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I always love reading the 100 Word Blog. So few words and such a high degree of clarity. Richard has surpassed himself with this post. All I can say is ouch!, ask to reproduce it, and extend its readership. It is quoted below in full as per usual.

Minnow Party post election round up
While the Christian parties had 1996 to give them hope, most knew they had no chance.  While the Libertarianz and the Workers’ Party would be happy just to stand by their ideals, you have to wonder why the Alliance doesn’t just join Labour or the Greens or why the Marxists of RAM are so coy about their politics.

And then there’s the sheer embarrassment of the results. Having poured their efforts into Mangere, the Family Party gained only 856 votes.  RAM claims 3,000 members but the overwhelming majority didn’t vote for them, they only received 405 votes.

21 comments on “Minnows”

  1. Ianmac 1

    Was the Family Party the “Anti-smacking” crowd, with more than 80% of the population supporting their stand???????

  2. lprent 2

    Beats me..
    The Bill and Ben Party 10,738
    Up and coming…

  3. Gustavo Trellis 3

    Dollar for dollar, RAM probably beat everyone bar the Workers Party. so you can take your Labour/National election buying and bugger off 😛

    (This post is made in jest).

  4. Dave 4

    Bring back McGillicuddy Serious I say!!!

    I mean, a hydroslide off the skytower? now thats a policy I agree with!!!

  5. lprent 5

    Dave: will this do?
    Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 7,589

    GT: May I suggest
    The Republic of New Zealand Party 298

  6. Janet 6

    Good to hear the Greens have an extra MP Kennedy Graham and Nats lose one – Cam Calder.

  7. outofbed 7

    9 seats yesssssss

  8. Mr Shankly 8

    Great – the watermelons are now even more bloated!

    Why don’t they show some integrity and call themselves the communists or socialists etc.

    Unfortunately many who vote for this party are kidded into believing that the greens actually care about the environment – they don’t.

  9. outofbed 9

    Because they are not either communists or socialists
    And strangely all the Greens I know, and I suspect I know more then most
    care passionately about the environment
    And frankly
    I do not mean to be so rude
    you are a flatulent pain in the arse Mr Shankly

  10. Felix 10

    Um, Shankley, the last sentence of your comment is astounding and quite possibly the single most uninformed, stupid, moronic, retarded, pig-ignorant thing I have ever seen on this blog.

    That includes everything I’ve ever read from d4j, Monty, Tim Ellis, monkey boy, coge and Sarah.

    There really is no appropriate response to it so I’ll leave it at that and hope you can figure out how to turn your computer off when you’re done.


  11. Richard 11

    Thanks Lynn!

    Ianmac: That was the Kiwi Party – Gordon Copeland’s crowd. They gained about 10k votes – about 1/9th of what they needed to get over the threshold. They were so disorganasied they didn’t even apply for broadcasting funding.

  12. Dave 12

    Iprent, I’ve only voted twice, I can admit it 🙂 but i’d never vote ALCP, it seems like a waste of vote if you ask me and I don’t agree with their policies, although they’d be better in Parliament than Bishop Brian Tamaki.

    I suppose Bill & Ben are the new McGillicuddy Serious aren’t they? Did anyone actually read there policy? That they promise not to make any promises? That was more in-depth policy than National managed 😀

  13. Mr Shankly 13

    Felix – our Green party is sadly not primarily an environmental party. If it stuck to this core business I would happily support them – as would many others.

  14. Felix 14

    Shankley, you’ve obviously never had anything to do with the Green Party and furthermore you’re obviously a moron.

  15. Mr Shankly 15

    Thank you Felix – your indepth analysis and feedback is noted and appreciated.

  16. Chris G 16

    Mr Shankly,

    I agree with Felix. Your a moron.

    And the Boneheaded post of the day goes to: Mr Shankly at 2.17

    with: “Unfortunately many who vote for this party are kidded into believing that the greens actually care about the environment – they don’t.”

    Congratulations, your an acclaimed moron.

  17. Mr Shankly 17

    Chris no doubt you are an earnest individual – but if you actually went past idealism and reviewed policy, you may come to see that the greens socialist leanings and lack of pragmatism have cost them support and ultimately cost the environment.

    But then again if you continue to base arguments on personal attacks – well good for you it is a free country.

  18. Felix 18

    Mr Shankley my dim witted little friend, see if you can follow this example – I’m typing very slowly so you can keep up.

    I don’t really like the ACT party. I don’t agree with most of their policies and I find their membership generally obnoxious on a personal level. I think they get most things wrong most of the time.

    I criticise their faults as I see them. Sometimes I argue against their policies. And that’s ok because people have different views and we enjoy talking about them. With me so far?

    If during one of these discussions I were to say something monumentally stupid like “The ACT party doesn’t believe in the free market”, I would expect to be called out for it. I would also expect to be ridiculed, humiliated and pilloried until I admitted my gross error.

    (Of course I’ll probably never be in that position as I’m not quite as hard of thinking as you, but it’s just an example.)

    Sorry if you take me calling you stupid as a “personal attack” but you are a person and what you wrote was demonstrably stupid so it’s out of my hands really.

    Let me know when you finish reading this and don’t be scared to ask for help if there’s anything you don’t understand.

  19. Mr Shankly 19

    Felix you have my admiration – a fantastic disciple and crusader for the cause!

    Okay I am sure that the greens have the best intentions when it comes to the environment and I have offended you deeply – I was merely over stating a point – to make a point. But obviously you were a bit too sensitive and so missed the point.

    However the greens are just not very effective and have been hampered by non environmental issues.

    I just hope that the greens are not to burdened by ideology to actually review how the left is approaching the environment. The environent should be a cross-partisan issue – however the greens have pigeon holed themselves due to other issues and if they have something to offer then the country and our environment has missed out.

    I would happily vote for the greens if they become a centrist party that was first, second and third a green party – minus the baggage. This party mainly frustrates me because I am a greenie – I have planted thousands of native trees, trapped possums, stoats, ferrets and rats, cleaned rubbish out of streams and have reserved of most of my substantial property to regenerating native bush.

    Lastly I am concerned at your level of dislike of people at a personal level – cheer up and smile once and a while! Most ACT supporters (and I am not one) are nice people, who pay taxes and give to charity.

  20. Felix 20

    Mr Shankley,

    I see you still need some help.

    You haven’t overstated anything and you haven’t offended me.

    Here’s what you said:

    “Unfortunately many who vote for this party are kidded into believing that the greens actually care about the environment – they don’t.”

    That’s not “over stating a point – to make a point”.

    It’s “black-is-white”
    It’s “2+2=5”
    It’s “the-holocaust-never-happened”

  21. Mr Shankly 21


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