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Luxon’s latest gaffes

Written By: - Date published: 9:48 am, August 4th, 2022 - 57 comments
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I can see this being a regular post.  And it does appear that Christopher Luxon’s honeymoon is well and truly over and many Kiwis are realising that he is lacking in substance.

And it seems lately that every time he opens his mouth it is for the purpose of changing which foot is in it.

Hot on his confusion of Hawaii with Te Puke he has dropped a couple of new clangers.

First up he back tracked on his promise to increase health funding by more than the rate of inflation.

From Ireland Hendry Tennent at Newshub:

National leader Christopher Luxon has backtracked on his promise to match healthcare funding to inflation if elected despite repeated assurances his party would.

Luxon previously committed to at a minimum increasing health funding to keep pace with inflation.

When asked by AM co-host Ryan Bridge last month whether he would commit to keeping health spending in pace with inflation, Luxon said “absolutely”.

But his promise was thrown into question when National’s finance spokesperson and Deputy Leader Nicola Willis told Q&A on Sunday it was “undecided” whether the party’s health funding would match inflation.

Speaking with AM on Wednesday, Luxon repeatedly re-confirmed his promise before backflipping at the last moment.

“We are going to increase the health and education Budget each and every year that we are in Government,” Luxon initially said on Wednesday.

When asked whether Willis’ comments on Q&A were then wrong, Luxon said they were both right before suggesting some years funding wouldn’t actually keep pace with inflation.

“We’re both right, we’re both going to make sure we increase our funding on health and education,” he said.

“I can tell you for many years it will probably be ahead of inflation, some years it might be behind but over the long run we are going to be increasing health and education consistently each and every year that we are in Government. So people shouldn’t be concerned about that.”

He then “clarified” his earlier comment by backtracking furiously:

National leader Christopher Luxon has clarified a government he leads will increase health and education spending “by the amount of inflation” after he appeared to backtrack on the promise.

His comments on AM on Wednesday morning – that suggested he was walking back a commitment to peg spending to inflation – were described as “concerning” by Labour’s Chris Hipkins and received criticism from unions.

“As a minimum, our health and education spending will be increasing by the amount of inflation going forward in our government,” Luxon told reporters later in the afternoon.

Backtracking from a backtrack deserves its own special name.

He then reinforced his earlier bottom feeder comment and his class prejudice by saying that people are not going to get rich sitting on welfare.

He also got his figures completely wrong.  From Radio New Zealand:

“I think what’s more disturbing … is you’ve got 50,000 more people on a Job Seeker benefit, that’s a short-term benefit to accompany, help people through a job transition.”

The benefit numbers for the year at the end of June showed a 9.7 percent decrease in work-ready people on Job Seeker support compared to the previous year.

That was 100,086 people, about 60 percent higher than the 63,030 when Labour took office in 2017 but down from the peak 2020 year when the number was 123,966 people.

Perhaps most disturbingly he wants to remove unemployment as a consideration for the Reserve Bank and wants to focus solely on inflation.  Mass unemployment and downward pressure on wages is a perfect solution for inflation.

His current default face expression is a scowl.  National must be really worried.

Update: and just like this there is more shambolic policy making.  National has now dropped its tax cut plans.  So why would a right winger vote for them?

57 comments on “Luxon’s latest gaffes ”

  1. Anker 1
    • Should have stuck with Simon or chosen a women. Willis, Stanford come across well
    • Grey Area 1.1

      "Willis, Stanford come across well".

      Don't see it Anker. Neither of them impress me. National breeds nasties of both genders.

  2. observer 2

    Luxon is in real trouble now. Even Farrar's buddies at the Taxpayers' Onion have turned on him.

    (note: I would not normally link to that nasty bunch, but this is a tweet and you can decide for yourselves if you want to go there)


    "Time for National to stand for something.

    The Taxpayers’ Union is slamming the National Party for jettisoning one of its very few policies: income tax relief.

    “Backing down from their income tax reduction policy after copping a hard time from other parties demonstrates how quickly Christopher Luxon is willing to cave under a bit of pressure.”


    • Muttonbird 2.1

      Well they are all over the place because it was the Taxpayers Union's political arm, the ACT Party, which criticised National's tax cuts and spending as to inflationary.

