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Labour has really hit the ground running. These are messages to vote for:

30 comments on “Messages to vote for”

    • garibaldi 1.1

      All to be done under the umbrella of neoliberalism. Anyone else feel a disconnect between promises and what will actually happen?

      • North 1.1.1

        I know…….since it’s all hopeless we might as well stay with the present bunch. Might as well give up now……dodge the disappointment. It’s the only smart thing to do.

        • One Anonymous Bloke


        • greywarshark

          You are so right that this sort of weak-minded thinking and choosing which has been prevalent in NZ will range along the lines you make. Let’s hope that
          Jacinda and Metiria will have jolted enough synapses out of their normal ruts,
          so that we don’t get a return of the runts we have had so long.

          • WILD KATIPO

            ‘ runts’…

            L0L ! … Yes, far right wing mental ‘ runts’,… that’s about the size of it. As for the new incoming govt,… its onward’s and upwards. I think we will see some changes .- and that wouldn’t be hard compared to the incompetent ‘ runts’ we have now…

      • One Anonymous Bloke 1.1.2


  1. Looks great – going all the way to the treasury benches – deliver please

  2. ankerawshark 3

    Love it!

  3. Frankie and Benjy 4

    I think they will catch plenty of attention. They won’t immediately look like the “Red team” so more people will check them out (and read them?). Local candidate ones will still be solid red, so its a bit like an “away strip”. The particular shade of blue on Bill’s boards hurts my eyes. The shade feels like they are trying very hard to be bright and new. As if.

  4. outofbed 5

    for the many not the few ?

    • Adrian Thornton 5.1

      Long Term Security for all Renters
      Let’s do This

      A Living Wage for all Workers
      Let’s do This

      A Fair and Equal Country for New Zealanders
      Let’s do This

      Less Prisons
      Let’s do This

      End Neoliberlisim
      Let’s do This

      A Socialist New Zealand Labour Party
      Let’s do This.

      • Ad 5.1.1

        Burn your made-up wish lists. No use now.

        What you have to choose from now is what you have to choose from.

        Or don’t vote – your choice.

      • Incognito 5.1.2

        End Neoliberlisim [sic]
        Let’s do This

        That would require the equivalent of a political lobotomy all but a few current and aspiring MPs. That said, Let’s do This!

  5. savenz 6

    Like the action orientated messages. Much better than vague promises that sounded like insurance slogans from last elections and campaigns.

  6. Wainwright 7

    What does ‘free education’ mean though? Like the tertiary policy of three free years – unless you’ve already been – in which case screw you? It woudl be great to see a Labour Party campaign of truly free education for all but is this crew really going to be that brave?

    • Its all got to start somewhere, and its better than the system we’ve got now under the National ‘ runts’ .

    • red-blooded 7.2

      Wainwright, let’s remember that “education” doesn’t only apply to the tertiary sector. Another commitment from Labour is to increase school funding in return for schools dropping the “voluntary donations” they’ve had to use for decades to stay afloat.

  7. greywarshark 8

    Add another little frame to the larger picture.

    Labour will ensure work and earnings for all who want it.
    (That will be done with Task Force Green to contract with some medium sized employers to train and give places at minimum wages of at least one year’s work to 50% of participants. Also all leaving education will either find jobs, be assigned to Task Force Green jobs for Councils etc or work ro contracted employers, or go into internships in the sector where their interests lie.)

    Let Jacinda and her fellow goddesses and gods, smile down on all people in NZ. May they stand square and staunch for the above, looking at practical, rational ways of breaking through the crumbling, smelly, crust of dogma that surrounds the neo lib adherents who are already or bordering, on unprincipled major highways to a disastrous end of civilised society.


    “World class transport system”

    This transport plan must include a full restoration of our Rail freight & passenger provincial services also as NZ First has this in their policy called “Rails of national Importance” (RONI)

    So we can use less fuel and tyres on roads as these two components cause vast pollution by “road runoff of diesel fuel and vapors and Tyre dust that washes off our roads into our rivers,lakes and aquifers and into our drinking water!!!!!

    Rail will not cause this toxic cancer causing pollution to is as rail uses 8 to 12 times less fuel to move one tonne one km, and rail has no Tyre pollution also so a win win!!!!!!

    • Yes , in more sensible places they maintain extensive rail systems,… but in slash and burn privatized ‘ deals for the boys’ New Zealand, we let ’em run down , sell ’em off to the big boys at fire sale prices and clog our roads full of rumbling behemoth articulated vehicles.

      Vote the National runts out on September 23rd !

      • greywarshark 9.1.1

        My eyesight showed for a minute ‘slash and bum’ privatising and I thought – good description.

        • Incognito

          Well, in one of the other posts today I read “Government faeces legal action”. I’m pretty sure it was not my eyesight – they’re shitting themselves instead of just crapping on others for 9 long years 😉

          • greywarshark

            Who knows what reality actually is these days. Some of these are Freudian slips I’m sure. Frankly I wouldn’t care if they did crap and leave us to clean that up. I am humble enough to hate it but still feel good to have the chance to occupy.

            • Incognito

              Agreed. Reality is what it is and most of what we ‘see’ is an illusion anyway; what matters is meaning.



    Hands up to these solid policies that labour will fight on.

    We have now been so impressed with you Jacinda on the new direction we are going to finally change this evil Government!!!!

    National just squandered our tax paid assets and sold them off just in a cheap bid to prop their failed “rockstar” economy up for so long with their “slash & burn” policy that will cost us dearly now for generations.

    Damn them all.

    Thank-you for being there for us all Jacinda.

  10. binders full of women 11

    About regions and rail-is there a labour policy on reopening the Napier – gisborne rail line?

    • CLEANGREEN 11.1

      Yes binders full of women,

      Gisborne line is to re-open if this National Government is thrown out.


      We were told this rail line will re-open in a press release after Sue Moroney attended a ‘public Rail Forum in Gisborne on 21st October 2016.

      All were told all at the meeting labour will re-open the Gisborne Rail service and was joined at the Rail Forum by Winston Peters and his transport MP Denis O’Rouke and Maori party co-leader Marama Fox that all support the re-opening of the rail line.

      The Green party sadly on that occasion could not attend after being invited but in the Gisborne press also committed to re-opening the rail service!!!!

      So all opposition parties + the National support party want the line re-opened!!!

      So vote out this evil rail hating government on 23rd September please all voters and save our rail services.

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