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Ladies and gentlemen, your Prime Minister – part 2

Written By: - Date published: 11:09 am, August 29th, 2013 - 37 comments
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Here’s Key again in his ‘perky’ performance on Tuesday. This time, he’s laughing hysterically at his own old man jokes about unemployment. That’s right, he’s making jokes about the 153,000 people who are unemployed on his watch. Yeah, any fool can see the opportunity to comment on a job loss in Labour, but only a fool would think that making jokes at the expense of Kiwis who are unemployed was a good idea.

37 comments on “Ladies and gentlemen, your Prime Minister – part 2 ”

  1. TightyRighty 1

    Thanks for putting that up. We can now rule grant robertson out as a potential leader, he can’t foot it with the PM. What a hoot

  2. Tracey 2

    wasn’t he creating 170,000 jobs?

  3. bad12 3

    In the online Herald today that master of Jonolism and very little else “Smells-strong’ attempted to spin this ‘humor’ from Slippery the Prime Minister into a positive,

    The Armstrong article itself is hardly worth reading and subjecting yourself to the full text of the witterings of someone who obviously should have been shown the door to retirement years ago is quite possibly to be classed in the realm of an assault upon even the simplest of sensibilities,

    What was interesting were the comments from readers, there’s quite an abundance of them and i assume the particular piece of Jonolism has been online for some time, the first page of these comments i read were all in the vein of f**k you Armstrong and f**k the Slippery little shyster who is currently the incumbent Prime Minister,

    What had me chortling was the hundreds of ‘likes’ attached to every comment that expressed a negative attitude to the current Prime Minister,

    It appears that Slippery has lost much of the slimy smarm that has so far protected Him and His abysmal administration from the detailed scrutiny of the parts of the electorate that are not welded in support to the National party,

    The lame jokes???, mere fear, the triggering of the Prime Ministers flight or fight mechanism has lead Him to believe that He can ‘remake’ the smile’n’wave administration of His first term as Prime Minister where lame jokes by the PM were viewed with a certain endearment by the electorate having yet to feel the bite, the cold winds, of Nationals underlying Legislative program,

    Far from impressed, and judging by all those 100’s of ‘likes’ attached to every negative comment made, i would say that our Prime Minister is in for a very rough ride until November 2014, has He got the metal to sustain the now fake grin, my opinion says NO, watch for even more bizaare acting out by the PM…

    • TightyRighty 3.1

      “the lame jokes??? , mere fear…..”

      Really? after you called armstrong “smell-strong”, after using all the bad puns on John Key’s name? you call the pm’s jokes lame? you were that kid weren’t you?

      • Tracey 3.1.1

        bad12 isn’t Pry Minister though. Small distinction.

        • bad12

          Lolz Tracey, righty’s little whinge comes across all smelling of an offended Tory,i must be hitting the right spot…

        • TightyRighty

          No distinction really. If it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander. not that you’d get that, you old queen of the double standard.

          • wtl

            Great. So that means you acknowledge that the PM’s behaviour during parliamentary question time is pretty much the same as that of a random person on the internet?

            • TightyRighty

              seeing as over a billion people are connected to the internet, i would say there is a better than even chance of that being the case. not all internet users are idiots who need to be told what to say by their preferred candidate for future leader of the opposition.

              • freedom

                two points

                one: “I’m a Key person” ( say no more ) got only 37% of voters.

                two: “the dead person was from Albuquerque therefore all the persons in Albuquerque are dead” Is it gut wrenching knowing the Pythons highlighted your point of view, thirty years ago, as a joke.

              • wtl

                Obviously you misunderstood my point, although I admit it wasn’t phrased very well. Let’s try again: You acknowledge that there’s no distinction between the behaviour of the PM during parliamentary question time and an idiot on the internet who needs to be told what to say by their preferred candidate for future leader of the opposition?

          • Tracey

            No double standard. bad12 is by all accounts a random person, without a real name on a website that many says is irrelevant and no one visits or cares about.

            I am holding the PM to his own promise to be honest and ensure his government set a higher standard than Labour?

      • bad12 3.1.2

        The bad puns??? aw please stop it your wit is biting me to the very core, why are you going to lose in November 2014, cos you, like Slippery the Prime Minister are weak, insipid fools, once the mask slips all your Prime Minister has is lame party tricks to turn the Parliament into a child-like mockery of,

        Well of Himself of course, the fear induced manner of His mocking of Labour’s leadership change only brings another day closer where Judith Collins will spill so much blood in Her lunge for power Labour’s current leadership battle will be viewed by history as a tame polite affair in comparison,

        Your wee quisel simply reinforces my beliefs that we need a far better class of wing-nut than is currently on offer, judged by your latest insipid offering, and, if the likes of you were educated privately your best recourse is either to emigrate to some place where they are really dumb,(in comparison to you), or ask for your coin back…

      • bad12 3.1.3

        Oh and PS, your comprehension is also seemingly awry, i do not use puns bad or otherwise on John Key’s name,

        i simply label Him Slippery, coz He is…

        • TightyRighty

          “smell-strong” “jonolism”

          can you even keep up with your incoherent rants. I don’t care either way to be honest, people like you tend to get ignored. i just can’t stand hypocrisy. When is david shearer going to drop his leaders salary? it’s been a week after all!