      The right seem to be in total disarray. Long may it continue.

  3. Anne 3

    Perhaps most disturbingly he wants to remove unemployment as a consideration for the Reserve Bank and wants to focus solely on inflation. Mass unemployment and downward pressure on wages is a perfect solution for inflation.

    Well, that fits in nicely with his bottom feeding comment doesn't it.

    It might sound trivial but I am suspicious when I hear a politician talk about "going forward" from whatever… but rarely states clearly – if at all – what we are going forward to.

    "People are not going to get rich sitting on Welfare"

    So, in Luxon's eyes getting rich is the be all and end all of life? Most of us just want enough to be able to live a comfortable existence for ourselves, family and friends. What a truly sad outlook.

    • Drowsy M. Kram 3.1

      The frequently fatuous "going forward" has spread far and wide – stay sceptical.

      One expression that is refusing to end its earthly career is “going forward”.

      Together with its close relative “moving forward”, it’s a boardroom and husting escapee that has made it big time in the workplace, and even outside. It is loathed by all except those who are too busy moving goalposts and hitting the ground running to notice that this expression does something to the neck hairs of most other speakers.

    • "People are not going to get rich sitting on Welfare"

      Strange comment from an idiot who is being paid by the Government – one could argue that all politicians are on welfare.

      • mary_a 3.2.1

        @ Christopher Randal (3.2) That's true … in other words State Dependants.

        Look at one Paula Bennett (Nat) for instance, up until she grabbed her money and retired from Parliament, most of her adult life was spent as a State Dependant! The ultimate "bottom feeder", one might say!

  4. Ad 4

    Will he last to election?

    Willis crossing the boss is noticeable.

    35% just isn't enough to win.

    • mickysavage 4.1

      Year the acid test of polling. That Roy Morgan drop must have hurt. It might be Roy Morgan but it does match the incredulity I am sensing with Luxon's poor performance/

    • alwyn 4.2

      If 35% isn't enough what would you say about a party that is on 34%?

      Will you start emulating Private Frazer and begin announcing "We're doomed"?

      • Ad 4.2.1

        Labour has good options and proven poll upside. Sure Labour loses about 12 generally lightweight MPs boo hoo.

        National can't get Greens or Te Maori.

        Only Labour will form government next year.

      • mickysavage 4.2.2

        Not my call but judging by past experience of National's caucus yes.

  5. A number of years ago a moderator/commentator named Blip compiled a quite extensive list of Key's lies.

    Perhaps it's time, Micky, for someone to do the same for Luxon's many gaffes?

  6. MindPilot 6

    A backtrack on a backtrack needs it’s own name?Hhmm…would be called a CLuxon per chance?

  7. observer 7

    And now we have a reversal of the clarification of the backtrack of the proposal of the commitment of the …


    Note that this to-ing and fro-ing and general chaos is happening through proxies. Luxon has gone to ground and is not saying anything in person. Presumably because if he finds a camera and actually speaks … it only gets worse.

    • dv 7.1

      How did this guy ever 'run' an airline?

      • AB 7.1.1

        Many businesses are actually 'run' by operations folk lower down the hierarchy. The good ones know that the real art is in stopping the boss doing anything too stupid, while appearing not to be doing that by allowing the boss to 'take ownership' of the actually viable thing they converted his/her delusions into.

        • dv

          Yes AB,

          Have there been any comments, leaks from air nz re Luxon idiocy while Ceo?

      • mary_a 7.1.2

        @ dv (7.1) … an airline which relied on government (bottom feeding) handouts!

    • Bearded Git 7.2

      A double-Cluxon?

  8. SPC 8

    I think Luxon has, in saying that he saw the Job Seeker Benefit as a short term transition benefit, indicated where he intends to take policy (though I suspect limiting support as per the American model – which includes faith based providers – is intended to be hidden and revealed as part of a NACT coalition agreement).

    That, when combined with removing unemployment from the RB Act and higher levels of immigration, is of a design to drive down wage levels. It will however require spending on police and prisons.

  9. Barfly 9

    Oh my – It seems that Luxon flip-flops more than a centipede wearing jandals.cheeky

    • rod 9.1

      Luxon doesn't know his arse from his elbow, but he's the best National has got by all accounts. Come back Simon all is forgiven.

