valium, whatever, I need to calm down, hang in for the next two weeks. John relies on me. Ohhh, goodness, there is the vodka, but hell, I do NOT drink, it is evil. But then, I already danced with the devil, what about a small bit of a swig, now and then, just to see me through this mess? I have to hang in until Budget Day. Bill got it laid onto me. Don’ t bloody mess up, he said. Paula Bennett is hanging in there, also relying on me, to get those welfare laws passed, and Hekia now, with all her support for charter schools. God, help me, I am losing it! Gotto do something to keep the nerves. Hey, media, I NEVER knew anything though, that is my absolute final truth.

    One day at a time now, Banksie.

  19. xtasy 19

    As much as I read and hear, NZers are again proving to be amongst the most ignorant people on earth! So I agree, this song by Dotcom is highly entertaining, and John Banks is a hypocritical dick. But let us learn about what mega rich Dotcom really stands for, if anybody bothers to care: This is NOT a socially conscious, fair minded and decent sort of a guy, even if that is what he tries to portray himself like her ein NZ.

    He is a prime example of a self indulging, selfish, spoilt and law despising capitalist.

    So the Standard now in part thinks this is so great. He is now a rebel of sorts, and so many love the man. I know what it is about, but have a look at that video. It is in German, but the pictures will show the decadence, the bull shit and crap he supports, the idiots that follow him, and we have enough of this human refuse full of ignorance and selfishness here in NZ.

    This a just another crap country full of cheapos and idiots, that is the common crowds you will see every day in Queen Street, in suburban shopping centres and the likes.

    The world is ruled by jerks that love this, so I hope the economic collapse comes soon, so they will all learn to eat from a pig’s trough, just to get the basics. What a blossoming future, where resources will also be evaporating. The elite will push the rest to pay for their lifestyles. So maybe while you are so busy commenting shit comments on this thread, perhaps think or learn to think. Grew up on a farm myself, never had a silver spoon, so I know how to survive. Most young idiots here and worldwide deserve to starve for a good time.

    [lprent: The Standard is a program running on some computers. It doesn’t have an opinion unless I code it in and even then it doesn’t “think” about anything.

    People think and have opinions. The aite is made up of individual authors, moderators, and commentators who do think. But you’d better address them individually rather than trying to ascribing them as being part of a program. As a programmer, one of my opinions is that anyone thinking a computer “thinks” is by definition a idiot. Another is that it is extremely lazy to try slapping a label on individuals unless you are trying for the insult. So since we assume that you aren’t a lazy debater, we have to conclude that you are trying to tell people they are a programs components. Which is something I regard as a deliberate flamewar igniter.

    These opinions of mine are expressed quite clearly in the policy. I’d suggest that you read it before you find out how I express my opinion about ignorant idiots thinking that machines can think, or that people make good programming objects. ]

    • jack 19.1

      I agree with what you are saying about dotcom but Banks associated with him until he got arrested. Watching the cronyism between Banks and Dotcom then after the arrest Banks turns his back on him.
      Banks played with fire and now will go down burning. It’s his fault and shows Banks character. Worse than Dotcom’s. I also hope dotcom has something on Key. For Key to say he never heard of dotcom just before the arrest is pretty lame. He really treats the public with contempt.

      • xtasy 19.1.1

        jack: I bet you that Key is also involved to a more discrete level, and his electorate office fobbed off many, who had some issues with the new “resident” up the road, Mr Kim Dotcom. He was in on it, and this will soon come out. Key was well informed about all this, he knows though he can rely on his staff and associates to keep their mouthes shut.

        I just wonder, while Kim Schmitz, aka Dotcom may be facing extradition, he may yet come up with leaking the whole story of what went on. He has now nothing to lose, possibly hates the pollies in this country, so he may well drop a few more bombshells soon. Key is on the losing streak anyway, and I look forward to Parliament’s Question Time tomorrow. Hope that Shearer has not been sleeping and dreaming too much, otherwise it will be Russel Norman and Winston asking the hard questions, I am sure.

      • fatty 19.1.2

        “So the Standard now in part thinks this is so great.”

        I dunno if anyone on this site has painted Dotcom in a positive light. I think everyone here is trying to link Dotcom and Banks together because they are both pathetic and together they are self-defeating. We are all aware that Dotcom donated Banks money…don’t think anyone has suggested that Dotcom was a “socially conscious, fair minded and decent sort of a guy”?…Dotcom is a sleazy gangsta, he is a real life Jabba the Hutt.

        The only thing I like about Dotcom is that he shafted copyrights, and he was good at it. The concept of a copyright conflicts with my morals…but then, Dotcom conflicts with my morals too.

        The rest of your post I agree with xtasy, especially this;

        “so I hope the economic collapse comes soon…Most young idiots here and worldwide deserve to starve for a good time”

        An economic depression is needed for our society to reassess our ideals. It won’t bother me when it does hit, I don’t base my life on consumerist greed.

    • rosy 19.2

      I hear what you’re saying xtasy.

