Leaked EQC data posted online

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As reported last night:

Leaked EQC details posted online

Christchurch residents can now get their information from a leaked Earthquake Commission (EQC) email thanks to a blogger’s defiance of a court order.

The blogger tonight announced an overseas website which holds the information from the email leaked two weeks ago by EQC to Christchurch businessman Bryan Staples of Earthquake Services Ltd.

The email contained the EQC estimate of damage to each of 83,000 individual properties before their file was sent to Fletcher EQR for repair. …

EQC spokesman Richard Braddell said the commission was considering its legal options, but no decisions had been made.

The blogger concerned is EQC Truths, who promises that “The Next Damning Revelation is Coming Soon!”.

11 comments on “Leaked EQC data posted online”

  1. Lanthanide 1

    My claim isn’t in the spreadsheet, neither my parent’s or sister’s either.

    • Jo 1.1

      Click on the Sheet called SCOR. Go to cell B2. Change the setting to “Select All”.
      Go the the last cell with data. This shoulw show a number close to 93432.
      Right click on this cell and then select “Show Details”.
      A new sheet opens in the lower left selections of sheets. If you haven’t already messed around with details the sheet will probably be sheet 4.
      To help you search the data select the Data options across the top of your Spread sheet tool. Select Sort, then sort first by Street Name, then add another sort filter and add Street Number.

      The data will now show alphabetically sorted street, with the number in numerical order.
      If a particular number is not listed, then sorry, is is not in this file.

  2. Walter 2

    The EQC are going to the police about the Truth comming out.

    The EQC are the crooks and i belive the trust they once had is now gone forever,

    • One Anonymous Knucklehead 2.1

      That’s the first piece of evidence I’ve seen that the EQC might be playing with a straight bat: none of Walter’s other drivel has managed to pass a reality check.

  3. Rosie 3

    Yep. Had a look at that online last night. Desperate measures for desperate times. If you can’t trust or rely on a govt agency to assist you in a time of crisis, you have to rely on others to bring you the information you seek, whether it defies a court order or not.
    ( Felt a bit voyeuristic though, seeing all the addresses. Saw our friends’ claim in amongst the screeds of info.)

  4. SpaceMonkey 4

    The leaking of this information is a good example of civil disobeidence, so it should be clear to EQC and the Government that the people no longer have any trust or confidence in those leading this debacle that is the Christchuirch Earthquake Recovery.

    • vto 4.1

      That’s right, they don’t. In fact it is now outright animosity.

      On top of EQC shitheads, watch for the CBD blueprint to fall apart soon. The confidence is leaving like the warmth of summer just gone.

  5. Rogue Trooper 5

    well oil be forked; don’t ya just love bloggers; the new Gladiators.

  6. Treetop 6

    HNZ has just received a 320 million dollar payout for approx 5,500 properties. I think I heard that the payout was 100 million lower than expected.

    I wonder if HNZ info is part of the leaked EQC data?

    What is the government going to spend the 320,000,000 on?

    Housing for those struggling yeah right?

    • Treetop 6.1

      According to RadioLive the figure is 110 million less. HNZ intend to fix the quake damaged properties.

      Who is going to hold the government to account?

  7. RedBaronCv 7

    Where is Andrew Geddis when we need him?
    EQC has the imjunction on the grounds that it is causing EQC commercial harm.

    Personally, I can’t see any reasoning about privacy considerations or public harm to those with damaged houses, flying in a court given the queue at the door to get the info. Would it be wise for those who help themselves to also file an OIA request for the same information?

    That leaves only EQC’s “commercial harm”.
    Given that EQR (Fletchers) are undertaking the majority of the repairs and that they appear to already have this data, then, providing EQR aren’t sitting down on the job or selling materials off the back of a truck, what it costs them to do a repair is what EQC will end up paying for.

    An estimate of costs, as opposed to a list of things to fix, is pretty much irrelevant in the EQC/ EQR scenario. The list of things to fix may be of interest if it omits things but frankly I think, if you are a homeowner, it would be wise to stand around supervising Fletchers anyway, so things don’t get “overlooked”.

    That leaves people who want to do their own “opt out” repairs. Now, I suspect anyone with major damage is going to get an independent assessment of the list of things to fix and a cost for that.
    If, the damage isn’t on the EQC list and is genuine, then EQC would have to add it to theirs. Once the list of repairs is settled, then all there is to argue about is the actual cost as in “rates per hour etc.” Quotes usually have that detail (or EQC asks for sufficient detail) They know the rates they are paying EQR so profteering/ fraud should be fairly easy to spot.

    Where exactly is the commercial harm to EQC in that? They have to pay for the repairs – that is what insurance is for. They have a lot of detail as to appropriate pricing to defeat gouging.
    Is their real concern that they are overpaying EQR and that private fixes will come through with cheaper quotes ?
    Does this mean that Gerry has let a poor contract at mate’s rates to EQR?

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