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So, the day after our post last week a couple of readers were in town and they came across Stephen Franks beside his faded old yellow VW Beetle. Seems the tired old vehicle was on its last legs and had run out of juice. So, socialists that they are, they decided to aid their fellow Kiwi in need. Of course, it worked out that the tory sat in the drivers’ seat while the others did all the pushing. As Franks pulled away, they were all like ‘metaphor’.

11 comments on “Metaphor (2)”

  1. Patrick 1

    Do the Nats have a problem with him still using ACT colours?

  2. vto 2

    Well yes metaphor it could be. why? Because there is some inferiority complex with pushing? Everyone plays an equal part you know. Pushers should learn to value themselves, lest such turns into an envy complex a-la cullen. which of course results in everyone driving clapped out bangers. your metaphor aint far off – banger of a car for nz after 9 years…

  3. Daveski 3

    A metaphor for Labour?

    Cullen in the drivers seat, everyone is pushing, and the handbrake is on.

    Pleased to see we are back on topic discussing Labour’s vision and the confirmed date for the election.

  4. Crank 4

    I saw this dude shoplifting the other day. The store owner saw him and called the police. The dude who was nicking stuff realised he had been rumbled and ran out of the shop.

    Amazingly Helen Clark was walking past and she stopped the chap and told him to hide in her skirt which he did.

    The police eventually turned up and Clark denied any knowledge of the mans actions or where abouts and I was like ‘metaphor’

  5. Felix 5

    Well done Crank, a bit confused but pretty much a metaphor.

    Daveski yours is more clear and succinct and but you probably meant to say “metaphor for NZ”, otherwise you’re implying that Labour is doing all the pushing – probably not the message you were hoping for.

    Overall though, not bad for you guys.

  6. but mine is a true story, i wouldn’t bother to come up with a story just to mock stephen franks

  7. Daveski 7

    Cheers Felix

    Actually, it’s the first time in my life I’ve ever been accused of being clear and distinct 🙂

    I’ve enjoyed the humour over the last couple of days – from both sides of the divide.

    Mind you, given the standard of our politicians, a sense of humour helps!

  8. monkey-boy 8

    Metaphorical is the word you were looking for.

  9. Phil 9

    Agreed Steve, Crank’s story clearly isn’t true. When was the last time anyone saw Helen in a skirt?

  10. randal 10

    phil..whats it to you?

  11. Catharine Franks 11

    Thank you to the two guys that did help push the VW with me. I was grateful as I’d left the lights on and the battery was flat. Steve had been pushing it but we couldn’t get it going. Unfortunately the two guys didn’t succeed either, so we didn’t pull away, but I guess it made a good story. Had to wait for the AA. And I hope your eyes are alright because the VW isn’t faded or yellow….it’s bright gold.

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