      It’s more along the lines of no honour amongst thieves for me… and being fascinated at the fall-out. If it takes down Banks I’ll be more than pleased.

    • xtasy 19.3

      @ lprent: Wow, a sensitive nerve was hit again. It is new to me that the Standard is merely “a program that runs on some computers.”

      I wrote: “So the Standard now in part thinks this is so great. He is now a rebel of sorts, and so many love the man.”

      What I was rather referring to was “The Standard” as an online “forum”, which of course is made up of individual authors, moderators and commenters (who in their majority I give credit “to think”). I did not refer to the Standard as its technical or legal entity.

      How do you interpret my critical comment as referring to computers or a program for that sake? “The policy” is a bit boring, and I will refrain from reading it yet again.

      Perhaps your critical remarks re “program”, “idiot”, “deliberate flamewar igniter” were meant to somehow be cynical, humorous or to simply distract? Whatever, I do know what the Standard is all about, as online forum offered on this website, as an organisation and legal entity of sorts.

      I read a fair number of comments that were complimenting the released song and how Dotcom is taking Banks apart. At least some I felt were not too bothered with who Dotcom really is, and what he is about as a smart, calculating person and business operator. He started as a hacker, and of course once he rolled in money he went well over board.

      Things can be forgiven, but I just felt a firm warning about the shady side of this many was timely and overdue.

      [lprent: Don’t “explain”. It is rather pointless waste of my time. Just read the policy rather than demonstrating that you haven’t yet.

      You don’t make the rules on the site, the people who run it do. They are mostly to prevent pumped up little pissants like yourself from wasting our time and the time of others on the site. But I will demonstrate the subtle point about behavior on this site… We prefer not to have to deal people arguing about the policy – we prefer that people read it and avoid our attention.

      Banned for a week for wasting my time. ]

  20. xtasy 20

    I dare to say to all those that adore Kim Dotcom and this story, although of course it is highly entertaining, if you want to have a functioning democracy and society, you better stay well clear of persons like Mr Kim Dotcom!

    He apparently still “swims” in money. How did he make it? By creating a server and business circumventing copyright and intellectual property rules to load and download stuff that creators never were prepared to make available like this. It is a matter for the courts and will be addressed and resolved. He may be simply on the borderline, but look at his bloody past, his indulgence, his audacity, is that the kind of “hero” workers and leftists want? I doubt it. We have a bit of a rebel romance happening here, and that is fine. But do not forget what you as interested parties, workers, unemployed workers, beneficiaries of other types, low paid and whatever should really be focussing on.

    I am very disappointed with David Shearer, trying to appease the business class and upper midle class, because he will drive Labour further down the polls, if he thinks that cuddling up to that section will solve their problem. N Z is heading into very dangerous territory that is my view.

    • Colonial Viper 20.1

      By wailing on Kim Dotcom, someone that the NZ Government and NZ law enforcement appears to have done a grave injustice to by blindly following the US around, you’re showing the worst side of NZ’s envy driven tall poppy syndrome.

      I am very disappointed with David Shearer, trying to appease the business class and upper midle class, because he will drive Labour further down the polls,

      I doubt you really believe this yourself.

      • felix 20.1.1

        Kim Dotcom is what he is, and I’m no hater, but let’s not pretend he’s any friend of the left either.

        His interests in toppling a couple of dirty righties happens to coincide with ours, sure, but remember he’s only in this convo because he gave the same dirty righties large amounts of dosh to help them get elected.

        • Colonial Viper

          I hear you, Dotcom has no interest in the condition of the working class.

          But also remember who his technology threatened, and who took him down: US corporate media and entertainment barons.

          • felix

            Meh, from this artist’s point of view he’s just another entertainment baron. Making a fortune from the distribution of creative work and keeping almost all of it for himself.

            Slightly different operating model, same result.

            (ps not that I think he deserves to be hunted around the world like some sort of terrorist dog, or that our govt should be helping, but that’s another story)

      • Huginn 20.1.2

        +1, CV

  21. Penny Bright 21

    Ok folks – have asked this same question on Kiwiblog/
    Am interested in your views…..

    Please explain?

    The difference between Taito Philip Field being charged, convicted and sentenced for BRIBERY and CORRUPTION for giving Thai nationals assistance with immigration matters in return for work on his properties, and John Banks giving a German/Finn national assistance with immigration and Coatsville mansion property purchase assistance in return for money donated for Auckland Mayoral campaign funds is……..??????

    Oh yes – dodgy Minister of Regulatory Reform John Banks has the support of shonky Prime Minister John Key.

    Silly me………….

    PS: Campaigning today in the heart of Remuera Rd, Epsom, was very productive .
    Seems that banners and presence of peaceful protestors effectively STICKING IT to the dodgy and shonky Johns is causing quite a stir………………..

    A number of folks signed the petition calling for an NZ Independent Commission Against Corruption, and were interested in the issues.

    I predict a growing ripple of discontent as the good people of Epsom consider the issues…

    Will be back!

    Penny Bright
    ‘Anti-corruption campaigner’
    INDEPENDENT candidate in upcoming Epsom by-election.

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