  10. AB 10

    Babbling clown with a few fixed, predictable ideas going round and round in his head trying to find a vacuous phrase to wrap themselves in. It won't matter though because voters don't notice or care because he seems like an OK friendly sort of bloke.

  11. Ad 11

    Great to see Hipkins in straight attack mode.

    He's a better forward than Sam Cane.

    • felix 11.1

      He's always in attack mode. Unfortunately he doesn't care whether he's attacking the opposition, disobedient members of his own party, or members of the public who dare to criticise his government.

      He's the nastiest little worm nz politics has ever seen, and no-one who has met him will be surprised if some day in the future he gets locked up for assaulting a prostitute or throwing a cat from a moving vehicle.

      [Banned for 6 months for slanderous insinuations about misogynous violence and animal torture. The site’s Policy clearly states that even ‘jests’ about violence will be met with “a no-tolerance humourless response as the only possible response” from Mods – Incognito]

      • Ad 11.1.1

        I would be slightly kinder and suggest that Hipkins is 100% pure politician; every sentence is tooled and turned. Come the election that attack capacity comes in handy.

      • Sanctuary 11.1.2

        If it was a Tory cat I would at least expect an investigation into who was funding it's cat food before I came to judgement.

      • Incognito 11.1.3

        Mod note

      • Jimmy 11.1.4

        Hipkins is by far the best performing Labour MP which is why he has become Mr Fixit. Although saying that, they have not set the bar very high.

  12. newsense 12

    Having problems promising things about future budgets? Being made to look bad by his finance spokesperson?

  13. Muttonbird 13

    'You're not going to get rich sitting on welfare': Luxon

    He might be good at mid level corporate boardroom stuff but what politician in their right mind thinks this is a good thing to say?

    Totally out of touch.

    • Kiwijoker 13.1

      Well, what can you expect from a toilet cleaner salesman?

      Muller 2.0 seems a prime example of the Peter Principle in action.

    • Mac1 13.2

      There's a rather large supposition in that statement, “You’re not going to get rich sitting on welfare”, which philosophers have discussed for ever- who wants to 'get rich', and why?

      One of the differences in humanity that actually is important as to how we live, how we treat others and how we allow others to be treated.

      • Descendant Of Smith 13.2.1

        I took it to mean as well the Tory prejudicial view that people are creaming it on welfare. An extension of the having babies to get DPB. The lifestyle choice.

        This is the excuse not to lift benefits further – roof painting anyone, under the table payments.

        The workers produce milk, those on benefit are getting the cream.

    • PsyclingLeft.Always 13.3

      "I can see the inspiration … egg."


      As in : What an……

      Well Clustopher…..seems to not do soundbites. His go-to is Brain Farts : )

    • SPC 13.4

      You will get rich as a multiple property owner, regardless of whether you work or not.

      And you won't pay much tax either, not CGT, not wealth and not estate, nor gift duty.

  14. Ad 14

    Crikey Hooten doesn't hold back on Luxon this morning in the Herald.

    Still could be worse. You could fire your leader, give him no support, make him re-apply, and have him come back unopposed. Top work Greens.

    • Muttonbird 14.1

      Now Shaw looks stronger than ever. Invincible, really.

      Green activists got the opposite of what was intended.

      • Anne 14.1.1

        Amen to that. James Shaw was the reason I voted for the Greens last time around.

      • Graeme 14.1.2

        It's got to be most elegant shutdown / correction / reconciliation of a party faction in NZ history.

        If only the National Party was able to deal with it's internal divisions with similar grace….

    • Graeme 14.2

      Where's iPredict when you need it. Books on incumbent tenure and possible replacement would be interesting.

  15. Obtrectator 15

    None of this will matter a hoot if sufficient shallow-brains decide they've seen enough of Jacinda and fancy a change – any change.

  16. Mike the Lefty 16

    When (if) it comes to Luxon and Adern on a leader's debate during the next election campaign Jacinda will run circles around Chris because she is so much better at this kind of thing. National will have to have some pretty sound policies to burst Labour's bubble – just counting on the anti-Labour vote will ultimately not be enough – but we haven't as yet seen what National actually stand for.

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