          • bad12

            ”after using all the bad puns on John Key’s name”, your words little up-tighty, please be so kind as not to practice this hypocrisy you accuse me of and keep up with your own incoherence and ranting wont you,

            Yes i know i am always ignored, that’s why your here in this post having a little whine, would you like more cheese with that…

          • You_Fool

            I am pretty sure David Shearer said that he would step aside once a new leader has been found, i.e. he is leader until a new one is elected.

          • Tracey

            if you vote National or Act you may not be able to stand hypocrisy but you will vote for it.

  4. Takere 4

    PinoKeyo’s talking more BS. With everybody now considered ready for work and have been transferred to a JobSeekers bene. The number of people in receipt of a (working-age recipients of main benefits aged 18–64 years) benefit and is considered a JobSeeker,is now 310,146 people without work! Which is about 13.8%. Remember, if you’re a NEET and in training and/or education and still in receipt of a bene. You’re not counted as unemployed. Another trick pullah Benefit learned from Labour. How to fiddle with the figures.

  5. Sable 5

    More reprehensible behaviour from Keys but then what can you expect? This man has no interest in the poor or unemployed save using them as a shield to mask the true parasitism of his government and his rich cronies.

  6. Tracey 6

    He and Brownlee have been outed by the High Court as bullies. Apparently that’s only bad in children.

  7. tricledrown 7

    Tighty Almighty yor the lame joke!
    A guliable git !
    77% of kiwis know are a brownose follower easily lead
    Bludging hypocrite like your leader.
    Who takes all the advantages of; a free education but denying any one else the same benefit!

  8. Delia 8

    Yeah, it has been funny watching old JK get a roasting in the Herald.

  9. captain hook 9

    I cant wait till next year when he gets drubbed and shoots the gap back to where he came from.
    Thats if they will have him.

    • Tracey 9.1

      The do eat their own but they reward them too. He would have been getting rewarded along the way, one way or another.

  10. beGone Craven SpyBill leopard 10

    @ Captain Hook
    “That’s if they will have him.”

    Why wouldn’t they? Whose interests, after all, has Key most effectively been working for? Not ours.

    They will have him back with bonuses waiting.

  11. Tracey 11

    Latest Headlines

    The Prime Minister continues to not rule out not ruling anything out regarding whether he (and New Zealand) would or would not confirm any decision not ruling out the ruling out of action against Mr Assad.

    Mr Key told reporters this afternoon that he was expecting a call from Mr Cameron “shortly”.

    Mr Obama discussed the situation in Syria yesterday with Prime Minister Stephen Harper of Canada, a NATO ally, Cameron, Hollande, Ban Kee Moon, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and his dog walker who has some great ideas given his experience with flighty puppies. Vice President Joe Biden spoke Tuesday with Britain’s deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg.

    Mr Key confirmed that his relationship with Washington and the President is as strong as ever and pointed out that he had spoken with Washington today when the Secretary of State’s assistant to administrative affairs had called him but it turned out to be a wrong number.

    “It’s no big deal” said Mr Key. “We’re all very busy and I used to call wrong numbers when I was a kid all the time.”

    Mr Key didn’t rule out not answering his phone immediately when Mr Obama and Mr Cameron called. “I’m cheap, but I’m not easy.” he said.

  12. BrucetheMoose 12

    Some don’t think Johnny’$ jokes are that funny. But beg to differ. I kind of liken his style of humour to those knock knock jokes. Sure, they may be lame as, but you still can’t help having a bit of a snigger.

    • freedom 12.1

      knock knock
      who’s there?
      Ima who?
      Ima big fat liar who spent twenty odd years trading the work of others then got propaganda junkies to call me a businessman

      might just be me but seems the PM isn’t that funny after all

  13. paul scott 13

    oh God,you people are hopeless, Key wasn’t laughing at unemployment, he was being abrupt to
    Grant Robertson, for his lame questions and points of order.

  14. Peter 14

    I’m kind of tired of the obsessive focus on John Key – face it he’s a damn good politician and say’s some very funny things. Credit where credit is due. The left needs to do two things 1. – stop obsessing over John key – he’s just a person and he does his job well so lighten up 2. Once the left has stopped obsessing about JK it will have the time and energy to think about economic and social policy and how to engage the wider NZ voting public in these issues.
    Follow these steps and you might bring about the type of change we need at the ballot box instead of just in your tiny heads and even tinier blog posts.

  15. hellonearthis 15

    153000 unemployed and at the same time the suicide figure have been release says 150 unemployed have taken their own lives. That’s a 1/1000 chance of suicide for unemployed compare to 1/12500 for the working people. The Govt is clearly failing these vulnerable people.

  16. democracy 16

    5 yrs of loosing what democracy we had to a totalitarian regime promoted by Keys history of being a right wing ripoff merchant that uses this country for the archaic monetary system started by the Medici cartel 500yrs ago

  17. big brother and the screw u co 17

    John Key having had 5yrs of 6 to satisfy his ego of achieving his adolescent wet dream of being PM of this country and for no more satisfaction than adderall tion of his National Party colleagues should be prepared to leave nz after the next election and take all of his supporters with him because any decent citizen of this country should be ready to have him indicted for treason
    The Shallow Party of this country National
    Decent people should stop listening to this govt and demand an early election at the discretion of the voters

  18. Disgruntled Kiwi 18

    I find Shonkey Disgusting. I am not a fan of Labour either but our current PM is a bloody criminal. It is a real pity that people on the right often wont acknowledge openly their own very real disappointment in Johns Dishonesty and criminal undertakings. His days in charge are numbered and eventually we will see a silver lining. I hope Labour have something to offer when elections roll around as a vote for them is required to removed the Bratz.

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